7 Tips To Start Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis was released on June 9. Much new content has been added to this game, attracting a large number of new players. So when players enter PSO2 New Genesis, how should they proceed more smoothly? Below we will introduce some tips for you. These tips can help us gain an advantage in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

When we enter Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, the following tips are very important, and we should invest some time to study these tips carefully.

Focus On One Class

In PSO2 New Genesis we can’t master all classes at the same time. The best way to become more powerful in Phantasy Star Online 2 is to focus on one class. This requires us to choose an excellent class before the game starts, which must be what we like.

It is very difficult to choose a class in PSO2 New Genesis. However, it is very difficult to choose a suitable class in PSO2 New Genesis. We need to deeply understand the advantages and disadvantages of each class in this game, so that we can choose a suitable class.

Why Is It So Difficult To Choose A Suitable Class In Phantasy Star Online 2?

This is because there are too many professions in Phantasy Star Online 2, and there are 13 to choose from. And each class has its unique skill tree and equipment. This means that it is difficult for us to deeply understand the characteristics of each class.

Fortunately, this issue was changed in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. There are some new features in PSO2 New Genesis that make it easier for us to change classes. This means that we can experience more class characters at a small cost, and then we can choose a suitable class.

Use The Personal Shop In Phantasy Star Online 2

Due to the low drop rate of weapons in PSO2 New Genesis, it is difficult for us to obtain all suitable weapons. At this time, we can exchange the equipment needed in the Personal Shop. At the same time, we can also obtain a large amount of PSO2 Meseta through trading.

Below is a shortlist of how the Personal Shop will function in PSO2 New Genesis:

  • PSO2 New Genesis items are only tradable via the Personal Shop. Items obtained in PSO2 cannot be sold in the Personal Shop for PSO2 New Genesis.
  • PSO2:NGS Personal Shops only accept N-Meseta
  • Placing items in the Personal Shop requires a 10% payment on the rate of the item. The commission portion undergoes change based upon the in-game economic problems.
  • “Recommended” AC Scratch items will have higher minimum sale prices than other items. Minimum prices for these items will be consistently maintained to ensure a proper in-game economy.
  • Player and character Information – like the seller’s name of an item placed for sale in the Personal Shop will be accessible by the search for those who obtain specific titles.

Note that in the Personal Shop, rare weapons and armors with 2 stars and 3 stars, as well as enhancement capsules are very popular. We can quickly get a lot of PSO2 Meseta by selling these items.

Get Rewards For Exploration In Phantasy Star Online 2

In PSO2 New Genesis, you can unlock the next Field in succession by clearing the “Free-Exploration” quest from the previous area. For example, clearing the [Forest Exploration] quest on Planet Naberius, will unlock all the Volcanic Caverns quests on Planet Amduscia.

Worth noting that the story quests are completely optional. You can just complete the Arks Quests/Free Explores. When we complete the exploration task, we can get rewards, these exploration rewards come in the form of Red Boxes. Inside these boxes, you might find a large amount of Meseta, some Star Gems, or 4-star gear.

Get A Lot Of Skill Points

In PSO2 New Genesis, we can obtain skill points by completing Cocoon and Tower. Each Cocoon or Tower will have a recommended Battle Power level. These levels are more of an indicator as to what level you should be and what Battle Power you might want to be at to complete the task.

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Here are 6 of the easiest Cocoons and Towers that you can likely complete with a little determination before level 10:

  • Cocoon – First Steps | Central Aelio
  • Cocoon – Enhanced Enemy | Halphana Plains
  • Cocoon – Swift Jump | North Aelio
  • Cocoon – Test Flight | Cryano Cliffs
  • Cocoon – Runway | Mt Magnus
  • Tower – Aero Runner | Mt Piccolo

Raise Battle Power As You Go

Battle Power stands for the general stamina of a character in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. In PSO2 New Genesis, players can complete more game tasks by improving their combat abilities. At the same time, players should also improve their game level to play a more powerful combat ability.

Thankfully, Battle Power boosts in numerous means. To start, the simplest way to increase Battle Power is to gain EXP and also degree up a character class in PSO2 New Genesis. This can be done by finishing quests and also slaying opponents, as well as players that want to expedite the process can even purchase a short-term EXP boost with Star Gems.

Finally, MMORPG fans can gain additional Battle Power by equipping better gear or altering the weapons and armor that they already have on hand.

Additionally, fans can raise their Battle Power by unlocking Weapon Potentials at the Item Lab, though that can prove to be a fairly time-consuming endeavor.

Use Multi-Weapons In Phantasy Star Online 2

Most weapons in PSO2 New Genesis can only be used on one character class, which means that when we change classes, we need to use new weapons. This will waste a lot of time and PSO2 NGS Meseta, so how can we avoid this situation?

To avoid the above situation, we can use multiple weapons. By taking two weapons of the same series, like a Primm Rifle and Primm Saber, you can create a new weapon that can use the skills of both weapons, without having to swap anything in combat. Granted, creating a Multi-Weapon can be expensive, running you upwards of 150K Meseta at times, but it is worth it so that you can utilize the best skills from your favorite weapons whenever you need them, and at the touch of a button.

Complete Your Daily And Weekly Quests

Fast upgrade in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis requires a lot of PSO2 NGS Meseta, so you need to spend some time getting these currencies. In Phantasy Star Online 2, we can obtain the required currency stably by completing daily and weekly tasks.

Take a few moments to complete your Daily and Weekly Quests, which will earn you some easy XP, and 200K Meseta – more than enough to aid you in buying, and building up your weapons and gear. And we can obtain PSO2 NGS Meseta stably through these tasks, which means we will have infinite PSO2 NGS Meseta.

Through the above skills, players can proceed more smoothly in Phantasy Star Online 2, so we should have a deeper understanding of these game tips before we enter the game. This may take some time, but when we understand these tips, we can avoid many mistakes in the game.

Finally, you can get more information about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis here.

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