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Different Types of Fantastic Limousine to choose from

Are you thinking about hiring a limousine because you have a special occasion coming up?

But have no idea about which is the best limo service in Denver and which is the best limousine to hire? Then fret not because we are here to help you out. You will be surprised to know that there are many types of different limousines to choose from depending on your requirements. You can choose a limo on the basis of how many people are traveling in it and what features you want.

So, we are creating a worthwhile reference list that will help you in choosing the best limousine. By the end of this brief guide, you will be able to make a better decision about which limo you want to hire.

5 Types of amazing limousines:

  1. Classic stretch limousines: a stretch limo is one of the most famous limos. Whenever anyone talks about a limousine, the classic stretch limo appears in mind. This is an elegant and timeless limousine, which is ideal for all and every occasion. A stretch limousine can accommodate up to 11 passengers comfortably. And it also includes all the luxurious amenities expected of a limousine, i.e., a bar, lighted ceiling, leather seats, sound system, and LCDs. A stretch limo provides high class and once in a lifetime experience.
  2. Sedan limousines: a sedan limo Denver is another fantastic choice if you want to bring a small party with you because it seats five passengers in it. Such cars have luxurious features like LCDs, media players, leather seats, etc. It is driven by the most experienced chauffeurs that are available.
  3. SUV limousines: an SUV limo comes in many sizes to have different accommodating options. There is the Cadillac Escalade –the smallest SUV limo, which can accommodate up to 6 passengers. Then there is Ford expedition limo, which can accommodate up to 14 passengers, and finally, there is Suburban limo, which is the largest one, accommodating 20 people. These cars are super spacious and classy at the same time. They are great for city tours and trips.
  4. Truck limousines: if you are looking for a limousine that can accommodate up to 16 of your friends and family, then truck limo should be your top choice. You will travel in style in this car. The truck limo has a lot of added space for luggage and for any other stuff that you want to bring along on your trip.
  5. Hummer limousines: this is a very popular rental car and with good reason too. The hummer limo Denver is the most radical ride which offers all the luxurious elements and out of this world features. You will have the best experience riding this limousine.  Hummer limo can accommodate up to 15 people. It has all the fantastic features of a stretch limo along with loads of storage space for your stuff.

The limousines that we mentioned above all have different seating spaces and features. So, you can decide which one you like depending on the occasion, the party traveling with you and the features you want. If you are traveling with a bridal party for your wedding, then hummer limo is ideal but, if you want an airport transfer, then SUV Cadillac Escalade or Sedan limo is the best option. Choose the best limousine for yourself and make your ride a memorable and enjoyable one.

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