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5 reasons Individual counseling is necessary for addicted person recovery

5 reasons Individual counseling is necessary for addicted person recovery

Drug addicted person is the individual who is habitual of taking a substance for a certain purpose. It may be to relieve anxiety or to get pleasure. For whatever the reason, drug addiction poses damaging effects on physical as well as mental health of the person. As he starts leaving normal lifestyle, his mental abilities also suffer. He ruins his personality; even cannot communicate freely with his own family.  Medical help becomes essential for addicted persons to detoxify their bodies from the influence of chemical substances. Not only the medication but also psychotherapy or counseling is necessary for the patient to come back to the normal life.

Role of a counselor

A counselor is a person who listens to your problems and provides guidance to go through them smoothly. A counselor is may be a professional psychiatrist who has the ability to understand the problems of other people and suggest the ways to cope with their stress. In case of the drug addicted person or a depression patient, it is quite hard for them to accept their reality and going for their own treatment. But when they have a meeting with a counselor, he motivates and encourages them to live a healthy life. Patient feels satisfactory when he sees that a person is listening to his problems and concerned to solve his issues.

If you or your family is suffering to any of the related addiction issue, do contact a professional counselor.  If you are searching for a counseling center in Lahore, do not go for any other option except Innovative Zone Rehabilitation center. It is the trusted name for rehabilitation and counseling services in Lahore and is serving from 10 years in this field. With the efforts of well trained counselors, IZR has changed the life of many addicted patients.


A counselor plays supportive role for the recovery of the drug addicted person.

  1. Support fast recovery

With the passage of the time, drug addict loses his control on his behavior and becomes emotionally disturbed person. A counselor effectively guides the patient to overcome his anxiety and emotions. As the time passes, he starts controlling his behavior and convinces himself to leave the drug habit. Friendly bond between the patient and counselor helps a lot in the speedy recovery of patient. He freely shares his feelings and desires with the consultant and seeks help to solve his issues.

  1. Prevent recurrence

Treatment of drug addiction is a time taking procedure. It involves to solve out the issues of physical and mental disabilities. If proper counseling is not performed to make him strong enough, the patient can again come back to the habit. Psychiatric treatment is as necessary for the patient as the physical treatment. A counselor motivates the patient to live a healthy life and obtain strong control on him when the drug desire arises. He inspires the patient to defeat this abuse with a strong courage and self-willingness.

  1. Reconstruct the deteriorated personality

People involved in drug abuse have damaging effects on central nervous system. Addicted person is not able to control his feelings and behavior with other people even with his own family. Especially when the desire of taking drug arises, he becomes so anxious to obtain the drug anyway. He ruins his personality completely but with the help of a psychiatric professional, this deteriorated personality can be reconstructed. Patient feels relaxed and satisfied after every session with a psychiatric counselor. He urges the patient to leave the drug habit, also refers to other doctors for medical help. As the patient starts having control on his behavior, he finds more motivation to return into a normal life.

  1. Encourages to cope life challenges

It cannot be denied that the reason behind drug abuse is the depression and anxiety due to social and economic issues. Patient becomes mentally sick and instead of facing life challenges; he prefers to be the victim of substance abuse and remains unconscious for long time. With the directions of a counselor, patient tries to find out the solution of his worries. He discusses his issues with him and urges himself to strongly face and overcome the problems.

  1. Brings positivity in behavior

A counselor tries to induce positivity in the personality of an addicted person. His mental health improves far better when he starts facing his problems positively and accepts that he has to recover from his illness.

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