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Did you know that case studies were initially developed for the study of law in the nineteenth century? Gradually, it got used in other fields such as nursing, medicine, business, management, accounting, etc. Case studies present a unique, special, or interesting story to the readers. The story can be about an individual, an organization, or any specific project. It lets you highlight a project’s success or to bring attention to a specific challenge in an organization. In short, case studies bring forth realistic situations, thereby helping students balance theory with practice.

You get to cope with a wide variety of scenarios while working on case studies. Thus, case study help you adapt to different work situations within your chosen profession. Now let’s take a look at all the essential steps involved in a case study method. Remember each step contributes to the overall quality of your study.

1. Conduct thorough research related to your topic

Research is everything when it comes to writing a perfect case study. The most common ways to obtain data are through surveys, interviews with key informants, observations and review of published and unpublished written materials. Try to get hold of relevant data from the following types of sources:

Primary data sources

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Focus groups

Secondary data (Published and unpublished materials)

  • Data gathered from meeting organizers, regulatory bodies, companies, the press, etc.
  • Internal reports that consist of planning and assessment documents
  • Organizational archives
  • Memoranda
  • Previous unpublished data

It’s time for you to review the data once you are done collecting them for your study. Analyze whether you want to use qualitative data or quantitative data depending on the type of data you have obtained. You can also get college coursework help if you find it confusing to analyze the data initially.

2. Define the case problem in the introduction

Just like any other assignment, a case study’s introduction should consist of the problem that you want to examine and discuss throughout the paper. You can also explain the limitations or parameters of the situation right in the opening paragraph.

Here’s what to do in the introduction:

  • Set the context for the rest of your study
  • Describe the main issue along with its particularities such as unique challenges or even opportunities
  • Outline the focus of your case study
  • Summarise the outcome of your analysis in 1-2 sentences which are also known as the thesis statement


Let’s say the topic for your case study is: An analysis of human resources at Starbucks Coffee Company.

All kinds of organizations are expected to perform at reliable and successful levels to stay ahead of the competitive market. The human resource team of your company is an indicator of the quality of your organizational performance. Thus, managers should try managing human resources as strategically as any other department of an organization. Speaking of strong human resources, nothing can beat the team at Starbucks. They have merged logistical planning and effective management skills to build the best team of human resources. Let’s see how it serves as an example for all large organizations to model human resources.

3. Provide a brief overview of the company or the main subject of your study

This is where you make the scenario of your study clear to your readers. For example, you mention the background details about the company, along with the members present in that organization. If possible, include graphic or visual aids such as organizational charts, budgets, or any other relevant specifications.

Here’s what to include in the overview section:

  • Background information
  • Relevant facts
  • Most significant issues related to the topic


Inspire and nurture the human spirit: one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time- this is the mission followed by Starbucks, a Seattle-based global coffee company. This company uses ethical sourcing of products, environmentally-friendly processes, and recycling practice reaching its goals. Unlike other large companies, Starbucks refer to their employees as ‘partners’ and encourage the young generation to join and build a career with them. The Partner Resources Department of Starbucks handles over 500 employees serving organizational development, compensation & benefits, and roles in staffing.

4. Evaluate the main issues of the case

This is where you need to describe the organization’s action on the matter. (Human Resources in the example of Starbucks.) you can also include statements from employees or managers and talk about their opinions on the topic. Make the best use of your data here to convince your readers of your point of view.

How to evaluate each part of your case study?

  • Outline the various elements of the study that you want to focus on
  • Discuss what’s working and what’s not along with relevant evidence and examples
  • State why certain parts of the case study aren’t working well. For example, let’s say you are talking about the market of Honda in Europe. So, discuss both the successes and failures of this organization in Europe.


Recruitment processes are a crucial part of any human resources strategy. Market booms, economic crises and natural disasters shouldn’t send the hiring and firing process into a tailspin. Organizations should have a strong backup plan whenever such unforeseen situations arise. Starbucks had also responded to the recent recession with closed locations and slashed jobs. However, it tried to make things easier for the existing employees by launching a Starbucks College Achievement Plan. This plan offers free education through Arizona State University Online to all its partners, including its part-time employees.

5. Cite the sources in the appendices

A case study can have as many appendices as necessary depending on the number of sources you have used for the paper. Referencing and citations help your readers understand the case scenario better. They will also have the right information required to solve their organization’s case problems related to your subject in the case study.

Wrapping Up,

Case studies not only improve your overall academic performance but also prepare for professional life after graduation. Let’s say you aspire to be a manager at a well-renowned MNC. Business case studies can let you know about the ups and downs that an organization usually faces throughout its journey. So it basically trains you to be able to tackle any sorts of situations in different professional scenarios.

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