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Best ways to celebrate your 30th birthday

Do you feel intimidated now that you are turning 30? Perhaps you feel too old and have not achieved all your ultimate goals. Maybe you have achieved a lot of it when a lot of things are happening in your life. It is the age where you have a family or about to have a job, and at least you would love everything figured out well. Making your birthday a nice occasion to celebrate yourself on your 30th birthday is bound to be fine. You can make budget-friendly choices by picking options that are favorable to you. The ultimate goal is to make yourself happy for having survived for three decades and all the achievements you have had.

Here are amazing ways to celebrate your 30th birthday

Camping adventure

Arrange a trip tour to your favorite campsite or select a place you have always admired to go to but never had an opportunity. Make this encounter an intimate affair and get a large group of your friends and family. It is one of the best 30th birthday ideas you will love.

House party

For this 30th birthday idea, you can ask your friends and family to help you with a potluck buffet.  Put a playlist of your best songs and dance with the invitee. Of course, there will be lots of food and drinks of all kinds. A cake is a must, remember it is an essential item on birthdays.

Celebrate at the beach

The beach environment is calm and soothing. I doubt whether there is anything as calming as that having smooth sand in between your feet. Apart from that you can enjoy swimming and floating in the ocean or the sea. You will enjoy serious fun in the sun at the beach and get away from the usual business for a bit. The experience of launching around the beach is a good thing to encounter on your 30th birthday.

Rent an Airbnb for a weekend getaway

It is not a must to go out for a vacation to enjoy your birthday. Book an overnight stay at the nearby Airbnb with the hope that a pool or a bathtub. You can ask for such before booking so that you can enjoy your stay fully. You may want to get away with your best friend, spouse, or even your family. This is a great chance to enjoy yourself entirely as you turn 30 years.

Movie night

Do you love watching movies? Then this is the best suggestion of 30th birthday ideas you can think of. Whether you rent out your theatre at the Cineplex or go out camping, it is good if you make the right choice on your favorite kind of movie. One thing that is for real is that in the end, you will pick the flick.  Grab your popcorn and enjoy watching your good movie as you turn 30. Wine and candy can as well keep you busy glued to your screens.

Tea party

You can do this by attending high tea at a luxurious hotel. Alternatively, you can throw your party at home with complete cucumber sandwiches plus bites sized treats. If you want it to feel like a celebration, you can opt to pop champagne alongside your tea.

Go skiing

If you are a winter baby, you can choose to listen to this idea if you are lucky enough to live in close sloppy areas. Make this day enjoyable or rather a trip. If not, recruit a couple of the year for the weekend.

Horse riding

Are you a seasoned pro, or have you never encountered riding a horse in your entire life? Then you can do this during your 30th party as a new encounter. You can be sure to enjoy this if you walk through scenic trails.

Game night

There are many types of games that can keep you busy and going on your 30th birthday. Anything can get along well, may it be board games, card games, or anything. Ensure to have several snacks and drinks as you continue playing these games. On top of that, choose a killer playlist and enjoy yourself. You will be surprised how fast time flies.

Go camping

This is a good experience. Spend your night watching stars with your best friend. You will; enjoy the night nature. In case camping is not something for you, you can find somewhere to go camping.

Visit an amusement park

You can enjoy doing this if you are in the company of your friend, partner, or spouse. Visit the nearest amusement park and ride your favorite coasters. You can as well involve yourself in cotton candy. Remember to take several of your photos so that you can always make memories of this day.

Dinner party

Do you want to keep it low? Invite a few of your friends to host an intimate party with people you relate to well. Please dress for the occasion to make it more casual as it is a birthday celebration.


If you have been wondering about the kind of th birthday an encounter to remember.

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