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Checklist for Air Duct Cleaning

The signs of maintenance and cleaning home appliances are quite obvious.HVAC cleaning is the same. When air duct cleaning in Duluth is required, it shows some essential but necessary signs that something is needed to be done.

Necessary cleaning can be done by many Diy procedures available all over the internet. To improve your indoor air quality, you need to follow some steps, mostly when you have decided to get your ductwork cleaned or repaired by a professional.

Simple usual symptoms include: dusty home, stale smell, allergies, unusual sounds, etc. reason behind them are dirt and debris stuck in your ductwork, and your filters are filthy enough not to purify the air and cause health hazards. Alongside dirt and debris is the mold produced due to retention of moisture in your duct system, which causes the smell no matter how much you infuse your home with essential oils for fragrances.

In any case, you might need repairs done. Air duct repair and replacement in Duluth is relatively easy as you can find professionals working around the corner every hour and are available to provide you with exceptional services for your HVAC system.


No matter what you decided to clean, every cleaning process has some essential strategies to be written down before initiating the process. It includes pre-cleaning requirements, Initiating cleaning process requirements, and finally, post cleaning requirements.

Pre-cleaning requirements

Everything one needs to focus on prior to opting for a company for cleaning and maintaining services. This might include research on many necessary aspects and will help a lot in the future. Following are the points that need to be checked: 

  • Proof that the company has a membership and is certified with the National air duct cleaners’ association (NADCA)
  • Does the contractor perform inspections according to the NADCA standards and provides a report for the problems found? 
  • No faulty parts of the HVAC system are diagnosed prior to cleaning, and your plan is fully operational.

These are the necessary steps that will allow you to relax and sit back while the contractor performs their task and that they are professionals that won’t play any scam on you. 


Initiating cleaning process requirements 

This is the checklist that you will be needing when the professional initiates the cleaning process. This is how you will be fully aware of the steps involved and mythologies that are to be used effectively, so air duct cleaning in Duluth is usefully performed.

  • Cleaning supply and return ductwork

The first step in the cleaning process is to assess whether the ductwork has a metal framework or fiberglass. For both, the requirements for cleaning differ, and only a professional can identify. When it is a metal framework, we need to ensure that the surface is clean from dirt and debris. In fiberglass, we need to ensure that the lining is free from leaks and abrasions.

Removing and Cleaning the supply and return ductwork from any dirt and debris so that the registers, grilles, and diffusers are the necessary initiating steps. When they are visibly clean, you can replace them back and move onto the next step.

  • Installing Access panels as required

Installing and sealing these access panels is one most important aspects of cleaning your ductwork, and it shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Most importantly, they should be sealed according to the provided standards of NADCA.

  • Clean airstream of the heat exchanger 

With proper access made to the heat exchanger, it can be cleaned thoroughly. The blower motor is removed carefully, and its blades are cleaned and ensured that there isn’t any smooth grease particle on the surface remaining. The surface is cleaned to remove any seen dust and then assembled back to its position.

  • Clean Coil, Drain, and pan of the evaporator 

Did you know that the coils are the central part of the duct system where mold is formed because of moisture that remains behind? To clean the evaporator coil is one heck of a task as it merely doesn’t require cleaning but disinfecting as well. Air duct repair and replacement in Duluth performed by professionals usually undergo various methodologies to ensure that the mold and other substances stuck around the coil are removed effectively. They use either the brushing method or vacuuming with an industrial vacuum, depending on the need.

Mixing water with chemicals to make an adequately diluted solution to disinfect the coils and pan. Another thing that needs to be focused on is that pans are draining out excess water effectively or not. Else a repair procedure should be initiated before proceeding further.

The coils’ fins are straight and evenly sectioned, which is another essential thing that should be considered while cleaning.

  •  Clean and replace air filters 

Cleaning air filters means having clean air around. Some people opt for reusable filters that can be removed, washed, and replaced back for usage. Conventional HVAC systems have disposable filters that need to be removed every 4 – 5 months depending on the area you reside and the system usage.


Post cleaning requirements


Checking that your contractor runs your system to inspect any flaws remaining. And if there is an issue that contradicts the standards of NADCA. One final thing before your end is to get a progress report from your service provider about your system’s condition and how often it requires maintenance and cleaning.

 These are all the steps you need to ensure one goes through to get your HVAC system cleaned and operational. 


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