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Importance of technology in our daily lives

Importance of technology in our daily lives:

Computers are in each division of our lives, now. we’ve Smart Televisions, phones that aren’t always as smart as we wish they were, and cars that need a university graduate to repair once they break down. We even have robots that vacuum, call boxes like “Echo” that stand at the ready for any question you’ll want a solution to, also as stop and begin your matched appliances like washers and dryers on command. Even the controversial drones are computerized – both those for war and therefore the ones we use for commercial use or as toys. Computer technology correlates with information technology and is employed for the study of computers, networks, computer networks, etc.

It encompasses a developing list of various software programs and devices. It includes programming, networking, database design, and development to make sure that computers work properly. technology is that the design and construction of computers to raised help people at work, home, etc. it’s made possible to try to an outsized amount of labor during a very small time. it’s also reduced the man’s efforts within the office I mean it gives a high level of labor output during a very small time, less effort, low manpower.

Some interesting concept under research or new this industry is:

  • Advanced AI
  • Intelligence Amplification
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Vision
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Big Data
  • Driver-less cars
  • Security Systems
  • Automation
  • Machine learning

Updated Latest Technologies:

Here I’m getting to mention a number of the newest technology which is updated within the computer field and theses all I even have found while researching the newest technology. So have a glance please, may one among them work for you.

Advance Supercomputer:

A supercomputer may be a powerful latest technology which trending on the pc field which is employed in time to save lots of and accuracy demanding areas In space research, research project, meteorology, by using satellite pictures, and lots of such areas.

Helping the Handicapped Latest technology:

This is my one among the favorite invention which is essentially very obliging for handicapped people that aren’t prepared to converse with others but by this, tremendously best technology has been made effortless them to strive to what they require to attempt to.

Mobile Computers:

I know most folks already conscious of this as a mobile commonly used.  But still, I might wish to mention it because it’s a really important and really usable technology. There are many new features are updated. numerous little things we will do easily thereupon.

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