8 best jobs with high salary in Pakistan

The choice of right profession is quite necessary to be successful in life. Every profession has potential in it if you have interest in it. You can accomplish your all objectives in life by picking the best profession that suits your interest. However, there are some jobs where people are getting too much salaries. People prefer jobs with high salary in Pakistan along with perks and allowances. Employees who are making salary in millions are because of their experience, difficult work, and high capability and most significant is they are giving much more to their associations than their pay rates. Here few are high salaried jobs in Pakistan.

Charter Accountant

Charter Accountant is answerable for the monetary undertakings of any association and its procedure just as audit. The Chartered Accountant can work by being associated with an organization or by setting up their own organization as an outsourcing organization for external audit. Their monthly pay can be in half lakh to seven lakh relying upon their experience. Moreover, a charter accountant is liable for getting sorted out and overseeing inner reviews as per review plans. The essential obligations of an charter accountant include: administering the audit and ensuring that the organization fulfills international and governmental obligations of compliance.


This field is highly secure and honored in Pakistan. Moreover, the field has many categories in it and every category has its own worth. Among all medical line fields, MBBS is considered to be the most desired degree program for students and indeed a good career option for students. The merit is quite high in this field but no doubt today jobs in Pakistan for medical field are more lucrative than any other profession. The monthly income of surgeons is based on their fields.

Chemical engineer

Chemical engineer utilize their abilities to solve the issues faced in production, prescriptions, synthetic substances, food sources and numerous different items. Their research and findings can help companies improve manufacturing processes, improve safety, and reduce costs; and they work across a multitude of business sectors. In industries like manufacturing and food production, there is a permanent need for chemical engineers to maintain or improve production rates, or reduce waste, is highly unlikely to disappear. With advancements in nanotechnology, elective energy, and biotechnology set to keep growing, there is probably going to be a demand for chemical engineers to sit inside the areas that serve these kinds of organizations

IT professional

Pakistan is in the top nations that have profoundly talented IT experts and engineers. The demand for IT experts in Pakistan as well as everywhere on the world. Since their demand and request are in every industry. There are numerous software houses, agencies , and organizations that are charging handsome amount from customers. In such a manner, IT experts get paid the most significant compensations in Pakistan. Moreover, the era is of technology and artificial intelligence. So, these people have their own worth. Many software houses are giving a salary package in lacs to their employees along with benefits. . If you are a newly graduated software engineer you can search for latest jobs in Lahore 2021 because Lahore is a main hub of IT.

Marketing Manager

A couple of years back, there was no concept of marketing. Today, it is one of the most generously compensated profession around the world. This is an era of digitalization and everything works digitally. Any organization today needs effective marketing, thus the manager are paid well for their work. While promoting you just need a strong communication and creative research skills. Moreover, marketing managers incorporate their creative skills with digital means to come up something unique. The goal of all marketing enterprises is to increase sales of products or services and a good persuasive skills can give you good salary package.

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Architectures are highly regarded and appreciated by the society because of their creative skill and intelligence. There are many private firms that need consultation of architects. Moreover, with the increase in the trend of construction, the profession has become more valuable. Even many private companies are hiring professional architectures for designing houses. Previously, the profession was neglected in Pakistan and very few universities were teaching but now the profession has high demand. The salary for a basic architect is in Lacs due to the nature of his/her work. Banker

Banking industry is known as one of the vast and expanding industry with many career opportunities. Many private banks pay a huge amount of salary along with many perks and bonuses to their employees. However, the workload in banking sector is high as you have to deal with transactions still the job is worth of your hard work. Moreover, you have many options if you opted this profession and the path has many potential levels too. If you work well in this sector, you will definitely reach to upper position. You can find banking jobs in Karachi 2021 by various websites as now most of the banks head-offices are in Karachi.


Lecturers are also receiving smart salaries by giving lectures on particular subjects in Universities and colleges. They have the most flexible job timings with handsome amount. You just need a post graduation degree to be a lecturer in any reputable university in Pakistan. Many universities allow lecturers to be a part time visiting faculty. So that these lecturers can give lecture and go back to their homes. This allows you to work on other universities too.

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