Best Stock Market Course in Jaipur: Trading Training

How does one start investing in the stock markets of India or, for that matter, any stock market? The answer can be both simple and complex. You can either depend on your luck factor while investing or be smart and take some valuable courses to help you make smart decisions in your investing streak. 

Of course, I’m not here to tell you the various points to follow while investing in a stock market; I can point you towards the people who are experts and can teach you too. So here is the list of the best stock market courses in Jaipur. 

Before I start, I would like to bring something to the readers’ attention – I do not condone the fact that these institutes or courses guarantee a sure-shot profit from investing in the stock market. That being said, let us look at some excellent stock market courses.

1. The Thought Tree

Stock Market Course in Jaipur
Stock Market Course in Jaipur

Described as the #1 skill development institute, T3 (as the world likes to call them) provides some of the best coaching classes for many courses. And one of them is indeed a good old stock market course. T3 has been the new hub for the students to go to and learn multiple courses under one roof. 

One also gets a globally acclaimed certification on completion of a course and an additional certificate that can be used to snatch great jobs in the market. Let us see some important factors as to why T3 has been placed so high on the list.

    1. The first and foremost thing that makes The Thought Tree such a great course is that the faculty lets the students practice in live-time, i.e. the students get to trade in the real-market conditions and gain practice and experience. This way, the student can be confident before venturing out into the real stock market.
    2. Along with a stock module, T3 provides additional 6 modules that help you increase your portfolio size. These modules can be beneficial when it comes to your investments as well. The modules include – Mutual Funds, Financial Modelling Basics, CryptoCurrency Certificate Program, Startup Guidance & Mentorship, Value & Long-Term Investment Programme, and Global Investment Programme.
    3.  Monthly revisions are provided, and on top of that, they are provided by the industry experts. This helps to pin the topics that are taught straight into the mind. This allows the student to prepare for the actual industry and market.  
    4. T3 guarantees its students an internship at either T3 or one of the partner firms, with an opportunity to work on live assignments. This ensures a real-time experience for the student. T3 also claims that it’ll provide lifetime job support for the students.
    5. T3guarantees that in one stock market course, they will provide you with 15+ certifications. I mean, c’mon, 15+ certificates, 10 modules, in a single one-year diploma course. That’s got to be neat.
    6. Your membership with T3 will enable you to attend unlimited classes after your course is over for one whole year. One additional year for the members. That is just cool.

All the above factors make The Thought Tree the best stock market course in Jaipur. Let us talk about the fees now.

A single stock market course at T3 will set you back by ₹85,000 (Limited period discount). The duration of the course, as I said, will be 1 whole year. 

T3 provides instalment options for the fees. Also, an extra 5% discount is there for female students. EWS category students get additional benefits.

You can contact them for more details


Phone Number: +91 9999090136

Address: Plot no.3 Chandra Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Pin Code-302019


2. National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM)


Stock Market Course in Jaipur
Stock Market Course in Jaipur

NIFM Educational Institutions Ltd is registered under the Companies Act, 1956. This is the pioneer academy in the stock market, which was established in 2010. It has trained students in a 5-digit number. It is currently the best institute in India’s banking, insurance, financial and stock market sector. (As per NIFM website). Let us look at some points that make NIFM such a great institution.

  • It strives for the student’s overall development by being job-oriented rather than being degree-oriented. It trains its students to be experts in various fields of finance, including – fundamental and technical analysis and security trading.
  • Industry experts carry out live trading practice to expose the students to practical knowledge. Along with it, NIFM provides various workshops, new strategies and theories. And all these courses are NSE certified, mind you.
  • NIFM claims that it has figured out the pattern of the needs and requirements of the stock market and the industry through research. If that is the case, what better way to kick start your investing career than learning the future.
  • It provides various top-class short-term courses for the stock market, which include all types of markets. This is one way to increase the attractiveness of your resume.

There are many kinds of stock market courses available at NIFM for beginners, so I can’t mention any specific fee structure. Although they are pretty pricey, one can check them out. 


3. National Institute of Wall Street (NIWS)

Stock Market Course in Jaipur

NIWS is arguably one of the best institutes for stock market courses. It provides NSE, BSE, SEBI, NCFM, and NISM, which helps the student in smart investing and trading. NIWS has one of the best faculties globally, with high experience, and highly professional. The staff has experience in domestic as well as international markets. 

Let us look at some points that make NIWS such a fantastic centre.

  1. NIWS believes that the recipe for success is highly seasoned teachers with an excellent learning atmosphere with various courses to choose from with a dedicated student. This combination will always give a flavoured result. (Pun intended)
  2. The result speaks for itself. Students at NIWS have consistently been producing exceptional outcomes, as they are traine to be experts in their fields. 
  3. They offer concise courses on the stock market, sessions on the stock market, a comprehensive overview of the market, and an in-depth analysis of various markets. 
  4. NIWS also provides various certifications for the student in professional and theoretical analysis, such as NSE and BSE, from NCFM until NISM, from BCSM into MCX.

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The fees of an introductory NIWS stock market course will cost you ₹60,000, for 6 months. They also claim a 100% job placement.

4. Get Together Finance (GTF)

Stock Market Course in Jaipur
Stock Market Course in Jaipur

GTF is described as one of the best stock market institutes in the city of Jaipur. GTF claims that their course is designed in such a way that the student can become a full-time investor and earn money from the stock market. 

They have various courses on the stock market, explicitly designed to ensure that they are fully equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge. Let us look at some points that make GTF a prestigious institution.

  1. Like I mentioned before, the courses are designed by experts who are highly seasoned and professional. These courses target the specifics of the stock market to eliminate any unnecessary and unwanted things. 
  2. Get Together Finance believes that anyone can trade in the stock market, given the proper techniques, tools, and training. GTF claims to be passionate about the various methods they impart: chart reading, short term analysis, or trading techniques. 
  3. They operate closely with their customers and provide additional share market services too. 
  4. GTS’s stock market techniques can be apply equally well across all types of markets and securities. They provide mainly technical analysis courses, which is predicting the stock market based on the charts. This can prove to be quite an important point in one’s CV.

Let us now talk about fees. The basic stock market course will cost you ₹17,700, for one month. There are other courses too which are worth checking out. 

5. Manthan Financial Consultancy Services (MFCS)

MFCS defines itself as an institute of technical analysis. Manthan Financial Consultancy Services is based in Jaipur and is easily one of the best institutes for stock market courses. MFCS provides knowledge on technical analysis for various securities like equity and commodity.

It also covers global markets along with domestic ones. MFCS provides other courses along with a technical analysis course. Let us look at some points that make MFCS a great academy for the stock market.

  1. The technical analysis predicts future movements from the past and present position of any stock, which requires the utmost attention and observation of the investor. MFCS provides all the right tools to a student to easily trade over short, medium, and long periods.
  2. The technical analysis course will enable you to apply for various career options like a security trader and a technical analyst. These kinds of jobs are highly sought after and are quite lucrative. 
  3. MFCS provides an excellent staff, with years of experience and the best degrees. MFCS also provides practical exposure by analyzing real-time graphs and stats of a stock. The course comes with certifications, of course. 

The fee structure of MCFS stock market courses cannot be mentioned because there are so many courses that one can choose from. 

These were some of the best stock market course in Jaipur.

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate it.


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