Why You Should Calm Down Before Having Sex

Whenever we think about sex or plan to have it, there is untold excitement in us, and we are almost in a rush to jump on the bed. Our aim becomes to undress as soon as possible and enjoy physical pleasure without any delay.

Love Making Couple

There is a rush of lust, love, and desire that makes us go on the bed and perform lovemaking. Well, sexual intercourse is indeed a pleasurable thing to experience, more than anything in the world.

The raunchy thoughts before having it can give you Goosebumps before you even start the act. However, you need to calm down a bit before you go for the intercourse session with your partner.

Over excitement of yours can spoil the whole fun and even cause problems in having the intercourse successfully.

Can cause anxiety

Overexcitement before having sex can cause performance anxiety. At times, you get all hyped up before jumping on the bed for having sex, but right before the act, panic sets in.

You suddenly get nervous, and at that time, it is likely you might lose erection or do the intercourse in a hurry, which will leave your partner dissatisfied. Performance anxiety can surely dull the lovemaking mood and ruin the atmosphere of sex.

Thus, to avoid blunder on the bed, you must relax a bit.

You are in a rush

Sex is a thing that needs to be done slowly and savor its every moment. It is a bodily connection that both men and women feel which they want to last for a long time.

However, in the excitement at times, you tend to hurry up with the intercourse part and reach the climax of sex soon. But this quickness can kill the enjoyment of sex, and your partner might not even have aroused properly for having the final act of intercourse.

It makes you skip foreplay, which is a crucial part of lovemaking and to arouse the woman partner. Thus, holding on to your excitement mellowing down your speed during the sexual intercourse will let you enjoy the delight of it.

You cum too quickly

When you hurry up things on the bed, you get orgasm too soon after you start the intercourse. Reaching orgasm means the finish of the act, and it can foul the mood of your partner.

It is important that you control your excitement and calm your senses to delay the ejaculation or climax. Going too fast won’t allow you to enjoy the bliss of sex fully.

You can get erectile dysfunction issue

Sometimes, the excitement of sex can get too hard to handle, and it can cause a sexual organ misfire like erectile dysfunction. Due to this issue, man cannot attain a hard penile erection that is needed for intercourse with the woman.

He either cannot attain erection or sometimes loses erection in the middle of the act. It can be extremely frustrating while having sex. Hence it is necessary to calm down a little and control your senses if you want to enjoy sex fully and experience its bliss.

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