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What Is A Duplex Apartment?

Duplexes in Turkey are very popular. These living properties are characterized by their division into two distinct units, usually with one on the upper floor and the other on the ground floor. This innovative design provides residents with the advantages of a standalone house while also enjoying the conveniences and facilities of an apartment complex.

Duplex History

The concept of duplex apartments has been around for centuries, originating from Europe in the 18th century. Since then, it has gained popularity worldwide due to its versatility and space optimization. The design allows for maximum privacy. You can do everything you want. Use the area as a dining room or as a living room. Everything depends on you. Duplex apartments often feature unique architectural details like high ceilings, large windows, or private outdoor spaces that enhance their appeal to potential buyers or renters.

Overall, a duplex apartment provides an excellent solution. There are many types of apartments in Turkey. You can buy it from the developer too. For instance, Stay Property has several developing projects and there are duplex apartments.

Benefits of Living in a Duplex Apartment

Living in a duplex apartment offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive option for many individuals and families.

  1. Duplex apartments offer residents a spacious living environment with ample space to spread out and enjoy. There are larger bedrooms, plenty of storage options, and even the opportunity to create separate areas for work or hobbies.
  2. Privacy is a key advantage of duplex apartments. Residents can enjoy a sense of privacy that is similar to living in a standalone home with separate entrances and living spaces on different floors. This layout also eliminates any noise disturbances from neighbors, creating a peaceful living environment.
  3. Duplex apartments are equipped with spacious windows on both levels, ensuring an ample amount of natural light streams in. As a result, these apartments boast a bright and open ambiance while also minimizing the reliance on artificial lighting during the daytime, thus leading to significant energy conservation.
  4. Outdoor space. Many duplex apartments come with private outdoor areas such as balconies or terraces. These outdoor spaces offer opportunities for gardening, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying fresh air without having to leave your home.
  5. Flexibility. Residents have the freedom to divide their space according to their needs and preferences.
  6. Price. Duplex apartments are cheaper than townhouses in the same area.

So, if you are interested in duplex apartments in Turkey, it’s reasonable to contact Stay Property company. The developer can offer you several variants in different tourist cities. Moreover, if you buy it in the building under construction, you could save some money.

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