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What is included in CCNA Course and training in Corvit Karachi

CCNA certification Discounts

This is the era of technology and connectivity. Various data centers and enterprises are using networking officially to stay interconnected. Due to this reason, the demand for networking professionals has increased exponentially. CCNA certification focuses on helping the various industries and enterprises with providing basic networking knowledge. The background of any student does not matter as CCNA is an associate level certification. If you want to pursue a career in networking, Corvit systems is one of the best and leading name for CCNA course in Karachi.

Various topics covered in CCNA:

CCNA being an associate level certification in the field of networking focuses on providing the students about the basic knowledge of networking. The CCNA course content consists of six modules. Those six modules are as under

  • Network Fundamentals:

In this part of the course, students are given basic knowledge about the basic networking components, concepts related to networking, their architecture, communication and designs.

  • Network Access:

Network access focuses on providing the students an understanding regarding various media that are used in networking and physical layer protocols.

  • IP connectivity:

Various concepts related to routing while using IP, fundamentals of static routing, design and fundamentals of OSPF are a part of IP connectivity module.

  • IP services:

The next part of the course content is IP services. In this part fundamentals of Network access translation (NAT) and configuration of routers with respect to secure shells is taught to the students.

  • Security Fundamentals:

This part focuses on the basic practices used for the implementation of device hardening and prevention and defense against layer 2 attacks so that the students that will be working in the field of networking can protect their networks from hacking and attacks.

  • Automation and Programmability:

Automation and Programmability focuses on teaching the students about Network programmability and SDN basics in addition to other concepts about CISCO APIC-EM and Cisco DNA center.

With knowledge and understanding about all these course contents, students can easily become professionals and enhance their careers in the field of Networking. Therefore, if you are looking for institutes that provide CCNA training in Karachi, Corvit Systems is there for you.

What makes Corvit Systems the best for CCNA training in Karachi?

Corvit Systems has been providing services in the field of networking for the past 15 years. It has produced more than 160,000 networking professionals that are not only working in Pakistan but a number of them are working overseas as network professionals also. We have a state of the art facility and our trainers use modern ways of teaching so that the students have the knowledge about the contemporary industry standards. We select only the trainers that also have vast working experience in the industry so that their way of training also helps the students when they will be working in various industries and enterprises as networking professionals. The experience of almost all of our trainers is more than 18 years in the field of networking.

If you select Corvit systems for CCNA training in Karachi, we assure you that you will be a valuable asset for your company as the training provided by Covit systems is the best in Pakistan. This is evident form the feedback and reviews of the students who have had the experience of getting their certifications from Corvit systems as 92% of our clients have ranked our training as being “Excellent” or “Very Good”.


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