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Full Stack Development Course | Dot Net Tricks

In this digital era, web development is imperative to cater to the ever-changing world and flourish. Be it your small startup, a big conglomerate, or simply grasping your mastery over the internet, web design and development forms an integral part of your journey. However, with the fast-paced nature of technology, developers need to deploy much more than mere development. In other words, they need to become masters in their field to cope up with the fast-changing technology. And this is what calls for a full-stack web developer. Such developers are experts in full-stack development, which is a new role in the web development sector. So, come, let’s delve more into this new and challenging role.


  • What is Full Stack Development?

A Full-stack learning path for developers involves the complete designing of apps and websites.


It includes all facets of development from frontend to backend, database, debugging, and testing. All in all, it involves a complete and thorough understanding of an app or website.


  • Which Type of Development is more in Demand?

Frontend developers are more demanding as they possess expertise in not just one but multiple technologies. They handle all aspects of development that eventually result in a streamlined flow of work and product delivery.


  • What’s There in Full Stack Development?

A full-stack development course involves more defined and appropriate resources to ensure complete developmental skills. However, there are limited resources actually available for a full-stack developer. Instead of random technologies in sections, a perfect compilation of all technologies needs to be incorporated in the full-stack development course to help the developers transform into a full stack developer from a normal one.


In a typical full-stack learning path, the fundamentals of each technology are broken down, giving rise to five core segments as follows:


  1. i) Frontend – Includes HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, javaScript, jQuery
  2. ii) Backend – Includes Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular 2, PHP, Ruby on Rails

iii) Database – Includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Apache Cassandra

  1. iv) Other Essential Technologies – Includes Memcached, Redis, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr
  2. v) Debugging / Version Control – Includes GIT, Task Runners (Grunt, Gulp), Debuggers (XDebug, Firedebug), and more.


Each of the technologies also includes some functional projects. The projects  usually included are as follows:

  • PHP Job Board
  • AJAX Github Profile Finder
  • SASS Template Page Cache/ Memcached
  • PHP MYSQL Messaging App
  • HTML5 Note App using Local Storage


  • What’s the real Essence of Full Stack Web Development?

The uniqueness of full-stack web development lies in the most demanding JavaScript technologies of the MERN stack. MERN refers to the popular (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js). Besides, LINUX also plays a crucial part in full-stack development.


  • Full Stack Development Resources

For complete knowledge about full-stack development, books and online courses are the most potential resources. However, online courses are preferred over conventional books due to enhanced flexibility and advanced setup. But it is essential to choose the right course amongst a great deal of availability. It is because a wrong choice might land you with wastage of time and money.

Some of the best online courses for web development are as follows:


  • The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp – It’s a great course from Angela Yu, an expert Bootcamp instructor. It covers 40 hours of content including, technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Nodejs, SQL, Database, Git, MongoDB, APIs, and lots more.


  • The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele – It is one of the highly demanding and most preferred courses for web developers by professional instructor Colt Steele. Besides the three essential blocks of full stack development, i.e., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the course also aims at exploring important stuff like Bootstrap and Nodejs.


  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 by Rob Percival – Rob Percival is another excellent instructor possessing some great teaching techniques, and no wonder, his course is a gem of a kind. This course gives a detailed explanation of the usage of jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, etc., and is highly beneficial to budding developers.


  • Result-Oriented Web Developer – This is one of the best and essential courses for full stack development, especially for beginners. It includes over 50 hours of content involving HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, MongoDB, and more.


  • The Complete Web Developer in 2021 🙁 Zero to Mastery) – It’s a complete course to master skills in web development. It is also great for learning to code. It includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Machine Learning, and lots more.


  • Who Can Take up the Full Stack Development Course?
  • A full-stack development course is meant for students who wish to become full-stack, web developers.
  • Normal web developers who want to brush up their skills or become experts in their field.
  • Frontend developers who wish to learn backend programming.
  • Backend developers who are keen on learning frontend programming and other important technological skills.

Grow your knowledge as much as you can:-

You need to be practical. The more you apply your knowledge, the more you can build up the skill sets.

  • Try to create web pages by applying your concepts, reshuffling all your skills, and providing your best efforts.
  • Knowledge in the programming concepts can be a way to improvise your coding skills in various fields like:-
  • Functionalities of servers
  • Network concepts
  • Web hosting formulation
  • Algorithm and their fundamentals.
  • Data structure (most important)
  • Programming aptitudes
  • Database management

Be familiar and used to with different technologies:-

To achieve the assessment, you need to get very used to several technologies so that the ultimate knowledge could add a new skill in itself. Alongside expanding your learning, you can realize there is a vast thing waiting for you and yet to be done. Try to get master clarification and conceptual confidence in some fields and keep in touch with others. This would help you to find ease in the technical field.

Take up a course for guideline:-

Without proper guidelines, the vast syllabus of the programming-based course might be quite difficult. So, for a little mentoring guidance, try to follow up a course. Do not go for the typical costly ones.



  1. You can get good mentoring from experienced coders.
  2. You can follow a suitable and flexible schedule which would help you with time management.
  3. Get new and interesting projects which can build up the potential in you.
  4. And lastly, guidance and tutorials to clarify your doubts and problems.

Try to be in practical exposure and take up more additional assignments:-

The most important part is to arrange your total job minutely, so as much as you invest your efforts in the practical assessment, the chances of your skills in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, databases would increase and exhibit your coding capabilities.

Things to follow-

  • Arrange and structure the code accordingly
  • Separate and rearrange files
  • Hosting of media files with large back ends
  • Traverse through the location of both the computational portals of client and server ends.


Theoretical knowledge can be gathered by reading lots of books and all, but for the professional field application and practical knowledge is the key way of implementation. Try to take up additional assignments alongside so that the practice could go on and give you an extra advantage for the upcoming professional level expertise.

Final Thoughts: The future of our country’s technology stands still on web development, the full-stack one occupying a broader part of it. Thus, to ensure a secure nation, make sure that you make the right choice, pick up the right course and become a master in the best possible way.

Read more: https://www.thepostcity.com/docker-training-in-hyderabad-dot-net-tricks/

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