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Pros And Cons Of Doing Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga is an imperative part of life as it allows you to have a peaceful mind, which helps in integrating inner strength. So, learning yoga and acquiring a certificate to teach it has become a common notion. With everything getting online, yoga teacher training is not left behind. A 200 hour online yoga teacher training is one of the most sought-after courses that enable you to understand the significance of yoga. Right from the nuances of yoga to its poses, you get to learn a lot in a 200 hour course. As everything has its pros and cons; depending on the circumstances.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of taking yoga teacher training online.

1. Affordability Factor:

It is certain that traveling to a yoga institute around your home or at some distance will incur costs. You will have to spend on fuel or local transport. The best thing about taking an online 200 hour yoga teacher training course is that you do not have to travel and can do it from the comfort of your home. As you do not travel, the traveling costs are saved and online courses turn out to be affordable.


2. Wider Access to Courses:

As you plan to take a yoga course online, you have the option of selecting from various institutes over the internet. This means that you have a wide variety of courses to select from, which is quite contrary to the handful of ones in a particular institute located around your home. This enables you to compare the prices and take the course affordable to you.


3. Flexibility of Time:

What makes online teacher training classes is that you can record the classes and practice at your respective time slot. Indeed, it is a perfect option for people having a family. As the live classes are recorded and you have access to other study material as well, online yoga training is highly appreciating.


4. Ample Space:

If you take a yoga teacher training session at an institute; you will have to share the space with other aspirant trainees as well. This means that you will have a smaller personal space to practice. The advantage of doing 200 hour online yoga teacher training is that you have ample space at your home and can do better-stretching exercises too.


5. Easy Registration:

For the yoga classes happening online, you can register without any difficulty at the institute’s site. Besides this, the fee can be deposited online as well. This saves you time to go to the institute and can take-up classes at your convenience. Moreover, you will not have to go through all the paperwork hassle too.


6. Ideal for Beginners:

Online yoga classes are a perfect option for beginners, who find it a little awkward in practicing moves in front of others. Indeed, online classes will enable them to stay safe from the embarrassment that they might face by not doing a pose properly.


Cons of Doing Yoga Teacher Training Online:

1. Less Face-to-face Interaction:

The problem with the online 200 hour online yoga teacher training course is that you are not able to conduct face-to-face interaction with your teacher. In this way, you may not be able to ask queries as per your need. Moreover, direct communication will allow you to discuss matters more often.


2. No Interaction with the Fellow Learners:

Another matter of concern with the online yoga teacher training course is that you are not able to interact with your fellow yoga trainees. Certainly, common discussions will allow you to exchange your viewpoints and learn in an easier environment where all the doubts get cleared.


3. No Proper Monitoring:

The problem with online classes is that you do not get proper monitoring of your yoga instructor like in a studio. It is important to know that making yoga poses requires careful monitoring of yoga teachers. In virtual or online classes, the postures can hardly be corrected by the teacher. So, this might put an adverse effect on your learning of yoga.


4. Lack of Commitment:

Another problem with the virtual classes is that you may not be able to commit to a specific time slot for exercise in the comfort of your home. Certainly, this is quite opposite of the commitment that can be seen in the studios where learners dedicate proper time for learning yoga.


5. Technical Glitches:

In an online class, there is a possibility that you may face technical problems in terms of network connection. This will create trouble in running the class smoothly. Besides this, it might be possible that you may miss some of the other parts of your course.


Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and have a well-balanced mind as well. With the help of yoga, you are able to control your senses and channelize energy in the body. Along with this, the best thing about doing yoga is that it enables a person to retain good health. Originating from India, yoga has always been helpful in giving mental peace and relieves all the stress in life. This is the reason that yoga has always been preferred by millions of people throughout the world.


The purpose of 200 hour online yoga teacher training is to understand the importance of yoga in life, its various practices, asanas, and adaptation of “satvik life”. By this, it means that you should live a simple life devoid of much focus on materialistic matters. Yoga is intended to purify your inner self and ensure that a better person develops. Moreover, yoga teacher training will enable you to open your studio and teach the art of maintaining peace in life. Also, a 200 hour training course taken online will help you in saving a lot of time that gets wasted in commuting. But, every prospect has its share of advantages and disadvantages for sure. Isn’t that so?

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