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Protecting your small business from theft & vandalism during COVID 19

Protecting your small business from theft & vandalism during COVID 19

As a small business owner, the safety & security of your business is paramount to you. You take utmost care to protect your buildings, inventory, equipment, and other contents from fire, theft and other risks.

Small business insurance Calgary can help you here, especially now during the COVID 19 crisis. No matter what industry you belong to, or which profession you are in, by taking adequate insurance cover you can get protection against theft & vandalism. In addition, you can also take precautions and safety measures listed below to protect your business:

Doing more than just locking up

In addition to just putting a lock on the door, which can easily be removed from its hinges by thieves, you must take proper steps to ensure fool proof protection during COVID 19 lockdown:

  • Put a deadbolt lock on all doors.
  • Put a wrap-around door jamb reinforcement plate to prevent thieves breaking down your door.
  • Use secure door hinges and retrofit existing doors with them.
  • Put a foot lock for sliding doors.
  • Put a padlock on your overhead or garage door to prevent, or slow an entry.
  • Close all windows securely, since mostly thieves enter from windows.
  • If you have valuables in your office, then put them in a metal safe.
  • Secure your building gates and use padlocks so that thieves can’t get close to your business.

Ensuring proper lighting in your office

Ensure proper lighting as it acts as a deterrent against thieves during COVID 19 lockdown:

  • Keep the lights inside your building ‘on’.
  • Put motion-sensor-activated lighting both inside and outside your office building.

Install a surveillance system

A surveillance system acts as an excellent deterrent to thieves and vandals and also notifies you and the police of any unauthorized entry, or break-in during COVID 19 lockdown.

A very basic system monitors all accessible openings; but there are also high end systems that monitor not only every opening, but also shared walls, floors and ceilings. You will have to weigh the pros and cons of a system based on factors such as your premises type, your budget, and level of risk.

Adopt a conservative approach on social media

Like us, thieves and vandals are also internet savvy. They monitor not only your physical movements, but also your activities on social media. If they find that you have announced closure due to COVID 19 lockdown, they would probably target your business premises. To avoid this:

  • In case of temporary closures, announce that employees will still be present for essential tasks.
  • Post old photos of your business operations. This will portray your business to be still running.

Additional tips for protecting your business against thefts and vandals

  • Even though your offices are closed, it is a good idea to pay a visit, just to check things. If you, or an employee or a family member can do this, then it is a strong deterrent.
  • Keep your stock away from the windows, so that it is not visible. Best is to lock it behind a door.
  • Keep a check on your inventory and update it regularly.
  • Remove valuables such as cash.
  • If you are in the business of transportation, ensure that there are additional security measure and verification points at regular intervals during the journey. Double-check the identification of the drivers and documentation for all deliveries.

Things to do when an event occurs

Even though you have taken the above-mentioned steps and an event does occur, then it is recommended to take quick action as follows:

  • Call up the emergency contact numbers mentioned in the Calgary Emergency Business Contact database.
  • Notify your insurance company about the event and share all necessary details with them.
  • Inform your employees about the event and start implementing the business continuity plan that you have for your business.


It is a prudent business decision to take insurance cover for your small business and get protection.

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