What are the 10 best jobs in Pakistan for female

Are you a passionate girl who is career oriented and want to pursue a strong career. But don’t know which field is perfect and will be beneficial for you in long term. If yes! then You are at right place. We will guide the best path for you to pursue. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been struggling with gender inequality, discrimination and other patriarchy issues from many years still women in Pakistan are determined to build their career. Despite of having degree, jobs in Pakistan for female is a difficult to pursue because of various constraints. However, there are few jobs that are best for females.

Doctor and health-care field

This is the most appropriate field for girls as they can utilize their degree in any time of life. Moreover, the profession is known as female dominated because of high ratio of girls pursuing this field. The field is quite vast and have many career opportunities for girls. Women can work as a doctor conveniently because the profession pays high regards to females.


Education sector in Pakistan always encourages female candidates as compare to male because of their caring and affectionate nature. It is considered that today jobs in Pakistan for female are hard to procure because of tough competition and high demand. But in this field competition is not that much high respective to other fields. You just need a bachelors degree for starting this job. Moreover, the timings are quite flexible for females in this profession as in Pakistan females have domestic responsibilities too. They have to manage their homes and family members.

Information technology

Due to daily reliance on technology in each part of life, the demand for IT experts is rising each day. Female in IT trained professional has the opportunity to do either office work or remotely relying upon her own needs. She can be a homemaker and still can tackle job like web planning, realistic planning, sight and sound 3D activity, and so forth. Computer Science has equal opportunities for both men and women alike. You could get several instances where women are really doing so well in this field, be it in the Information Technology industry, academics or in research. All you need is skills and acceptance to change to stand in this field because IT is a field where new softwares and technologies are implied throughout the year. So you cannot show resistance to upgradation.


Law is an extremely regarded profession in Pakistan and it is considered as an exceptionally respected field also. Numerous families consider this field dubious for young ladies. They have a reasoning that the lawful has just criminals to manage and their daughter life will consistently be in danger, however this doesn’t stand valid by their stance. In spite of the fact, that the profession has been a male dominated one, still determined female lawyers have positively influenced the field. As more females seek to enter this renowned field to make legal and justice system of Pakistan more reliable. Legal courts and chambers are in every city of Pakistan you can find law jobs on internet portal


Women are also known for their love for Fashion and beauty. Now many females are pursuing proper bachelors degree in this field to be a professional designer. Within designing career it has many categories and fields such as In fashion designing you have to be creative and love to play with color and fabric. Also, you can open yourself a boutique or do 2 or 3 exhibitions per year locally or have your specific clients to work for or you can work as an interior designer After studying interior designing, you can either work with a company. Many famous furniture brands properly hire interior designers.

Government officer

Many females are now pursuing their dream jobs of being a bureaucrat. The job is highly reputed as the candidate have privilege to serve her beloved country to her best. Moreover, the job is quite convenient for females because of perks and facilities given to them. Every year many female qualify competitive exams to be the part of legal bodies. Also, the vacancies are open in every city of Pakistan such as if you belong to Gujranwala. You can daily check the government portal where jobs in Gujranwala 2021 is highlighted along with eligibility criteria. So, government job provide a privilege that you can work in your own city.

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Marketing manager

Marketing is a area of business not at all like other. In this developing field, anybody can enter on the ground floor and rise to the top. It’s additionally its a career where ladies can appreciate an adaptable job and work together with flexibility. Marketing profession creates healthy income needed to support a certain life style.

Air hostess

The most amazing aspect of air-hostess work is salary and different allowances. Many airline pays their air-hostesses and other team individuals quite well. They likewise pay you for additional hours on the off chance that flight is late or deferred. You take in substantial income contrasted with different sectors of hospitality. Their recruitment, hiring and training is done in Islamabad. You can check for air hostess and other aviation jobs in Islamabad 2021 if you want to apply. The air hostess is properly trained and groomed before starting her career.

Be an architect

There are many private firms that need consultation of architects. An extreme difference has been seen in the business where ladies are given inclination over male since ladies are considered to have better planning abilities. So if you are a female in Pakistan, you are searching for a work, turning into a architect accompanies better salary bundle as well as professional stability.


This field has alot of potential for females and the best opportunity for the girls who have good verbal and communication skills. Media is a vast field where you need script writers, actors, 3d artists etc. The field pay alot and give you a handsome amount of your projects. However, it doesn’t have security of job.

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