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8 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Business Network Performance

Does your company have a business network? Are you finding it tedious how slow it has become over time?

Having a slow network could cause your business to lose money. By making a few changes, you can stop your company from that risk.

Your business network performance ultimately affects how your business runs daily. Here’s how to get the most out of its efficiency.

What Is Network Performance?

A large company will have a business network connecting all their employees through technology. One example would be having a room full of staff computers and a single printer. Each member of staff will be able to use that printer through the network.

To figure out the network performance, let’s stick with this example. How long does it take for a member of staff to print a document through that printer?

The longer the printer takes, the slower your network performance. If this is the situation for your company, don’t worry. You can easily fix this.

1. Is It Actually the Network at Fault?

Before you pay for your network to be improved, check if it is the network that is slow. There is a chance it may be your computers.

Having slow computers can give the image of a slow network. But, one is far easier to fix than the other.

If one of your staff comes to you complaining about the speed of their computer, check the computers in other areas. If all the different areas are having the same problem, then it is, in fact, the network that needs amending.

2. Train Your Staff on the Network Use

Run a network performance test. This test could tell you if it’s the staff that is causing the network to slow.

Break time

The test may show you a specific time that the network is at its lowest. One example could be the lunch break.

Your staff will be relaxing and taking time away from work during that time. How this time is spent will differ for each person.

Some members of staff will go to the break room to chat. Others may sit at their desk and catch up on their TV shows.

By using the work network to watch their shows, they are decreasing the performance drastically. I’m not telling you to cut out all entertainment during lunch breaks. But maybe inform the staff that they may be hindering those who aren’t on a break by doing this.

Everyday Use

The test may also show that your staff are slowing the network during work hours without realizing it. They could be doing this by share files between them incorrectly.

If they send files that are too large, show them how to share files via the cloud. Another method could be to train them on how to compress the files before sharing them.

3. Create a Second Network for Your Guests

Does your company often have guests visiting your workplace? Having guests frequently connecting to your network will drag the speed down.

One method to avoid this would be to create a second network—one solely for your guest’s needs. Doing this will allow your guests access to a network while leaving the leading network to run smoothly.

4. Virtual Local Area Networks

Creating VLANs is ideal for segregating each area of your network. Through VLANS, you can allow essential traffic within the system to receive priority. By giving critical traffic priority, you can ensure a speed of processing.

Using VLANs allows you to create separate networks throughout your business without having to pay for rewiring. It will save not only time but also money.

5. Do You Need New Malware Protection?

Have you have completed all the points in this list and found your network is still running slow? You may find changing your technology will gain you an assured performance network.

Check that the security of your network. Do you need to update your malware protection software?

Having a virus in the system can not only be dangerous, but it could also affect your performance. Make sure you get protection against such situations.

6. Bring in a Network Monitor

Having a network monitor, such as Cisco IP SLA, will give your network an extra layer of protection. They will keep watch over your network for any bottlenecks or potential jams.

Bottlenecks and jams are when an immense amount of information goes through the system simultaneously. The sheer size of it will slow the system’s performance by effectively blocking the pipes.

A network monitor will spot these situations and inform your technicians.

7. Do You Need Some New Firm/Software?

The world of technology is increasing with each passing day. Between you purchasing your software and now, there could have been a large number of updated versions.

If your software or firmware is outdated, it may not run efficiently with new forms of data. You may need to update to a more modern version for this problem to be solved.

8. Does Your Network Need an Upgrade?

Have you tested every one of these tips and still find your network to be slow? Then, unfortunately, it is time to upgrade your entire network.

As mentioned above, technology is an ever-growing presence within the world. Your network may have been top of the line when you purchased it.

Have a look to see what is now on the market. With an upgraded network, you will find the performance speed has improved to a level you may not have thought possible.

Achieve Network Speed

Now you have an idea of a handful of ways to improve your network performance. Which methods will you try?

Is it your staff draining your network speed? Do you need new software or malware protection? Are you going to need a complete network upgrade?

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