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Reasons To Join The Pakistan Army After Intermediate

Pakistan Army is an armed force that takes the responsibility to protect the border areas of Pakistan. A lot of candidates show their desire to join the Pakistan army for the sake to protect their nation and country as well as to get an exceptional career. Those who are thinking that what is the better time to join the Pakistan army, are recommended that the best time is to join after the intermediate level of education. If the question knocks to your mind that why after intermediate then the below-given reasons will kill all of your ambiguities:

  1. Study Benefits

If you are going to join the Pakistan army after the intermediate studies then you will be appointed as a cadet. You can select any study option with the Pakistan army. The Pakistan army offers cadets a lot of study options. Almost all the major study options you can avail of while joining Pakistan Army. For example, cadets are provided the opportunities of medical studies, engineering studies, computer studies, and all other major study options. The faculty provided by the Paksitan Army is exceptional and highly qualified as compared to the faculties provided by other local and private educational institutes.

  1. Free Study

Those who are selected as cadets under Pakistan Army get the opportunities of free education and training. You will complete your studies with all other living and meal expenses by the government of Pakistan. But, here we would also like to share an idea with students and candidates that you have to appear with an exceptional educational background to avail of such an opportunity. Every year we see thousands of candidates apply for such exceptional opportunities and only those become eligible who fulfill all the requirements.

  1. Salary And Other Perks

Another noticeable thing is that the selected candidates do not only provided the opportunity of free education and free-living options. But, they are also provided monthly salary packages and other perks. The pay is basic according to your rank but while having free education and free accommodation options the pay is enough for candidates.

  1. Exceptional Environment And Grooming

This is one of the main reasons to join Pak army after the intermediate level or in the teenage that Army offers you an exceptional environment along with outstanding personal grooming. With outstanding discipline, personality, regulations, routines, and some other features and capabilities Pakistan army breathes a new spirit into your personality. This grooming enables one to show a great influence in the personal as well as professional life.

  1. Promotion Chances

After completing your education and training period you can get better promotional chances as compared to the candidates who direct apply for the upper positions in the Pakistan army. The journey does not stop here but you can also get many other promotional chances based on your performance and hardworking. The promotional chances come along with extra benefits and perks.

  1. Family Benefits

If you are selected under Pakistan Army and started your Jobs in Government then in return for your services you will not only get benefitted but your whole family will also get extra benefits that are not possible while starting a career through other organizations, especially private organizations. For example, your family medical is almost free, you and your family are provided the potential accommodation, and many other facilitations you can find.

  1. After Service Benefits

Where career through Pakistan army offers unique opportunities to you, at the same time, you are also provided the extraordinary benefits once after completing your services. For example, you are provided pension benefits. Pension is decided according to your rank in the Pakistan army. The main benefit of pension is that if you cannot involve any other professional working opportunities after your service in the Pakistan army then you can easily manage your life expenditures with the help of this pension.

Moreover, there are some other benefits are offered to you such as children marriage grants, etc. However, in the case of death of the service persons, their child can get job opportunities under the set quota and the pension is provided to the better half of the deceased service persons.

Pakistan Army Joining Tips

We have discussed almost all the potential benefits that all, no doubt, will encourage you to join the Pakistan army. But, we will not keep you in obscurity and try to show you the reality that it is not an easy deal to join the Pakistan army. As a person is directed for the hard responsibilities, this is the reason that the selection criteria is very tough. But, here we also come with some helpful tips by adopting which you can easily prepare yourself to apply safely for the Pakistan army:

  1. Show A Strong Education Background

First of all, you are sought to show a strong educational background. Education does matter while applying for any type of Pakistan Jobs. If you are thinking that how to make your educational background strong then you have to keep in mind that you have to pass the previous academic sessions such as matric and the intermediate level with high scores and grades. Believe us wherever you go your basic qualification such as matric and intermediate does always matter.

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  1. General Knowledge

The candidates must have an exceptional level of general knowledge. While appearing for entrance tests and interviews there are a lot of questions are based on general knowledge in which historical events and current events are asked by the examiners and the interviewers.

  1. High IQ Level

To pass the entrance tests and the interviews your IQ level does matter. The questions in the exam and interviews puzzle you. So, you have to do the good practice. In order to enhance your IQ level, try to make your thinking habits strong and logical, play different types of IQ related games, play musical instruments, learn foreign languages, get enough sleep, and always keep yourself healthy.

Physical Fitness

In order to join the Pakistani army, it is the most necessary part to be physically strong. Play games, have a proper diet, have proper sleep, do not involve in drug activities, and do the good practice of running. These things will make you physically active and healthy.

Medical Fitness

In the end, we would also like to say that keep yourself fit medically. God forbid if you face any medical illness and defect then you cannot join the Pakistan army throughout your life.

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