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Why Digital Media Is Replacing Print Media

A Proper Guideline- Which Can Lead Towards Success.

What is Media

The word media came from Latin Medius or Medium which means “The Middle Layer”. Media is the information that transfers from one body to another. We can feel this medium in our daily routine as well and daily life as well.

Several types of media offer mass media, traditional media, print media, digital media.

Before the invention of digital media, every single business was using traditional media which includes magazines, newspapers, newsletters, billboards, etc.

But now the question is that why digital media came, where it is headed, read on to learn more about digital media and print media,

Defining Digital Media

Digital media unfold in the second half of the 20th century when computers get more involved in different industries frequently. Digital media is the simplest form of transmitting digital data through digital cables and satellites. The binary signals 0s & 1s translate your data into different audio, video, graphics, text.

Digital media is the latest revolution in the world of technology, now anyone can see anything or make anything from the corner of the world easily by using terms of digital media. This is the most convenient and fastest form which can be done easily.

Digital media captures many good things in it such as Graphics, articles, advertisements, animation, content, videos, audios, podcast, virtual reality, digital art, and many more things. This is one of the vast fields and becoming more popular day by day.

Defining Print Media

In the early centuries when the world was not aware of the technology, they were using traditional media at that time. Which is also one the major form of media at that time because people were not techno-freak and they use to see virtually everything.

Print media were capturing many good things in it such as newspaper, newsletter, magazines, books, circulars, pamphlets, etc.

Print media is another form of mass communication named “Print Publication”

Difference Between Digital / Print


Digital Media                                                          Print Media

  • Deliver Info through electronic mediums           Deliver info through print publications
  • Advance Form                                                   Earlier Form
  • You can watch or listen to the information         You have to read the information
  • Information can be edited or update                  Information need to be released
  • 24/7 Available                                                    You have to wait for a day
  • Info can be seen on smartphones                      info can be seen on magazine & newspaper
  • It includes smartphone, tv, the digital platform  It includes newspaper, magazines, and books
  • Viewer friendly                                                   Reader-Friendly

Why Digital Replacing Print Media / Digital Media vs Print Media

At an early age’s people were using traditional media (Print media) for branding and promotions which consists of magazines, newspapers, books, billboards, etc because at that time literacy rate was very low and marketers try their hard to pitch their concept through graphics. But over time, this thing changed into a revolution and the marketer introduces a new marketing strategy in the form of Digital Marketing.

This is one of the fastest and emerging marketing programs which offers many classic things it.  Where you can market your brand in the form of audio, video, podcast, animations, etc.

Now the Question is Why It’s Replacing?

As we discussed that digital platforms are more efficient and more effective and it’s easy to use as well. Like you can market your brand or yourself from anywhere in the world all you have to do is just make accounts on different social sites which helps you out in this.


Digital media consist of many social platforms where you can market your product and from where you can generate the leads and organic traffic as well.

  • Facebook

This is one of the major revolutions which offers quality business and marketing tools. From this app, you can market your product anywhere or anytime. You can simply create your post and upload it once you do that you will get the reach.

  • Instagram

Instagram is another emerging media platform that can be used for marketing purposes well you can simply create your business account, edit your profile, and it’s ready.

  • Youtube

Youtube is the biggest online business platform where you can upload your services, product, brands related videos and it will give a boost to your business and company.

Digital Companies 

In this emerging modern world where everything is now easy to access and easy to use. This going to discuss some big names who already marked their footprints across the world.

  • Google

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and it’s the most valuable and profitable development. They changed the living standards and became the most magical splendid organization. It’s internet-based technology that has its web browser (Google Chrome), Chromebooks, internet television, etc.

  • Apple

Apple is another major revolution in the world of technology which became the benchmark. Apple founded by Steve Jobs in 1997 they introduce the first smartphone which was based on IOS technology. After that, they came up with some very unique ideas such as iTunes, Safari, Apple TV.


Now we are at the conclusion that Digital Media vs Print Media. Now you can feel the difference In both marketing strategies.

Both marketing strategies have their worth but at this point in time where people are out of time. Hap-hazelly working daily. They can’t buy newspapers or magazines for information. Now everything is on smartphones and the internet so you can simply gather the information from where you want either you want to read it or you want to watch it.

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