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Top Languages Used on the Internet

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the dynamics of doing business have changed. Many businesses have moved from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce.  There are a whopping 7135 languages spoken around the world.  The businesses that are turned to e-commerce are confused about which language to translate their website into. 

They should translate their website in the language of the target market.

For example,

if they want to tap into the lucrative market of China then they should go for Chinese translation services

No doubt that English is a universal language but many countries give importance to their official language instead of English. 

Therefore, to make your business accessible at a global level, you must translate your website into other languages. Otherwise, you will lose a large market share.

Translating your website is a great idea to take your business to the next level in 2022. Translating your website in multiple languages will give you many leverages. For this, you first have to analyze which are the top languages used on the internet. Let’s dive into these languages.


The  internet has made the world more globalized. The relationship between the English language and the internet has shaped the landscape of the digital world. English is the top language used on the internet. According to statistics, around 25.3% of people use the internet in the English language.

As a lingua franca, this language has dominated the digital world for many years.  It is the pioneer language of the internet.

The content of the websites is written in English first and then they are translated to other languages according to their target markets.


Did you know that China has the largest online community around the world. According to the statistics, the Chinese internet population is around 971 million in 2020 and it is expected to reach 1.29 billion by 2026.

The Chinese are making progress by leaps and bounds. Therefore, to tap into Chinese markets many people are translating their websites into the Chinese language.

Approximately 19.8% of internet users use the Chinese language. There are 1.31 billion Chinese speakers in the world. Still, many people from developing countries are learning the Chinese language to cope up with China’s progress.

Therefore, if you want to tap into the Chinese market then you must go for Chinese translation services. Translating your website in the Chinese language will help you to widen your reach at the global level.


Do you know that there are 750 million people in the world that speak the Spanish language? Out of this number, half of them are native Spanish speakers. To target these people, you must translate and localize your website in the Spanish language. 

The demand for content in the Spanish language is increasing day by day. According to statistics, 8% of internet users are using the Spanish language.

People use Spanish widely on digital platforms like twitter and Facebook thus making it a significant language of the digital world.

You can use this language online to search for a job. Many Latin American countries look for the employees that can speak Spanish language 


The Arabic people from Baghdad to Saudi Arabia like to surf. Around 41% of Saudi internet users are on Twitter, which is the highest rate in the world. However, to your surprise, Arabic speakers have less content in their native language than other languages.

According to statistics, less than 1% of web pages are in the Arabic language. This is because the internet does not support Roman characters of letters and numerals. This issue was fixed in 1990. An Arabic internet service Maktoob was formed in 2000 in Jordan.

Now it is owned by Yahoo. It launched the first Arabic e-mail. Moreover, Facebook added the Arabic language in 2009.

At present, around 168.1 million people use the internet in Arabic language. Although this language is not included in the top three languages of the digital world but due to whooping 168.1 billion users, it is worth it to translate and localize your business website in Arabic language. 


Unlike Arabic and Spanish, Portuguese is also an important language in the digital world. Initially, 47% of Portuguese speakers used to connect with the internet. But now with the growth of digital technology, there are a whopping 131.9 million Portuguese speakers that are connected to the digital world. 

This shows that around 4.1% of Portuguese people use the internet in their language.  This number is increasing with time. Although this number is like salt on a floor still the Portuguese language is ranked at the 5th number in the digital world.

only 47% of Portuguese speakers connected to the internet, but things changed as time went by and now


You will be amazed to know that the Malay language is ranked at the sixth number in the digital world. There are a whopping 98.9 million people who use the internet in the Malay language. 

Therefore, you must go for Malay translation services for your website translation.  Indonesian and Malaysian people seek information on the internet in their native language.

Thus, Malay translation services will reap many benefits and you can connect to 98.9 people with just a click on the internet.


Japanese is also one of the important digital languages on the internet. Japan is a tech-savvy country and around 128 million people in this country use the Japanese language on the internet. 

Therefore, this language is ranked at number 5 in East Asian languages which are used in the digital world. You must go to Japanese translation services for the translation of your website.

It will provide you with a great digital opportunity to increase traffic on your website


The Russian language is gaining popularity in the digital world. To your surprise, only 20% of Russians can read and translate English.

Therefore, to get across your message to 6.4% of Russian consumers, you must translate your website into the Russian language. It ranked in the seventh position in the digital world.


Do you know that French is the official language of 29 countries?  Therefore, 4.1% of the content in the digital world is in the French language.

It has also been stated that by the end of 2050, there will be 750 million French speakers that will supersede Chinese and English. At present, it is ranked at 9th position in terms of its usage on the internet.

Foreseeing the future of this language, you must translate your website into the French language.


According to the statistics, German is the 10 most used language on the internet. Whopping 2.2% of people use this language on the internet. 

You will be amazed to know that 56% of German people tend to buy products and services if they are provided to them in their language.


Italian people are embracing the era of digitization through the use of the internet. According to the statistics of the last year, the number of active internet users reached 50.5 million. Even with this whopping number, the ranking of Italy in digitized European countries is low.

Approximately, 2.5% of internet users search for content in the Italian language. The Italian language is ranked at the eighth number in the list of top languages used on the internet. 

Wrapping Up

With the help of the digital world, you can expand your business outside the borders in no time. To get leverage from digitization, you must translate your website into the language of the target market. It is important to consider top languages that are used on the internet to cater to global customers.

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