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Since the image lookup google, no American has been visually killed in the war. The government basically prohibited military killings in the movies. This is not strange. Even during World War II, images of the dead Americans were suppressed. During Vietnam, the only war that truly allowed freedom of the press, most photos and reports were not censored. Once the government realizes the harmful effects of a free press, the practice can no longer be stopped.

A national news program recently showed a clip of a photographer taking photos of national parks with a mobile camera. With the proliferation of cell phones, he stated, “now everyone is a photographer.” The statement was ridiculous as evidenced by its excellent photos, with great lighting and great cell phone configuration. Owning a car doesn’t make anyone a driver.

A more accurate statement could be that almost everyone has a mobile phone with a camera, and not everyone is a photographer. What remains interesting is that, with such an abundance of visualization devices, there are few meaningful and interesting images.

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This touch of the hand comes to us by the government and companies that encourage people to take abundant photos of what they want and nothing of what they might need. Photos are personal, not public. Photos from war zones are only leaked if they are of naked soldiers.

The mentality of “look at me” rather than “look at what’s important” is not a new phenomenon. In 1888, Kodak introduced a camera that ran 100 frames. People went image lookup google crazy by photographing everything they saw, everything that interests them. There were few worthwhile images left because the photos were personal: friends, families, and farms, rather than generic images that could tell the audience about the world. Informing the world was not his job.

Giving people what they want, not what they need, is now the norm. All our wars since Vietnam have been bloodless. No one is hurt. Nobody dies. As the government became aware of the dangers of a free press in Vietnam, the only war in which photographers and reporters were free on the battlefield, this practice was discontinued. Press freedom in Vietnam came about more by chance and miscalculation on the part of the military and the government.

The government and the military decided to befriend the press to receive rather than restrict positive coverage. The freedom of the press did not extend to Cambodia and especially the secret war in Laos, where an average of one bomb was dropped every eight minutes, twenty-four hours a day for ten years. Laos, in particular, is still filled with unexploded US ordnance of war that even major tourist attractions, such as the Plain of Jars, have carefully delineated paths for safety.

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Cluster bombs and unexploded mortars are easily visible between the numerous bomb craters, as is the case across the country. Images of mutilated Laotians and Cambodians are also rare, although they are available in other countries documenting atrocities in that region.

Today, the military has more strict control over photographers and reporters than at any other time in history. This suffocation has caused a small amount of anger in a nation that claims to value truth and freedom. They’re too busy taking selfies and inundating visual outlets with “Me! Me! Me!” We are drowning in stale garbage, so much so that we hardly know the general picture of a private photo.

Nobody, including the press, seems to care, perhaps because companies own most of the media that are mainly interested in selling ads through long, useless celebrity interviews and the subconscious promotion of products like shoes, movies, or beauty products.

Requiring press credentials to cover any American conflict is extremely revealing. Anyone who does not belong to a major news outlet, such as The New York Times, faces a number of obstacles and accidents. If it succeeds, it will eventually receive a large bundle of information, a little shorter than Guerra y Paz, from the government. Expected a lot of information.

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One should be incorporated into a military unit, assigned to an advertising officer (similar to a British babysitter), and watched day and night. There are six pages of banned topics, that is, everything related to wars. The restrictions are so severe that any pre-text to cover war is a hoax.

The Minister of Military Propaganda provides journalists with all the information they need in daily or weekly briefings, and photographers are taken to pre-designated areas to take pictures. Everything that is written and all photographs are subject to military censorship. Covering the American wars is no different than staying in a prison but there is no free laundry.

Standard propaganda images are acceptable: gunfire at night, tanks kicking dust in the desert, soldiers huddled in close ties, laughing in the dining room, gazing into empty valleys; Anything that might look good on the employment poster is acceptable.

Photographing a coffin draped in a flag could be at risk of arrest. People may suspect that there is an American corpse in the coffin and that the Americans “cannot handle the truth.” The military claims that photographing the coffins is disrespectful. It is clear that killing young men is perfectly acceptable as long as no one suspects it.

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Wars today are wars in name only: without misery, without suffering, without wound, without death. They are happy with little relationships with young people image lookup google enjoying the sun and fresh air in exotic places, such as prior photography when artists (except for Goya) painted the “glory” of war rather than misery and horror.

As a result, the American people don’t care much. Because the soldiers are now joining the soldiers and not being recruited, they are getting what they deserve. Few people really think that they are fighting for our freedom. Strip their legs or go home just to commit suicide – part of the deal. This plays nicely in the industrial/military complex.

Billions of dollars pass by arms makers in ignored wars without any occurrence of Injuries. The war is now static and likely to remain steadfast in America’s commercial quest for world domination.

If soldiers were to be recruited, people would see situations differently. Pulling someone out of your home and your family and blowing them to pieces or terribly dismembered for no apparent reason always causes difficulties for governments. People are realizing that wars are being fought primarily for the defense of companies and not for the safety of citizens. Nobody ever believed that the Vietnamese would cross the Pacific at their checkpoints and attack the West Coast.

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Pictures representing misery of any kind are used to ask for money. Go to any TV station in the parties and watch the deluge of hungry and battered dogs, cats, and animals; Starving children covered with flies; And even the maimed soldiers who, according to the advertisers, the government is not meeting their needs. Some veterans ‘organizations spend up to 40% of donations on overheads and pay top officials’ salaries of up to $ 473.00 annually. (Compare that to 8% for the charity Semper Fi.)

People are busy photographing themselves. Any deeper or broader meaning of life, that is, an understanding of what was once called the “big picture”, can be corrected with a longer selfie stick. The camera now hates images with meaning and shows everything except for one important topic. The fusion of photography and democracy, once considered the exposed truth, has become a factor in propaganda.

Although the publicity was of little attention in the early days of photography, it has always been there, but it never gets that far. People forget, or never realize, that a third of the photos in Life Magazine, a print that promotes truth through images, were used for propaganda purposes.

The important images were compounds that were used subconsciously to direct the eyes toward the products. The boy who greets his deceased father is on the move, so why not console himself with some. Lucky Strike cigarettes or smooth his dry skin with Pond’s Cold Cream?

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With the new administration, Americans must suffer from a new minimum in photography: photography is a lie. The government now insists that images such as empty streets on Inauguration Day are false. The government can give up whatever. It wants and put the proof of truth in the paparazzi or in the media. There is something very wrong with a government.

That can hold the truth in its hands and says it does not exist. Unfortunately, some people will believe you. The image enters the camera upside down and back. Many people cannot evaluate them to see the truth. The current government does not want people to correct it.

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