What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

Standing out in a crowded industry isn’t easy. Even if you’ve got a unique product or service, there’s much more that goes into successfully growing a business. That’s why a lot of business owners have started to leverage business intelligence tools.

Business Intelligence (or BI) tools help a company process data and glean valuable business insights. We all know that being data-driven contributes to business success, but not all of us have the analytical skills needed to interpret our data. With BI tools, your business can create better campaigns and make more sales.

But what are business intelligence tools, and how do they work? If you’ve ever wondered, “what can business intelligence tools help with,” we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about BI tools.

What is Business Intelligence?

You know that BI has something to do with data, but what is business intelligence at its core?

Business intelligence is a combination of data mining, analysis, reporting, and visualization. Basically, your BI tool collates raw data from many sources and shows how that data relates to your business goals.

BI tools offer different types of analysis to help you make sense of your data. Analyzing your historical business data can help you make better business decisions. Plus, predictive analytics can help you see how a scenario might turn out for better planning.

All this information is available in attractive graphs and charts. This makes creating reports for meetings fast and easy. Now, anyone in your company can understand your business data!

How Do Business Intelligence Tools Work?

Many BI tools integrate with the tools you already use to pull relevant business data. Examples of business data include website analytics, sales information, and customer details.

BI tools offer statistical analysis, predictive and applied analytics, and more to help you see the story behind your data. Then, your BI tool can present the information in an easy-to-read visual representation. Plus, BI tool automation lets you run the same analysis regularly, making your data reporting effortless.

New tools like Knowi are leading the way for businesses with unstructured data or smaller data sets. BI tools are becoming more user-friendly with natural language queries and intuitive visualization. Now, data analysis can be easy enough for your whole company to understand!

Once you start using BI tools, there are many questions that you’ll discover you can answer with data. The right BI tool can help you ask the right questions and glean the information you need to set your business apart.

Build a Better Business with Business Intelligence

Taking your business to the next level can be a challenge without the right information. Business intelligence tools can offer the insight you need to build a better future for your organization.

Don’t let your valuable business data go to waste! Start analyzing it today with business intelligence.

If you’re looking for more ways to help your business thrive, keep reading our helpful blog posts for ideas and insights.

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