Best android games to play in 2021

Playing best android games is a good thing to pass the time but some people take them as a hobby or addiction. They like to play the games whole day. But there are some games which set many records and won the gamers’ heart. We are going to see some of the most addicted and downloaded games. You can spend your whole day with these addicted games.

Best Android games to play in 2021

Best android gamesPubg mobile

There is hardly a man who does not know about it, you can guess its popularity by the fact that it is being played so much that in many countries. It’s mostly popular in asian countries. Players usually spend lots of time in this game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which we call pubg, is a battle royale shooting game in which 100 players land on an island with the help of parachutes and kill each other by collecting weapons and other equipments in the game for themselves. You can take all the weapons near you, by reviving your friend or teammate, you can also save his life.

Its pc version became very popular after that a light version was installed for mobile which has a slightly lighter graphic but you will enjoy playing it. The popularity of this game is so much that I could not live without taking it for best android games. It’s truly one of the most popular android games ever.

Real racing 3

For those who like racing games, this game is very good, its graphics are given in very good quality even though it’s a bit old game now. The cars that are given to you, it gives you real feel in driving them.

It has been downloaded more than 100 million times so far and it has won many awards, so you can think that what a great racing game it is

In Real Racing, you are given 19 real locations for Bale tracks and 250 car racing. The graphics of this game are so good that it has more size than it takes up to 1.5 GB.

Alto’s adventure

This is the next version of Alto’s Adventure, it has all the good things about the previous game and along with it, some improvements have been made in it like more Variety levels, movement tricks, more secrets to search, etc.

In this type of running games, most of its graphics and levels are seen. Believe me, you get to see different levels in it, whose color and style will be liked by you.

This game is very easy and fun to play. But it becomes a bit difficult to master it, you can change it in your character.

Asphalt 9

Asphalt has its own unique identity in racing games. It has been made by Gameloft. This game has a complete series and is the latest game of Asphalt series, in which you will get to see high quality graphics and absolutely realistic vehicles. It is one of the best android games for racing game lover.

Asphalt 9 is one of the best racing game for Android and IOS mobile phones. It’s a latest games from Asphalt series which is an amazing racing game series. You can also play Asphalt 9 with your friends and other online players in multiplayer mode. You would probably like to play this game in your best gaming phone under 25000.

In Asphalt you will get to run around 50 such cars which are not available in any game, it also has some new cars as well as new features such as now you can also build 7 multiplayer, a community of your own racers.

Shadowgun Legends

MADFINGER is very much ahead in making shooting games. Their list includes games like shadowgun series, UNKILLED and Dead Trigger, out of which you have to shoot zombies in both Dead Trigger and Unkilled games.

While there is a story going on in Shadowgun Legends where we have to escape humanity from Alien’s attack, where Shadowguns is a great warrior and hero, this battle is spread over 3 planets and you get a lot of missions in it.

In this, you get more than 700 guns to fight, with this you can also customize your own armor and you will be able to customize your Shadowguns, it gives you the freedom to create playlists according to your own, where there is no restriction.

Into the Dead 2

It’s a zombie running game where you get many weapons to kill the deadly zombies that obstract your way during your destination. In this game you have to protect your family from zombies and this is an action shooting game where you move your way through the map and try to kill the zombies on the way with your gun.

The entire game is divided into 7 chapters, where you have to cross 60 stages, with a lot of missions given in it, for this you get a powerful weapon and armor in the game.This game has more than 70 million from Google Play Store The bar has been downloaded

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