Understanding Website Development Architecture

At InnovationM(UK), we understand the effort that goes into creating great applications. That’s why we build tools for Application Performance Management, log management, and an entire suite of application support tools to make your life easier and your apps better. But every developer knows that the inspiration of an impressive application is its architecture.

In this overview from best mobile app development company derby, London, UK InnovationM(UK), we’ll take a better check of web application architecture, its importance for future growth, current trends, and best practices.


Definition for Perfect Web Application Architecture

Web application architecture means the interactions between Software applications, middleware systems, and databases to make sure more applications can work simultaneously. When a search for a URL in the browser,  the browser will find the Internet results the web site lives on and requests that specific page. The server sends files over to the browser. Then the browser takes action and executes those files for specific pages to the user. Now, the user gets to engage with the web site. All of those actions are done within a matter of seconds.

The most important thing here is that the code, which has been executed by the browser. These codes may or might not have specific instructions telling the browser the way to react to a good input. As web application architecture includes all sub-components and external applications interchanges for a whole software application.

It’s designed to function efficiently while meeting its specific needs and goals. Web application architecture is critical due to the presence of worldwide network traffic, and every single app and device uses web-based communication. It deals with scale, efficiency, robustness, and security.


Let’s see How Web Application Architecture Works

With web applications, we’ve got the server vs. the client-side. That means, two programs are running simultaneously :

  • The code which lives within the browser and responds to user input
  • The code which lives on the server and responds to HTTP requests

With server-side code, languages include:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript

Code that will answer HTTP requests will run on a server. A couple of other attributes of server-side code:

  • Is never seen by the user
  • Stores data like user profiles, tweets, pages, etc
  • Creates the page the user requested

With client-side code, languages used include:

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • HTML

Moreover, the client-side code is often seen and edited by the user. It’s to speak only through HTTP requests and can’t read files off of a server directly. Then, it reacts to user input.

Why Web Application Architecture is Important for Supporting Future Growth?

The reason why it’s important to go for a good web application architecture is that it’s the blueprint for supporting future growth which comes from increased demand, future interoperability, and enhanced reliability requirements. Some features include:


  • Delivering persistent data through HTTP
  • Making sure requests contain valid data
  • Offers authentication for users
  • Limits what users can see supported permissions
  • Creates updates, and deletes records
  • Trends in Web Application Architecture


As technology continues to evolve, so does web application architecture. Such a trend is the use of and creation of service-oriented architecture. This is often where code for the whole application exists as services additionally, each has its HTTP API. Another trend may be a single-page application, this is often where web UI is presented by an upscale JavaScript application. It then stays within the user’s browser over a spread of interactions.

The user then gets a more natural experience with limited page load interruptions. At their core, many web applications are built around objects. Objects are stored in tables by an SQL database. Each row during a table features a particular record. So, with relational databases, it’s all about relations. you’ll turn records just by listing the row and column for a target datum.

With the two above trends, web apps are now better fitted for viewing on multiple platforms and multiple devices. Even when most of the code for the apps remain equivalent, they will still be viewed clearly and simply on a smaller screen.


Best Practices For Web Application Architecture

You may have a working app, but it also must have good web architecture. Here are several attributes necessary for web application architecture:



  • Solves problems consistently and uniformly
  • Is as simple as possible
  • Supports the newest standards include A/B testing and analytics
  • Offers fast response times
  • Utilizes security standards to scale back the prospect of malicious penetrations
  • Does not crash
  • Heals itself
  • Does not have one point of failure
  • Scales out easily
  • Allows for straightforward creation of known data
  • Errors logged in a user-friendly way
  • Automated deployments


The reason the above factors are necessary is, with the proper attributes, we’ll build a far better app to not mention, by horizontal and vertical growth, software deployment is more efficient, user-friendly, and reliable. While web application architecture is very important, don’t forget to see out Website InnovationMUK for more tips and resources on building better apps from getting to post-production.

As your Digital Transformation partner, InnovationM(UK) will be with you every step of the way – from initial planning to delivery, and beyond. Our multi-award winning, 100+ permanent team of UK-based, create app design Bristol, web app development Bristol, app agency Oxford, software development company Brighton, mobile app development company Derby.

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