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Use Node.JS Development to Build These Amazing Applications

Since its launch in 2009, Node.JS has had a good reception from the development world. Node is not a framework or programming language, it is a JavaScript runtime environment. Powered by Google’s V8 engine, Node development is desirable for its scalability, serverless architecture, rapid processing, and open-source nature. These capabilities attribute to the tremendous success and use of Node.JS.

But, what can you really accomplish with Node? Using Node app development, you can develop a range of applications, most of which utilize the capabilities of Node. 

Node Development Can Be Used To Create These Applications

Node’s properties can be found everywhere, but are you aware of what these properties mean for your application? Probably not. They actually work in many ways and their efficiency stretches across many different categories of applications.

Here are a few amazing apps you can hire a Node developer to develop for you. 

Real-Time Communication Applications

A real-time application is a tool that is required to communicate via audio, text, or video messages in ‘real-time’. Basically, it is an instant communication tool that makes some apps very popular and functional. 

The basis of these applications is Instant Messaging (IM) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) technologies. These facilitate the ability of one-to-one and one-to-many communication through messaging. 

This ability of the Node.JS platform has been vital for most applications that offer messaging as a feature. You can add this feature to your app whether it is a social media app or a professional business website. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) is a rapidly advancing area that will pave the way for new and exciting devices. Node is great for developing applications that connect and form a network between sensors, beacons, and the internet. 

Together, these applications and the sensors and beacons present in the network acts as a method of gathering information. Node JS developer skills come into great use when connecting and collecting data from such IoT networks. 

The biggest reason behind Node’s success in the area of IoT is its ability to handle multiple concurrent requests. Thus, there is convenient handling of requests. 

Video-Streaming Applications

Today, some of the most popular and active applications are video streaming applications such as Netflix and YouTube. Ever take a minute to wonder how such apps manage to engage such high numbers of users without crashing?

The answer is that users only need to download a few parts of the applications at a time. This allows access to some but not all features in the on-demand streaming application. If users want the other features, they can download those parts when access is necessary. 

Once the content is fully downloaded, it can be accessed without needing to download, this is why it is called a streaming application. The presence of the native Stream API makes the development of these Node applications more fruitful in terms of performance.  

Collaborative Node Web Applications

For businesses, collaboration is important especially when it offers the ability for real-time and inter-department collaboration. Node app development applies to real-time collaboration applications the same way they apply to real-time communication applications. 

Collaborative tools help enterprises and large businesses to function efficiently and allow various employees to work simultaneously on one project. 

You should select Node since it is basically geared for such projects. Node has an event-driven architecture that provides asynchronous processing capabilities to the application. 

Microservice Architecture

Applications that use microservice architecture are developed in the form of modules. Each individual module has a distinct function that another module cannot substitute. This helps when it comes time to connect these modules and make the application. 

How are microservices beneficial to you and your business? Node and the microservice architecture work together to decrease deployment time while increasing the functionality and scalability of your application. 

The Node.JS foundation makes use of Koa and Express are great for the development and implementation of applications that use microservices. Building these applications with Node makes the development and deployment process fast and efficient. 

Artistic Drawing Applications

People and businesses where art and design activities play a major role can utilize Node for specialized app development. Node for drawing applications allows respective users to collaborate on the same page in real-time. Making the artistic experience that much more enjoyable. 

Because of the gradient in complexity, these Node artistic drawing applications find use for beginner to expert level artists. These applications can cater to whatever your requirements are, simple or very complex.  

Such applications can be made to be accessed through a web browser. Thereby cutting down inhibiting barriers such as operating system compatibility and specific device requirements.  

Remote Control Applications

Another reason to hire Node developer is for the development of remote control applications. Node.JS is known for being an environment that connects the front-end, back-end, server, and client. Thus, this makes the perfect opportunity for you to create your remote control application. 

Node allows access to physical hardware components. You can use this remote control app to control other applications. Similarly, you can make a mobile application that can turn your mobile phone into a remote control for your television. 

Applications such as these make it possible to control devices or applications remotely through the click of a mouse. 

Single-Page Applications

A single-page application (SPA) is one that works from within the browser and does not continuously reload the page. Instead, it just dynamically rewrites the page being accessed. This makes for a faster and more comfortable experience for users of this application. 

It appears to work like a web application without having to put in the same amount of resources. What gives Node web applications this unique capability? Node uses an event loop model, enabling asynchronous processing, making it fast and capable of handling complexities.

Examples of popular SPAs that make use of Node.JS are LinkedIn, Medium, and Netflix. 

Food Ordering Application

The food industry has changed, it is food ordering apps and food delivery apps that have brought about the change. If you have a catering or restaurant business, food ordering app development can help to better reach and serve your audience.   

Food ordering apps like these let customers place orders in real-time. It gives them the ability to track the status and location of their order. This provides many more opportunities for your business if you are in the food industry. 

These apps make it possible to store, retrieve, and select items from a large food items catalog, thanks to Node. 

Game Applications

Node allows for game development. It is possible to run such games while real-time changes are on-going. This is ideal for interactive multiplayer games that need many people playing at the same time. 

If you want to develop a game app, Node is an option to consider. It provides fast and efficient performance plus it is free for anyone to use!  


The Node.JS platform provides many interesting opportunities to develop applications that are unlike your everyday application. All of these applications are based upon Node’s unique features and properties that make it so popular among developers. 

Node offers the ability to load and process a large number of requests in real-time without dropping performance. Exactly why Node should be your top choice for developing your next web application.

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