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7 Great Reasons to Install Solar Panels at Your Home

Are your energy bills starting to become expensive? Do you want to spend less while being environmentally conscious? If so, then you need to know the amazing power of solar panels.

These energy-efficient methods of creating your own power are now more affordable and useful than ever. Read on for seven reasons you must install solar panels.

  1. It Can Reduce or Eliminate Bills

One of the main benefits of solar panels is that they can reduce, or even totally eliminate, your energy bills. For homeowners, businesses, or charitable organizations, this can be a huge portion of the financial outgoings. As energy prices rise, it makes sense to become self-sufficient and save on electric consumption.

The amount of energy you can save depends upon a number of factors. This comes down to the type of solar panel, how many you have, and the amount of sun you get in the area of installation. However, even if they are simply subsidizing your existing bills, you will soon find huge savings.

  1. Increases Property Value

If you were looking for a new home, would you be more attracted to one that has its own solar panels to help you reduce your bills? Most people find this a hugely inviting prospect, and if you plan to sell the home, solar panel installation will most definitely attract a lot more interest.

Once you have these interested buyers, you can also expect them to pay a lot more for your property. It is estimated that solar panels can add around $9000 to the median value of a home in the US. This can be a significant markup on your house price, and cover the high closing fees many people face from sales.

  1. Install Solar Panels for Green Energy

Solar panels provide an extremely energy-efficient way to provide clean electricity. This can significantly lower your carbon footprint, even going so far as to make you carbon neutral.

While electricity providers are making steps towards renewable resources, not all energy from them can be considered clean. They often use fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. This is burned to provide the fuel necessary to create electricity.

Nuclear power is cleaner but does come with the added dangers of radioactive waste. In fact, the sun is its own nuclear reactor. All solar panels do is harness the energy it gives off in the form of light, and transform it into electricity for your home.

  1. Low Maintenance

From all the types of solar panels you can get installed, you can guarantee each will all be very low maintenance. In fact, all you have to do is keep them clear. This allows the sun to penetrate their surface, so removing snow, branches, and leaves that may accumulate is extremely important.

Once you have done this, you will find very little need to do anything else. Most solar panels come with a warranty that lasts for at least 25 years. This gives you peace of mind in case anything does go wrong, though this is highly unlikely.

  1. They Provide Fixed Costs

You would think that energy prices have risen in the US. If you look at statistics for the last ten years, the truth is actually much more worrying. They have fluctuated from extremely low to very high, showing a pattern of volatility.

This can actually be worse than a steady increase. It makes it impossible to predict what your energy prices will be. You may find yourself in pocket, or you could be on your last dollar due to steep rises.

Fixed costs allow you more control over your finances. They allow you to plan and budget, and not worry about unexpected energy hikes taking away your income.

  1. It Is Becoming Affordable

Previously, for many people, the costs of buying and installing solar panels were just too much. Solar technology had not reached the point where its effectiveness could justify the outlay. In addition, the technology required was extremely expensive for the average homeowner.

That is no longer the case. The components required to make solar panels have dropped in price. In addition, panels are much more effective making them more of an inviting proposition for the homeowner.

In fact, many states have excellent tax incentives if you do decide to go solar. This can be a great draw for many, and further reduces the cost of solar panel installation even further.

  1. Adds to Other Projects

When people consider the advantages of solar energy, one facet they often overlook is its ability to facilitate other home improvements. You now have a sustainable source of energy at no extra cost. So what would you do if energy consumption was not an issue?

Perhaps you want to install an infrared sauna or tanning beds? Perhaps you would like to relax in a heated pool or hot tub?

Studies have found that a pool can add around $300 to a yearly electric bill. This is a fact that the pool installation people often fail to tell you. This is a recurring cost that can soon total up to over a period of a few years.

A solar panel system can cover the cost of this, negating the carbon footprint of your swimming pool. Discussing this with a solar installation company can give you a better overview of how much energy you could be provided with and what it could be used for in your house.

Discuss It With a Specialist

Now you know the amazing benefits when you install solar panels, you should discuss it with a professional. They will have all the advice you need, from the placement and cost to what tax incentives are available in your state.

If you enjoyed our article, then visit the rest of our blog. We have everything to help you manage a home, from finance to maintenance. Let us save you money while building your dream property!

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