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5 Things That Can Be Completely Powered By Solar Energy

It’s quite enchanting how Earth got so lucky to have one big ball of solar star that provides it with life and abundance. We humans rely on the sun for heat and light. Without the Sun, there surely are no plants that will grow, and human life might not even last for more than a decade. 

If you come to think of it, the Sun is the most important factor that triggers all of the life around us. Plants need photosynthesis to grow. Humans need vitamin D for energy. Animals rely on plants for food. Life on Earth is a series of interconnected webs that all rely on the sun for survival.


The sun’s power is greater than you can think of

Did you also know that the energy provided by our sun is enough to meet the amount of energy needed by the whole world? And of course, it won’t run out as long as our sun exists. Experts say that the limitation of solar energy is the human ability to utilise and maximise it. 

Solar panels have been growing for the past few years. Numerous businesses and countries have started to adopt clean energy consumption. Yet, the rest of the world is still hesitant about the extent of the sun’s power. For us to have a brief of how we can utilise solar energy, here are 5 things that it can completely power. 


1. Vehicles and automobiles

One of the top causes of air pollution in cities is vehicles. The gas that we use to fuel our cars, public trains, buses, and motorcycles. They all use a gas that emits toxic pollutants that harm our atmosphere. These toxic pollutants add to the number of greenhouse gases that are trapped in our atmosphere. 

In China, they have public buses that use solar panels for energy. Imagine if each country were to focus on prioritising clean energy consumption. In a short amount of time, there’s no doubt that the air we breathe would be 50% cleaner. 

Even trains can be powered by the sun. In New South Wales, Australia, they have a train that relies 100% on solar panels for it to power. The said train has been around for more than 70 years now and works perfectly as any fossil fuel train does. 

Adaptive home energy systems are also becoming more popular with consumers. This is a renewable energy ecosystem that provides more energy, faster charging time with an EV charger, and allows them to power their cars with solar panels. You can learn how to install an EV charger here.

A couple of car brands have even attempted to develop a car that uses solar panels. Solar-powered cars still have a long way to go. It’s quite hard to design a car covered with solar panels if you value aesthetics. In Australia, a group of Engineering students designed one and it perfectly works with its panels on the roof. 


2. Buildings and offices 

Commercial solar is one of the eyed changes that huge corporations, governments, and organisations have been targeting for the past few years. A lot of huge brands have started using commercial solar in their offices for more cost-effective energy use.

One thing to know about solar panels is that they are expensive. But, if you are to look at its cost and long-term benefits, it is more efficient than fossil-fueled energy. Solar panels are capable of collecting clean energy as long as there is daylight. Even in winter, as long as there’s daylight, it can successfully store the energy that you need.

You might wonder, what exactly is the difference between commercial solar from regular solar panels. Here’s what. Commercial solar is designed for commercial use. If we’re talking about commercial use, then it means that these panels are capable of a bigger amount of energy storage. Enough that it can power an entire building. 

Since buildings and offices need more energy than residential properties, they need panels that are capable of storing more energy than they need. Since most office equipment and appliances that we use are designed for fossil-fueled energy, an inverter such as Enphase solar is needed to power them with clean energy.


3. Residential homes and properties

If commercial properties can rely 100% on panels for energy use, so does a residential home. If you wish to shift to clean energy, your home can use a regular solar panel for it. No need to use commercial solar even if your house is bigger than the typical home size. 

Just like commercial solar, you will need an Enphase solar inverter for you to power all types of equipment and appliances that you have. The purpose of an inverter is to convert the direct current of the sun to alternating ones for compatibility. 

One thing to consider if you plan to install solar panels on your house is the size of your roof. Consider not only the size but also the position of where the panels will be placed. The health and condition of your roof are also vital for inspection before you install any solar panels. 

If your house’s roof is old and needs to be replaced, it’s better to do so before installing a solar panel. This will ensure that your panels won’t be harmed in the long run. Also, it’s easier to maximise your panels if your roof is in great condition. The fewer issues that will accumulate, the better for your panels. 

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4. Pools and water spas

One of the top uses for solar panels before it was popularised for home and commercial use, is for pool heating. To heat a pool, you typically use electricity or gas. Since it is costly to continuously heat pools, businesses recommend using solar panels instead.

You know by now that solar panels are expensive. But, there’s always a handful of perks that come with it. People recommend solar panels for pool heating because though their initial cost is a bit of an investment, their usage and efficiency can last for more than a decade. 

If you’re a resort or spa owner, and you choose to invest in solar panels, you allow your business to allocate money to other areas that need improvement. Maybe you can use the money you saved for an expansion or refurbishment. 

Not only will you save money, but you will also promote sustainability. You can integrate it into your business brand. For sure, people will be enticed to have a holiday at your resort. Plus, it will help bring awareness to people who don’t know how efficient and reliable solar panels are. 


5. Mobile phones, watches, calculators, computers, and more

There’s a high chance that you’ve used something that is powered by solar before. Maybe it was your school calculator, favourite watch, or even an emergency flashlight. These are some of the first forms of clean energy usage that we ever got a hold of. 

Though most mobile phones are powered through charging, there were phones before that were designed for solar power use. You also know by now that you can power anything with solar, but computers can also be designed with clean energy in mind. 

However, experts say that it might not yet be ideal at this point where gadgets play a vital role in human life. The best option out there, for now, is to shift to clean energy for electricity use. With that, anything that you use is 100% powered by clean energy including your computers.


Solar energy is slowly becoming an option for better energy use

The world still has a long way to go before we completely say goodbye to fossil-fueled energy. But, the steps taken by those who have already shifted make a huge difference for the planet. Soon enough, other businesses will surely consider shifting to solar panels, too.

Who knows, maybe after a decade, solar panels are also more affordable and more accessible for everyone to use by then. 


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