Easy Tips to Move Your Pool Table for Your Upcoming Move

Are you planning to move along with your pool table to your new home in Bhopal? Undoubtedly, it is dangerous and complicated to move a pool table because even a single carelessness can damage your expensive game and can also lead to injuries. It is always better to hire packers and movers in Bhopal to move your favorite game securely. But if you want to move it on your own then there are a few easy ways to do that too.

You will have to face various challenges depending upon the size, height and weight of your table.

• The larger will be the size of the table the difficult it will become for you to dismantle it

• You will have to take the moving distance in account in terms of price and effort. If you are moving in the same city, to another city or miles away, the prices and efforts will vary accordingly

• A normal pool table weighs from 600lbs to 1000lbs. The heavier your table will be the difficult it can become for you to lift and move it.

What all do you need to move a pool table on your own?

You should know that a pool table requires disassembling in order to move it safely. It is important to have all the tools ready for disassembling and know the procedure as well.

1. Tools – for the purpose of disassembling and assembling your pool table you need to have some tools and equipment such as:

• A pair of needle nose pliers

• A set of different kinds of screwdrivers

• Safety goggles

• A power drill, and

• A wrench

2. An instruction manual – you must have got an instruction manual at the time of its purchase, it has a step-by-step guide to assemble and disassemble the game. But if you don’t have it then you can ask for it at a game store or search online.

3. Packing supplies–to protect your table while loading, transporting and unloading it is important to arrange for appropriate packing material. Arrange for some moving blankets to protect the parts of your table while moving. Bubble wraps and packing paper will be required to pack the disassembled parts of paper as the very first step. Also, arrange for some strong packing tapes to seal the packing.

4. Helpers – one person cannot manage to do all the work on his/her own. You will require 2-3 people to help you at the time of disassembling, lifting and packing.

5. Make sure you have time – it is very important to have enough time in your hand as it is a work that is supposed to be done patiently otherwise the table can get damage and you can get injured in completing things hurriedly.

How to disassemble a pool table step-by-step

Here are some of the steps to dismantle your pool table to move with utmost safety and security

1. Remove the pockets of the table

The fastening method of any pool table depends on its type. The very first step is dismantling the six pockets of the table.

You need a flat head screwdriver and a staple remover. Then go under the table to remove the pockets then slowly take out the screwed side of the corner pockets and remove it firmly. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes against disengaged fasteners.

2. Remove the rails

Rails lie straight with the slabs of slate and you need wrench to remove them.

Remove all the rails with the help of wrench and slowly place them in the protected furniture blankets to keep them safe. Make sure you put all the nuts, bolts and screw in a plastic bag so that you can use them at the time of re-assembling.

3. Time to remove the felt

When you remove the rails, the felt automatically starts leaving the ends of the table.

One of the easiest ways to remove the fest is to rip it off if your felt is too worn out and you are ready to replace it.

Otherwise, use staple removers to remove it firmly and then fold it in a way that there is no formation of lines.

If your felt is glued then you will have to pull in the cloth backwards gently so that it doesn’t get stretched. Then you can fold the cloth carefully to avoid creasing. Also, you can make a roll of the cloth and pack it with packing paper.

4. Remove the slates

Here comes the most challenging and the trickiest part while disassembling a pool table. It is quite tough to remove the slates without damaging it and without getting injured.

It depends on the pool table that how many slates it has. Some tables have 3 slates and some have only one. You will get to know as you remove one slate.

Use a power drill to unlock the slabs of the slate. If you don’t have a power drill then you can use a screwdriver and remove it manually.

Take somebody’s help to lift and remove the slate from the table and put it on the floor. Make sure you pack it with furniture blankets and be extremely careful while doing that.

If your pool table consists of three slabs then it is important to be extremely careful while removing them because if one slab gets damaged then you won’t be able to replace that damaged piece of slap because three slabs are made to match each other perfectly. You will have to buy all three slabs after the move. So, it is better to be careful.

5. Time to remove the frame and legs

It is the last and the easiest step. It will seem very easy and simple as compared to the previous steps of dismantling. You just have to put the table upside down and remove the remaining frame and legs by detaching them properly. Then pack them with furniture blankets and put them safely in the cardboard boxes.

Once you reach your new home, re-assemble your pool table using the disassembling steps in the reverse order. But somehow it is a difficult, dangerous and risky task to be done with the chances of getting injured. So, it is better to hire movers and packers Bhopal to move your pool table safely to your new house.

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