Ohio Hardwood Furniture: Your Cleveland Furniture Store

Ohio Hardwood Furniture: Your Cleveland Furniture Store

The way you set up your interiors will doubtless have a profound effect on the setting. It will color the space with the overarching spirit of the design, moving not only you the resident but any visitors that come your way. Wall art and decor are only two of the smaller fixtures that will make their mark on a setting. In fact, the furnishings and accessory furnishings that you incorporate into your room will help to set and solidify the mood.

Consider the different feelings offered by two similar rooms with entirely different furnishings. There is a vastly different character offered by a fleet of minimalist designs as there is offered by hand joined wooden furniture, for example. Each may have its own place, but there is no denying that they offer a different feel.

If you’re looking for exquisite furnishings to outfit your home with gravity and class, look no further than Ohio Hardwood Furniture. Ohio Hardwood Furniture is your choice Cleveland Furniture Store, and for good reason.

Different Designs, Different Styles
There are settings wherein you want to bring the full effect of handmade wooden furniture that possesses more of an appeal to past styles in order to suffuse a setting with deference. Then there are settings into which you want to incorporate simplified, almost brutalist designs, not only for the fact that they are simple but because they are rugged and resilient.

At Ohio Hardwood Furniture, you will be able to take your pick of designs not only from leading manufacturers but from among their own catalog of handmade furniture, created entirely in house.

Plenty of Options from Popular Manufacturers
Visit and you will be able to take your pick of designs from many of the most revered furnishers in the country. Create an interior design built around the bones of Copeland Furniture, renowned for its blending of classic and modern elements. Consider creating your setting around some fixtures of Charleston Forge, whose simplistic, hand-forged, hand-hewn designs are nationally famous for their matchless grit. Incorporate a Hallagan or a CR Laine sofa into your sitting or living room for a peerless degree of class. When you shop at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, you will have easy access to some of the most coveted designs in the industry.

Their Own Bench Made Line
What sets Ohio Hardwood Furniture apart, however, is the fact that they offer their own line of bench-made furniture in classic designs that have no modern equal. There’s no automation at their shop – just dedicated craftsmen behind the designs who are committed to joining and finishing their original hardwood furniture. The result is a catalog of furnishings for every room in the house. From the office to the bedroom to the kitchen and the living room, the designs from Ohio Hardwood Furniture will add immeasurable gravity to any setting.

They’re Sustainable
While you might find yourself fully satisfied by the fact that all of Ohio Hardwood Furniture’s designs are entirely handmade and hand-finished, you’ll be even more pleased to know that they are also committed to sustainable practices, both on the front and back end.

Ohio Hardwood Furniture is committed to sustainable harvest, sourcing native hardwood stock from land that is managed for nearly 30-year turnover. Whereas others are content to harvest in under a decade on a rolling basis, Ohio Hardwood Furniture allows its source stock to mature and regenerate itself before harvest.

In addition, Ohio Hardwood Furniture is dedicated to minimizing waste in its processes as well. Milled odds and ends are reused as fuel. Swarf like shavings and sawdust get recycled as bedding and mulch. We harvest the trees for our use, and we believe it is unselfish to do them the justice of using every part.

These are only a few of the reasons that Ohio Hardwood Furniture is your choice Cleveland furniture store, but they certainly amount to a good start. To see what they offer, visit, or better yet, pay them a visit in their store in Peninsula, Ohio the next time you’re in their area.

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