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Tips To Grow Your Online Business Without Using Plas (Product Listing Ads) And Paid Channels

Tips To Grow Your Online Business Without Using Plas (Product Listing Ads) And Paid Channels

Yes, it is possible to bring organic traffic to your online store by following some simple eCommerce SEO tips. These tips will be easier on your pocket as you won’t have to spend a lot of money either on PLAs, or on other paid channels.

Optimize Your Website Structure:

Breadcrumb navigation and cleans URLs are a good way to improve your website rankings in SERPs. Breadcrumb navigation will tell shoppers where they are exactly within the hierarchy of your site. They will be able shop for items easily and this will improve your site’s onsite clickthrough rate. Secondly, Breadcrumb navigation will help with mapping and organization of your site structure. Clean URLs will help improve the usability of your site and make it more intuitive and meaningful.

Select The Most Appropriate Ecommerce Keywords:

Use Google keyword planner or other online tools to do research on keywords. Take care to select keywords that have a high volume of search per month and are also high intent keywords. When you have made a list, check them out on Google yourself to be doubly sure. With a keyword tool you can collect average monthly search volume, average CPC’s, and the competition of that keyword.

Optimize Your Product Pages:

It is a good eCommerce SEO strategy to optimize the product descriptions and product pages of your site especially the H1’s, meta titles and meta descriptions. This can be done by:

  • Sticking to your branding style.
  • Minimizing use of jargon and keeping your product description easy to read and scan.
  • Bringing out specific features and benefits by using bullet points.
  • Speaking to the buyer persona throughout your copy.

Do Not Plagiarize Or Use Duplicate Content

A golden rule of eCommerce SEO is never to plagiarize and use duplicate content. This might be challenging considering that there are thousands of product pages in a site with little differentiation between them. To avoid any negative impact on search engine rankings, either add a canonical tag or a 301 redirect for pages to ensure search engines understand which pages may have identical or similar content.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

Research shows that most eCommerce sales are driven by the young generation who are in the 28-35 years age group and prolific users of mobile devices. It therefore makes sense to optimize your site for mobile devices. Below are some pointers:

  • Use responsive mobile design.
  • Focus on UI/UX and simple mobile navigation.
  • Ensure page speed and load times are optimized.
  • Implement a simple mobile checkout
  • Implement Google Privy for mobile and desktops.

Add Sitemap.Xml To Google Search Console

It is a good eCommerce best practice to add your sitemap.xml to Google search console. This will enable Google to find and crawl all the important pages of your eCommerce site.

Optimize Category Pages

Category pages require optimization to improve rankings in SERPs and below are some best practices that can be undertaken:

  • Do a keyword research to select appropriate category titles.
  • Rewrite the content of your category meta descriptions by being unique, creative and correct in your description.
  • Add your category H1 Tag and make only one tag per page.
  • Put a description of your category page just below your H1 tag. For this you can divide the content into 2 parts – writing a short text at the top below your H1 tag and a more elaborate text at the bottom of your category page.
  • Include internal links within the description.
  • As far as possible include images of your products in the category page.

Do Not Use Broken Links

Check your site thoroughly to make sure that there are no broken links stating “Error 404 – Page not found”.

Improve Page Loading And Website Speed

Do a thorough audit of website architecture to ensure that website speed is optimized to provide maximum user experience.

Make Your Online Store Secure

It is a best practice to ensure that your site follows SSL standards and is secure with HTTPS protocol.

Add More Content To Your Site

While adding the content, ensure that it is unique and relates to your audience. It should be crisp, well written and based around your target keyword phrases. Secondly, build a strategy to share this content with your audience, so that they feel encouraged to visit your store.


The above present some simple and cost effective eCommerce SEO tips that you could use in your strategy to bring traffic to your online store.

Myself Mouzzam Jafri Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to choose Seo Reseller Program and White Label Seo Services.

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