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How does linkedin sales navigator work in 2021

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator may be a premium feature on LinkedIn that helps businesses build leads on LinkedIn so you’ll easily find your audience and connect with them in only a couple of clicks. It has been described as the best version of LinkedIn for anyone interested in sales prospecting, thanks to its many features that have been specifically designed with this in mind.

Available in three variants (Professional, Team, and Enterprise) Sales Navigator does not come for cheap, especially in the case of many small business owners. However, LinkedIn offers a 30-day free trial to permit you to age whether the tool is worth investing in.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features

 Lead Builder


Lead builder LinkedIn has a neat feature that makes it easy to reach your target audience by narrowing users down in search using important filters such as:


  1. Keywords
  2. Geography
  3. Industry
  4. company
  5. Seniority level
  6. Title
  7. The ceremony
  8. relation
  9. company size

Warm-up with common connection – 

A good strategy is to focus on prospects with common connections; You can also create various lists with those lists and separate them based on degree, general connection, or keywords.

When you are sending a connection request to someone, a great way to personalize your note.

Most people on LinkedIn connect with someone who is a 2-degree connection; It is very easy to start a conversation if you have a normal connection.

When you visit a potential profile page, don’t forget about a separate section, “Interests”. This can also be helpful when you are preparing a cold message or email.


CRM Integration –

Another useful feature of Sales Navigator, CRM Integration makes it possible to integrate your LinkedIn account with two popular CRM platforms, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.


This means that you can now complete your tasks without toggling back and forth between your CRM system and Sales Navigator. download LinkedIn videos


Linkedin sales navigator tutorial 


In this section, we will tell you about using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for B2B lead generation. There are lots of steps but trust us: this is a very simple tutorial.




To do this you will need to start a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Your first month is free, so we recommend it. If you don’t get anything out of it, then go ahead and cancel.


Yes, LinkedIn requires a credit card to begin its free trial. So remember that if it is not working for you then set a calendar reminder to cancel.


Now Log in to LinkedIn as usual. The only difference is that you will see a “Sales Nav” icon at the top right.


Step 2: Eliminate Risk


The first thing LinkedIn Sales Navigator does is run you thru a wizard. Honestly, you can skip most of it unless you have a very defined niche or geographic goal. LinkedIn is the power discovery of Sales Navigator (and the cross of this tutorial).

But plow ahead and run through the wizard anyway. Can not be hurt. Just leave nothing you are not sure.


Step 3: Advanced Search 


Sometimes a job title and industry suffice. (This is very common.) Sometimes you want to layer on seniority or company details.


But sometimes the job title is not a great fit. For example, let’s take a look at mid-size asset management firms across individuals. His titles are all over the map, which did not help him much. And they have a ton of tasks, so that doesn’t work. Also we cannot possibly know the exact name of every company; There are thousands of them.


Instead, we are going to do a search by keyword (“property management”). This will knock us down, but still return a lot of reactors and other non-targets.


Then we limit the search and finally we use the company name to only include companies whose branding includes “asset management”.




When you click “Connect”, you have the option to include a personal message. Use a script like this:


“Hi [first name],


I am [your name], [title] of [your company]. We help them [people like them] [is it good]. I like to connect and discuss the ability to work together. Do you have time for a 10-minute conversation this week or next?


With devotion,

[your name]”


Will you get 100% hit rate? no at all. But you are honest about who you are and what you do. It goes a long way.


Step 5: After Connection


If they accept, LinkedIn Sales Navigator will let you go to your Sales Navigator inbox. This is basically slack within an email or application – this is where you keep chatting.



Now that you know how to get started with Sales Navigator, here’s how you can nurture your leads using LinkedIn

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