Social Tips And Strategies For Super Bowl

The Super Bowl sport event is not only one of the most anticipated events and most televised in the US, but it’s one of the most effective marketing and advertising opportunities for companies and brands. The Super Bowl promotion is also the most coveted ad slot in the world. In 2020 last year, Fox gained a record-setting cost of $ 5.6 million for an ad spot of 30-seconds, which is the same amount that CBS opened in this year’s bidding.


Is the price worth it?

Why do mega-brands like Coca-Cola and Tide, among others, spend too much on Super Bowl promotion? Is the price they pay worth it? Amy Avery, Chief Intelligence Officer of Droga5 Agency, who also created several Super Bowl ads, explained; when you buy the ad slots during this event. It also triggers emotions. Those who don’t know look at it as just a sporting event but most brands know better.


Keep It Short and Sweet (KISS)

Rather than making your advert complex, try to simplify it and have it well-executed. Simple concepts deliver the message faster. Focus your Super Bowl promotion on the casting, filming, and timing. That means thorough checking of your campaign before launching to ensure a smooth flow of every element. Double-check your video editing, test your app, proofread your tweets, and ensure everything works perfectly.


Humor works well

Do you remember when you chose to buy a particular product because it reminded you of its hilarious ad? Most brands have realized that the best way to hook customers is using adverts that can connect customers. Companies like M & M&Ms, Bud Light, and Amazon have used this advertising type in the Super Bowl. And since everyone who’s watching the big event is looking for a bit of fun, it becomes much easier for you to add some humor.


Although it sounds easier than done, it’s not always easy to do a hilarious ad. For example, Wendy missed the mark when they mocked McDonald’s frozen beef patties during the Super Bowl promotion.


Unfortunately, the ad failed as it tried to highlight the freshness of their burgers. Whenever brands each other publicly, we enjoy it as it’s pretty entertaining. However, some of these appear to be wittier on Twitter rather than on TV.


One of the best pieces of advice is to have a third eye and let someone review your campaign before launching. Find someone you can trust in giving you an honest opinion.


Copy and twist the good stuff

If you have no idea of how you want your campaign to look, you can get some inspiration online. Then spin it in your way, ensuring that it makes sense to your product. You can use other’s content and turn it into user-generated content. And don’t be afraid of using good ideas because they’ve been used before. As long as it’s incredible and you’ve added your stuff, that should be okay.


Win them with emotions

Eric Springer, the CCO at Innocean, once said that the world would never have enough brands with souls. Any campaign that humanizes brands allows the audience to look at the product differently. Why don’t you consider using this during the Super Bowl promotion? 


What these types of campaigns do is tell inspiring stories using real emotions. Despite the brand or product being in the background, they make you feel it. The message might be highlighting how it’s contributing to solving the customer’s problems. People are looking for campaigns that offer a feel-good-factor or solving their issues.


Find the right influencers.

It’s crucial to work with influencers relevant to your brand, which have shown tremendous success. Both Doritos and Amazon have shown this in their campaigns, proving it can significantly amplify your brand’s efforts.

When these companies chose the relevant celebrities, they fitted perfectly into their brand, which was successful.


But when Pepsi chose to use a nostalgic way reminding its audience that Pepsi was the drink that the past generations delighted in, it did go quite well. At least not like the advert with the celebs like Cindy Crawford and Britney Spear. If you can’t get Denzel Washington and Gabriel Union’s likes, you can use the micro-influencers instead.

Give your message a context.

As a marketer, standing out with your Super Bowl ad activities to present your message to suit the environment is crucial. And for B2B marketers, doing this accentuates the importance of contextualizing your marketing message. Remember, this will show the sports fans while they are with their friends and family, gathering to have a good time.

Marketers leveraging in this space should ensure to contextualize their marketing message by making them entertaining and straightforward. The benefits of using these products should follow. For example, when you think of Febreze-the air freshener company, one of the constant Super Bowl promotions, they remind the sports fans to include their product in the Super Bowl parties and any other occasion. That’s a product that will strike your attention when you go to the grocery store.


In conclusion, these are the marketing strategies you can use in the Super Bowl promotion and are proven to work. If you know any others that have worked for you, please share with us.

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