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6 MMORPG Games Released In 2021

Many interesting MMORPG games were released in 2021. The following list introduces 6 interesting MMORPG games. You can definitely find a favorite game here.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

PSO2 New Genesis is the sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2, but their content is completely different. There are brand-new game content in New Genesis, where we can currency different game experiences. Although the two games have many differences, they are still closely linked. In PSO2 New Genesis we can inherit the props in PSO2.

With New Genesis, PSO2 became more of an MMORPG. An open world came into play, in which you can level up, fight against bosses and, above all. Another positive aspect is the revised graphics and the new engine.

Although there are many improvements in this new game, we can still use PSO2 Meseta to gain an advantage in the game. We can use these currencies to buy and strengthen the equipment and weapons we need.

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What Is So Special About That?

In New Genesis you explore strange worlds in which you compete against enemies with an active and action-packed combat system. You can dodge, jump very high and even fly in it, which makes it a very fun MMO.

The game offers you 6 different classes with different skills. It is also possible to learn a second class and mix skills, as well as change the class at any time with your character.

How’s It Going Since The Release?

At the time of release, the number of players in Phantasy Star Online 2 on Steam skyrocketed. From previously around 5,200 players on average in January 2021, the numbers rose to up to 17,580 average players in the last 30 days.

However, the numbers are currently falling again significantly. This is also the biggest criticism that the players of the MMORPG have. They find that the game came out several months early.

Wild Terra 2

Wild Terra 2 is a sandbox MMORPG that specializes in freedom instead of quests and a linear story. The game does not offer any classes, which is why you can only choose between gender and a few optical features when creating characters.

How’s It Going Since The Release?

Wild Terra 2 appeared in Early Access on Steam, but couldn’t reach a really large number of players there. At the peak of the release, 1,244 players watched the MMORPG at the same time.


After more than 6 years in development, the crowdfunding MMORPG Crowfall has finally appeared. This differs greatly from traditional MMORPGs and offers different campaigns instead of an open, persistent world.

Crowfall appeals to fans of PvP, because almost all campaigns rely on the fight between the players. It convinces with timeless graphics and a wide range of classes and playable races.

What Is So Special About That?

In addition to the Eternal Kingdoms, there are 3 scenarios in which you can immerse yourself with an avatar:

  • God’s Reach is a pure PvE world designed to introduce players to Crowfall.
  • Dregs is a campaign specific to the fight guild against guild.
  • With the HungerDome, a battle royale for 60 players was introduced.

Another special feature of the game are the classes. There are 11 of them, each offering 3 subclasses. So you have a total of 33 classes to choose from.

How’s It Going Since The Release?

The Crowfall release drew very little attention. Players have been waiting for the MMORPG for years and have lost interest in it over time. In addition, backers who had already supported the game with money had been able to play for years.

Even before the release, Crowfall was criticized for an unfinished combat system, performance problems and the poor UI. Many would have expected that the developers would take a little more time with the release.

Swords of Legends Online

Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) is an MMORPG from China that was brought to the West by Gameforge in 2021. This is a classic theme park game that offers you many quests and a linear story.

The focus of the endgame is on dungeons with different levels of difficulty, PvP content, housing and various life skills, with which the game can stand out from its competitors.

What Is So Special About That?

Swords of Legends particularly stands out with its beautiful graphics and fair equipment system. Unlike in other Asian MMORPGs, there is no chance of upgrading equipment and no risk of something breaking.

The MMORPG offers 6 different playable classes – Deathbringer, Summoner, Bard, Sword Mage, Berserker and Spearmaster. Each with 2 specializations and without gender lock.

How’s It Going Since The Release?

The release of SOLO went extremely well. There were no server crashes in Europe, although there were lags and queues for quest mobs in some heavily populated areas.

Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed is an open-world action MMORPG. You experience adventures in the world and put on you there in fast, action-packed battles with many monsters.

  • You create your hero from 5 classes and four races
  • The fight is active and full of action
  • Combos play an important role
  • The focus is on team play
  • In the endgame, the focus is on dungeons, PvP and farming the best equipment

What Is So Special About That?

The feature of Bless Unleashed is its action-filled combat system. Your character enters combat through attacking a monster or enticing a monster’s focus. For boss monsters, you immediately get into combat the moment you are actually inside its combat zone. After your character gets into combat, the monster’s reputation and wellness bar will present atop the display screen.

In addition, in the open world you will repeatedly encounter bosses that you have to defeat together with many players. That makes for a really good MMO feeling.

How’s It Going Since The Release?

Bless Unleashed started with really strong player numbers on Steam. On the day of the release, over 76,000 players were online at the same time. On average, around 41,600 players have been playing the new MMORPG every day since its release.

New World (Released In September 28)

There is actually a PvP region management element to New World, but it isn’t an absolutely player-driven sandbox. If you prefer, you may devote every one of your time battling monsters, leveling up, as well as searching for or even crafting new gear. You can easily group up with various other players to handle planet events or seek a boss fight. You don’t have to pay much interest to gamer politics whatsoever, and may play New World like a common open-world RPG.

At the primary of the social team of New World are the 3 factions, organizations of like-minded gamers as well as non-player characters along with their own objectives as well as systems for the isle’s future.

New World offers:

  • 3 playable factions
  • A classless system where your armor and weapons determine the style of play
  • Quests and events in the open world
  • A crafting system that is important because you have to make your equipment and can trade with others
  • A housing system
  • Multiple PvP modes including the wars in 50v50
  • 6 different dungeons to start with.

What do you think of these MMORPG games above? Do you like any of these games? If you are looking for other excellent games, you can find what you need in this list: 5 Popular Free Games In Steam.

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