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Why Duct Cleaning is So Essential by AwalExperts


AC Duct cleaning in Dubai is essentially what we have been doing for centuries. Back in the day, houses had chimneys that needed a thorough cleaning when soot and dirt collected, whereas now, in this region, we have ducts that need to be cleaned of all the dust, dirt and debris that settles in and pollutes our indoor air.

With soaring temperatures here in the UAE, there is a high risk of inhibiting mould and fungi in our ducts, posting significant risks to one’s health. Coughing, sneezing and other allergies are just some of the symptoms we can face which can be quite dangerous to children’s health.

The easiest way to eradicate the potential of these risks, is through AC Duct Cleaning

Although it is a long process, once done, duct cleaning effectively provides you with the quality of air you deserve, for at least for at least a year. With use of Danduct and Hypervac machines, AwalExperts prides itself on its method leaving no corner of the duct inaccessible.

We are well aware of  Duct Cleaning and Top AC Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai, if not more crucial to us in desert regions. It is a little known fact that homes here, in the UAE have not had their ducts cleaned even once, leaving us with the terrifying question of what might be making its home there?

The importance of keeping your Air Conditioner Filters Clean

Air conditioning is an integral part of many modern homes and air filters are important to the smooth and proper functioning of the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning filters are needed because they keep dust out of the home and provide clean, cool air.

The air conditioning coil is designed with closely spaced fins that are pressed on the actual refrigerant tubes. These fins collect a lot of dust and dirt.” An air conditioner’s filter is what prevents dust and grime from building up on these coils, besides improving indoor air quality as well. Filters come in a variety of sizes and can be either permanent or washable.

Old and dirty air filters in an air conditioner will have a negative impact on the performance of the system, causing it to cool ineffectively and affect the quality of air inside the room or house. This will put people with asthma and allergies at greater risk, as well as waste energy and money.

Here is more information on how cleaning air conditioning filters can benefit the environment and one’s health while saving money, time, cost and effort as well as guidelines on how to clean an air conditioning filter.

Benefits for the Environment

Dirty and clogged air conditioning filters lower the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. The energy that is thus wasted will pollute the environment and add to the greenhouse gas emissions, further compounding the problem of global warming. Moreover, clogged air filters will cause the unit to pull more energy while delivering less cooling.

This imbalance will have a negative effect on the overall environment.

Benefits for Your Wallet

Cleaning the air conditioning filters regularly will not only improve energy efficiency but also speed up the cooling process and therefore, reduce the need to have the air conditioner on for long periods of time. This would help in reducing the power bill and enable homeowners to save on power and maintenance of the air conditioner as well.

Benefits for Your Health

Clean air conditioning filters translate into cleaner indoor air and reduces the incidence and occurrence of lung and breathing disorders, such as asthma, allergies and related diseases.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center “Indoor air quality plays a major role in your respiratory health”. Keeping air conditioner filters clean and dust-free will help improve the indoor air quality and keep the home allergen-free.


Of all the things that can contribute to an AC not functioning properly, one of the easiest ways to free the air flow, is cleaning of the duct system. If your AC seems to have, over time, lost the same air movement, it could be a dirty evaporator coil or air filter. That mildew smell you can’t seem to get rid off? Another sign you need to get your AC system cleaned. What about that visible mold growing and seeping out from your vents? AC cleaning will eradicate that instantly.

In a region where we are indoors, for almost 97% of our day, adopting the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality is bound to do more harm than good. Ignoring annual AC cleaning and maintenance of filters, coils and ducts leads to clogs with excess amounts of dust, debris and mold, which are released into your home and into your body. Additionally, in the desert, it is not uncommon to find vermin (rodents or insects) hidden in ducts too.

In Dubai, our AC is unfortunately constantly being affected. Either being in proximity to a water body (the sea, lakes, etc.), giving ACs the right conditions to inhibit mold and fungus, or even being in the middle of the desert, giving rise to sand and dust to enter our ACs. Therefore we highly recommend Deep duct and AC cleaning services to anyone that may suffer from coughing, sneezing or any other discomfort to one’s health.

Here at multi-care, we work tirelessly to provide you with the best indoor air quality through AC cleaning. Our team is professionally trained to remove any dirt, dust, allergens in order for you to be living in a healthy environment. Our dedicated process and statewide initiative has been successful for over 3 years helping over a thousand families achieve the highest form of indoor air quality.

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