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An Online Business Owner’s Guide to Visual Storytelling

Running a successful business will almost always depend on your ability to connect with consumers and bring them to your brand. While the internet has made it easier to get in front of consumers, it’s more difficult than ever to make a strong and honest connection with them.

If you’re looking to make an impression with your marketing, it’s important that you get familiar with the concept of visual storytelling. Being able to tell a visual story with your marketing efforts can help capture the attention and imagination of your intended audience.

With luck, this can lead to a sale. What do you need to know about visual storytelling in sales? Read on and we’ll walk you through the many benefits of visual marketing.

What is Visual Storytelling?

The internet is filled with text. While a lot of helpful information can be conveyed to a potential consumer through text, it’s not exactly reaching out and grabbing anyone’s attention.

Visual storytelling allows businesses to connect on a much more visceral level with their intended audience. Visual storytelling can take many different forms and be transmuted through various mediums.

Videos, infographics, GIFs, podcasts, live broadcasts, and more can all fall under the umbrella of visual storytelling. If you’re conveying a story that is helping to get something about your business across, you’re embracing this exciting form of marketing.

Benefits of Visual Storytelling Marketing

Why should you be interested in embracing visual marketing for your own business? While there are some costs involved with this form of marketing, there are many benefits to consider as well.

Extend Your Reach

Thanks to the virality of the internet, new content can expand spread faster than what used to be even believably possible. Today, people are in the habit of sharing and passing around content that appeals to them and their interests.

This is a valuable tool that storytelling marketing can play right into.

If you’re looking to expand your reach and get word of your brand in front of brand new audiences, visual storytelling is the way to do it. If you can tell a story that gets a reaction out of people, they will help you to spread that video across their network.

This will get your message, your brand, and likely your products in front of new eyes. These eyes might be connected to fingers that can click over to your page and purchase your product or service.

The wider pool you are marketing to, as long as they are within your intended audience, the more sales you’ll likely to bring in. In this sense, extending your reach with the help of visual storytelling can be essential.

The engagement that will result from video and image material is likely to be higher than those marketing attempts that rely on text alone. Most consumers prefer to learn about new products and services via video.

Build a Legitimate Connection

The bond that people have with the companies they do business with time and time again can be quite strong. If you’ve ever seen someone argue with a passion which fast food restaurant place is their favorite, you’ll understand what we mean about this.

When a company really has a strong connection with an individual, it transcends the products themselves. It becomes something of an emotional bond, something that a person can make part of their identity.

If you can help to aid the creation of this emotional connection, you might be well on your way to crafting a lifelong relationship with a consumer. That would help you not just make one sale, but many sales over the course of your life as a business.

The visual medium has a unique ability to connect with consumers. On top of that, the telling of a story is an emotional process as old as time itself. We’re inherently story-based creatures, and the easiest way to connect with another person is through the collision of these two mediums.

It doesn’t matter what product or service you sell. Companies ranging from Invisalign providers to cleaning services have used visual storytelling to help connect with audiences to great success.

Convey Your Brand

You’ve likely taken a lot of time to determine the exact identity of your company. Your brand is key in creating an image of your business in the mind of the consumer. You’ve sweated it out and think you have a very strong brand.

Still, the task of ensuring this brand identity is getting across to the modern consumer sits in front of you. One of the best ways to help convey this brand identity is through the art of visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling techniques easily lend themselves to crafting the exact kind of informational and educational impression in a viewer’s mind. With a visual marketing effort, you don’t have to just tell a consumer what your brand is: you can show them.

This show-not-tell mentality can help to make the reality of your brand stick out more clearly in the mind of the consumer. If you have as strong of a brand as you think you have, that should be all you need to help make a big difference in terms of your engagement and sales.

Visual Storytelling in Marketing

If you’re looking to make a splash in the mind of your target audience, you’ll need to do something extra special to catch their attention. Integrating visual storytelling into your marketing efforts can provide a way for you to make a more genuine and lasting connection with your audience.

Need more advertising advice and information? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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