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What Are The Major Advantages of FUT+FUE+BHT Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant treatment has been improving day by day with the advanced techniques and newer innovative approaches. The procedure is a restorative approach to treat the baldness by transferring the hair roots from the donor areas to the bald area that is termed as recipient site.

The primitive technique might not be very successful but the newer methods are incredible and provide the best possible results.

In India, hair transplant in Jaipur has outgrown with a lot of popularity for the best hair transplant industry. Jaipur has been well known to have few of the world class hair transplant clinics that provides the best hair loss treatment with international levels of standards. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur is affordable due to the higher competition among the clinics.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the most sought after clinic for hair transplant treatment in India. We  provide the best hair loss treatment under one roof. You can expect incredible hair growth and world class natural looking hair transplant with us. We have become a celebrity’s choice clinic popular among the high profile patients and commoners too.

If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment, then Medispa hair transplant clinic is the best option you could look for your complete solution of hair loss problem.

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What are the methods of hair transplant?

FUT and FUE hair transplant are the two primary techniques to perform the procedure. These methods differ in their way of extracting the hair roots and the transplantation process stays the same.

FUT hair transplant is also termed as strip technique. In the strip technique, a small strip is cut from the back and sides of the head. The surgeon separates the hair roots from the strip by dissecting it under the high magnification.

In FUE technique, the surgeon picks each hair root one by one from the donor area. Then, he inserts the punch device into the skin superficially. After that, he picks the hair roots from the donor area with the help of punch.

Finally, he transplants the hair using the same technique in both the methods.

What is BHT technique?

The common donor areas for the harvesting of hair roots is back and sides of the head, chest, axilla, beard etc. The hair transplant surgeon assesses density at the donor area for the adequacy of the hair roots. If the numbers of hair roots at the back and sides of the head is not adequate, then other areas of body are explored. When the doctor extracts the hair roots from the other parts of body other than the scalp then the procedure is termed as Body hair transplant or BHT.

What about the recent technique combination of FUT, FUE and BHT?

In this recent technique, the surgeon performs FUT and FUE techniques in single session. The doctor extracts the higher count of hair roots using the FUT technique. The surgeon extracts the residual numbers of hair roots using the FUE hair transplant. More than 4000 hair roots can be extracted using this advanced technique. The doctor uses the FUE hair transplant to extract the hair roots from the back and sides of the head and also the other body parts. The surgeon usually extracts the hair roots from under the chin area that is also called as shadow area.

What are the major advantages of Combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT?

There are many advantages of this technique which are explained as follows:

  1. This technique offers harvesting of more than 4000 hair roots in one session. This technique offers a good amount of hair growth even in advanced bald cases.
  2. This method minimizes the damage to the hair roots as most of the hair roots are harvested with FUT technique.
  3. The FUT technique involves the harvesting from a smaller area. Thus, we can preserve the donor area for the future sittings.
  4. This technique can treat the advanced bald cases in single session with the pleasant results.

Visit us to know more about this newer technique to perform hair transplant at medispa clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

How To Get Cost Efficient Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and the surgeon performs it by removing the hair grafts from the donor areas, the preparation of the slits at the recipient site and transplantation of the hair grafts at the recipient site. The procedure of hair transplant is useful for those who face hair loss problems on scalp or in facial areas. The hair transplant procedure is also suitable for those who have improper hairline design and want it be as per their wish.

In Rajasthan, Jaipur is well known for the best hair transplant industry. There are a few excellent hair transplant surgeons in the city whose excellence is widespread globally. The city is the hub of hair transplant industry with few very renowned clinics. The hair transplant cost in Jaipur is quite affordable as compared to the other cities. The pink city has numerous hair transplant clinics for which the cost of the procedure has gone down due to huge competition.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi has become the most popular clinic for hair transplant treatment. Not only the local people but in fact the domestic and the international patients prefer visiting us for their hair transplant. We have served more than 5000 hair loss patients providing them the world class natural looking hair transplant.

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience of hair transplant, then Medispa hair transplant clinic is definitely a trusted destination for it.

Is the hair transplant procedure worth of the cost you pay?

Are you concerned of the hair transplant procedure cost?

Hair transplant is definitely not a cheap procedure but the cost you pay for hair transplant is really worth every penny. The procedure when performed under expert hands provides the best possible results which would last for life time.

The results after hair transplant looks absolutely natural so you definitely gain confidence and enhance your looks. The happiness you feel after hair transplant makes it worth the cost.

How much hair transplant would cost?

The hair transplant in India would cost around 60,000 to 400,000 INR that depends on many associated factors such as the experience and credibility of the doctor, facilities available at the clinic and your hair loss levels.

Most often, the need of the hair density to perform the procedure decides the cost of the hair transplant. In Indian clinics, the hair graft would cost you around 30 – 130 INR varying from clinic to clinic and patient to patient.

The cost of hair transplant in other countries is touching skies despite the similar methods and technology. This is the reason for most of the foreign patients to visit India for the hair transplant tourism to get a high quality and affordable treatment.

In India, Jaipur has become a place to go for hair transplant tourism. So you can get an affordable yet high quality hair transplant in Jaipur. Visit medispa hair transplant clinic to avail the best benefits of the hair transplant procedure in Delhi or Jaipur.

Best ways to get cost effective hair transplant?

Are you seeking a cost effective hair transplant?

Hair transplant procedure is not a cheap procedure so everyone looks for the best deals to get hair transplant. It is wise to look for a reasonable option but overlooking the quality of the hair transplant does not make much sense. First and foremost, you should get an idea of what is reasonable cost of hair transplant by maintaining the quality treatment.

You should definitely choose the best clinic for hair transplant if you want cost effective treatment. The numbers of hair roots required to perform the hair transplant is the primary factor of hair transplant cost. An experienced doctor would surely minimize the damage to hair roots so that the cost of the procedure remain low to a certain extend.

A competent hair transplant doctor can assure you a successful hair transplant thus there is no chance of spending extra cost on hair transplant repair or correction. Thus, a quality hair transplant is a cost effective hair transplant.

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