What are the Different Types of Flatbed Trailers?

Flatbed trailers are very important in shipping and other industries that rely on the movement of equipment and goods from one location to another.

However, there are many different types of flatbed trailers for rent that are best suited for your particular job, so you need to do some research before choosing a truck. Knowing which type of flatbed trailer is best for you can save you time and money. Apart from that, especially in the loading and unloading process, your work will be more comfortable and smoother.

What is a flatbed trailer?

Flatbed trailers are types of trailers that do not have sides or tops. It is commonly used to transport bulky or bulky goods such as machinery and construction machinery between transportation facilities and terminals.

Generally, it is a steel transmission device that sets the frame. It also includes the lighting system, brakes, and tires. Although you need to constantly monitor the loading paper, Vaughan’s flat shipping is far superior to other shipping methods.

Types of flatbed trailers

Before renting a flatbed trailer service in Vaughan, there are various options available.

Flat standard

The most common type of flat. Looks like a box trailer without doors, sides, and roof. Often used in shipbuilding materials, machinery, and steel products.

Drop deck

Also known as stairs or single drop decks, it is commonly used to carry cargo above height. After cleaning the tractor, some beds fall to a lower level than a standard flatbed trailer. Allows up to 2 feet of additional top clearance.

Double drop flatbed trailer

It also has a drop-like central part that goes down at both ends. You can also create “wells” that allow for longer cargo transport.

These types of flatbed trailers have a lower ground clearance compared to standard trailers. It is also often used to transport goods that require a crane for loading and unloading.


The tilted hydraulic system makes it easy to load cargo on a flat surface. If the bed can be “tilted” forward, it can be a slow controlled sky. It can also reduce the load behind the chin.

Walking ground trailer

One convenient type of flatbed trailer is the walking floor trailer. You can quickly unload your luggage by moving the floor backward towards the rear of the truck. Suitable for containers with open walls and used for transporting bulk cargo.


This type of flatbed is typically low relative to the ground and is often used to transport unusually long, large, or heavy cargo.

Covered cart or flat side cart.

It’s a regular flatbed trailer with pegs and boards to surround it. It is also usually covered with tarpaulin.

Advantages of a flatbed trailer

Vaughan flatbed cargo is widely popular due to the many advantages of flatbed trailers.

Ease of loading and unloading

Flatbed trailers usually have much more surface area for loading and unloading because they have no sides, doors, or roofs. The flat surface makes it easy to load and unload products by hand or by crane. This allows flatbed drivers to load and unload trucks more smoothly.

Huge storage space and efficient delivery time

One of the biggest advantages of flatbed trailers is ample storage space. The area can accommodate as much luggage as possible, reducing the time it takes to make a round trip between multiple freight flights.

By shortening the operation time, the delivery time will be more efficient. What’s more, over time, you can expect increased savings due to reduced fuel consumption.

Flexible transportation options

The flatbed truck opens the trunk of the truck and opens up flexible transportation capabilities. You can transport certain goods that cannot be transported in other ways. Different types of flatbed trailers have unique functions. For example, a standard flatbed trailer is sufficient for tasks involving palletizing. On the other hand, the expandable flatbed trailer is suitable for heavy loads and heavy loads.

Less cleaning and less maintenance

Cleaning the pickup truck bed is troublesome. The good news is that some of the benefits of flatbed trailers are less maintenance and less cleanup.

The open surface of the flatbed trailer makes maintenance and cleaning easy. If the object has severe scratches or dents, it does not need to repaint the sidewall.

Key Takeaways

When planning a purchase or lease, you need to be familiar with different types of flatbed trailers. This allows you to distinguish the type of flatbed trailer that best suits your transportation needs. In any case, always contact a reputable operator when purchasing.

For additional information, you can contact your local flatbed trailers contractors.


Is it worth renting a trailer?

As long as you are used to letting strangers use trailers, campers, or RVs, then renting an RV is very worthwhile. You can quickly recover all costs associated with buying and owning an RV. On modern platforms like Outdoorsy, this is relatively easy.

What do you use a flatbed trailer for?

Flatbed trailers are normally used to transport large production machinery and different items that are not suitable for conventional semi-trucks. The driver is responsible for the safe loading and unloading of the flatbed trailer to ensure that the equipment is also safe.

What’s better flatbed or Dry van?

Compared with dry trucks, flat wipers can normally be lengthened or drilled deeper to obtain greater maximum traction. The flat-top can carry large luggage. Items that are too large to fit into a dry truck trailer, such as large machinery, can be loaded on a flat surface for transportation.

Should I put a flatbed on my truck?

Flatbed trucks can carry many things. Therefore, if you want to get a lot of items from point A to point B (preferably in one trip), a flatbed cart is the best choice. Suitable for heavy loads. If you need to transport heavy objects regularly, you can also choose a flatbed truck.

How do you load a flatbed trailer?

As a guide, 60% in the front and 40% in the back. When you load heavy luggage behind you, the trailer becomes a fishtail. The heavy load at the front of the trailer can reduce the weight of the front axle of the tractor and reduce traction and steering.

Is there money in flatbed trucking?

Flatbed truck salaries are higher than other trucking jobs, but they depend on each truck company’s packaging. However, this job is more difficult than other companies, so most companies pay high salaries. According to industry statistics, flatbed truck drivers earn more than $65,000 annually, which is $10,000 more than dry truck drivers.

Do flatbed loads pay more?

Compared to many other types of trucks, flatbed truck companies pay more drivers per mile.

Compared with dry trucks, flatbed trailers usually have a lower loading and unloading time within a certain period, and the loading and unloading speeds are usually faster.

What is flatbed trucking like?

Flatbed trucking is a type of truck that transports large or oversized loads. You may be transporting building materials such as lumber, steel coils, planks, and pipes. Alternatively, you can carry military vehicles, machinery, and even mobile homes.

Which trailer makes the most money?

  • Car trailer. The demand for such trailers has recently increased. Moving the car from one side to the other can be very profitable.
  • Refrigerated trailer.
  • Tank trailer.
  • Enclosed trailer.
  • Flatbed trailer.
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