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What are the types of cargo

One Cargo

Cargo supports Virtually all of the products you use in your daily life have passed through the port of Antwerp. And each product needs its transport or packaging method.

There are five types of loads: container loading, liquid pouring, dry pouring, cutting, and ro-ro.

Container loading

in large quantities at the same time. The 21-foot container for him can buy 300 cars! Or 4,000 game computers! Or 1,100,000 pens! weather with the metal walls of the container. The fixed size of the containers also has a great advantage. Standard sizes are containers for containers, trucks, inland waterways, and railway wagons.


Pouring liquid

Dry matter refers to grain, coal, iron ore, cement, sugar, salt, and sand. They are not packed separately but are transported in large quantities in the hands of a ship, wagon or truck. A large part of the bulk goods coming to Antwerp is converted into construction products.

Light cargo

Paper, wood, cocoa sacks, steel rolls, parts of wind turbines; These are all products that can be transported in a container or placed only on a ship. It says the name; it is easy to break. It is usually packed in pallets, boxes or racks to lift the total load.


Ro-Ro stands for “Roll-On / Roll-Off”. This name describes how the load was unloaded and loaded. Affects freight that can only be driven by trained drivers Ro-ro is used for cars, buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and cranes.

Services with high added value

The port of Antwerp offers more than just the transportation, loading, and unloading of rail vehicles. Services are offered that further optimize the transport of rail vehicles and ensure that goods are transported to the end customer more efficiently Includes individual storage facilities and vehicle processing centers with PDI activities (Pre-Delivery Inspection), in which

  • Mounting accessories (bumpers, hooks, air conditioning, etc.)
  • repair
  • Wash / remove wax / spray
  • second stage manufacturing
  • Extension of the E-table for RoRo freight

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