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Explain The Procedure And Success Rate of FUT Hair Transplant Method

Do you know what factors contribute to a successful hair transplant? It should provide maximum hair growth as well as natural looking hair. Without a natural and appealing appearance, no cosmetic surgery would be a success. Hairline design is the component of hair transplant that ensures natural-looking results.

Hair transplantation is a complex cosmetic procedure that involves transferring hair follicles from the donor region to the balding area. The procedure is a blend of medicine and art that requires skilled hands to complete. Super specialised plastic surgeons go through a three-year training programme to learn how to do plastic surgery with the accuracy that they require. As a result, only a well-educated plastic surgeon with aesthetic sense is the right person to execute the hair transplant.

Indians are well-known for their sculpting abilities, and just a handful of the country’s plastic surgeons are genuinely brilliant in this area. Dr Suneet Soni, one of the finest surgeon for hair transplant in India, is acknowledged as a “master of artistic skills” by hundreds of patients who have undergone his knife for hair transplant. Apart from the good functioning industry, the hair transplant cost in Indiais really low, which attracts individuals from all over the world to visit our country for hair transplant tourism.

Dr. Suneet Soni is a one-of-a-kind surgeon because of his dexterous talents and insightful decision-making. So, if you’re looking for a flawless hair transplant, you’ve come to the proper place.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is a complex procedure that includes removing permanent roots from the donor location and transplanting them to the head. The donor region refers to the parts of the body that have permanent hair roots, such as the back and sides of the head, chest, axilla, pubic, and beard. The procedure’s feasibility and the availability of hair follicles are evaluated. During the consultation, if hair transplantation is confirmed to be viable, it is arranged. During the procedure, hair grafts are extracted using the FUT and FUE techniques.

Let’s know more about the techniques of hair transplant.

Hair transplant has been in the spotlight for a few years now, as the city has been known for having some of the top hair transplant surgeons in the country. Dr. Suneet Soni is a hair transplant surgeon who has been practising in Jaipur since 2005 and is one of the most sought-after hair transplant surgeons in the world. Hair transplant cost is relatively reasonable, despite the top quality therapy, and Medispa hair transplant clinic delivers the best world class services at an affordable rate.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of India’s most renowned hair transplant clinics, with a name that is known not just in India but around the world. We provide the highest quality facilities and standards, which are on par with international standards. Dr. Suneet Soni, the founder of Medispa Clinics, is a celebrity choice surgeon and one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. His keen observation and exceptional abilities have earned him a place among the world’s greatest hair transplant surgeons. He is an expert in hair transplantation with incredibly natural results.

Is hair transplant the top solution for hair loss?

If the procedure is viable in your instance, hair transplant is without a doubt the best remedy for hair loss. Because the hair transplant operation uses your own hair, it can only be done if the donor location has a sufficient number of hair follicles. Hair restoration has a number of advantages over other hair loss treatment options, including:

  1. It provides permanent effects, so it could be a one-time investment to restore hair to your bald head for the rest of your life.
  2. Hair transplantation produces natural results, but only when it is done by a professional.
  3. It is a painless treatment that requires little care after the physical recovery period, which lasts about 7 to 10 days.
  4. Hair transplant is a painless treatment, which is one of the most significant benefits for individuals who are hesitant to undergo the procedure for this reason.

Is my hair loss treatable?

If you’re concerned about whether or not your hair loss can be treated, the chances are that it can. You must identify your hair loss at the appropriate moment and seek medical advice.

If you’re losing more than 100 hairs every day, it’s time to be concerned and seek medical care. The doctor will examine and research the cause of your hair loss before recommending the best treatment option for you. So, if you’re experiencing hair loss, talk to a qualified doctor about treatment options.

FUT vs FUE hair transplant

A hair transplant technique is divided into three stages: extraction, storage, and implantation. Except for the extraction procedure, which differs between FUT and FUE, every hair transplant has the identical storage and implantation process.

In FUT, the surgeon removes the hair grafts from a region on the back and sides of the head. The technicians split the strip into parts and separate each hair transplant. Then, the technicians extract the hair follicles and implant into recipient channels created by the surgeon.

In the FUE process, on the other hand, the surgeon extracts each hair graft one by one from the donor area, which is time consuming and tiresome. Then he inserts a punch device into the skin for each hair transplant. If he removes the higher density hair transplants from the donor region, noticeable hair loss occurs in the donor area.

Step by step FUT hair transplant

In comparison to FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant is a faster treatment. Let’s go over the steps one by one.

  1. The surgeon injects local anaesthesia to the donor and recipient areas.
  2. Then, he takes a strip from the donor region and submits to the lab for separation into parts. Under extreme magnification, many professionals extract each hair transplant off the strip.
  3. In the meantime, the doctor sutures the donor region back together. These days, the surgeon performs a modern method of suturing the donor region, which permits the area to recover uneventfully while leaving nearly undetectable scars, similar to the FUE procedure.
  4. The surgeon creates channels or slits at the recipient site for the transplantation.
  5. The doctor extracts hair follicles and implants to the targeted bald spot.
  6. Post-operative instructions and follow-up appointments.

Success rate of FUT hair transplant

FUT hair transplants have a success rate of 98 to 99 percent. The FUT hair transplant has a high success rate due to the easy accessibility of the hair grafts during harvesting, which increases the hair graft survival rate. The spearation of each hair graft at high magnification by trained professionals results in the least amount of hair graft damage during FUT.

Despite the fact that FUT hair transplant is a very effective treatment, the quality of the performing surgeon, the expertise of the team, and the technology employed in the procedure are all important factors in its success. The FUT technique necessitates extremely dexterous hands since the surgeon must protect the donor region. And a highly qualified and well-educated plastic surgeon should only perform this procedure having years of experience to execute such complex surgeries.

Dr. Suneet Soni is one of the best skilled surgeons. He promises to deliver the greatest outcomes utilising either the FUT or FUE techniques. Make an appointment at a Medispa clinic in Delhi or Jaipur now.

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