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5 Best Twitter Tools for Serious Internet Marketers

Over 320 million users worldwide Twitter is a powerful social media marketing that can’t be left behind when you are running a social media campaign. To get the best of Twitter you will need some additional third-party twitter tools that are specially designed for some specific tasks.

Internet is filled with thousands of Twitter tools but most of them are useless or can perform only one or two tasks. Some even only have designed to trick users and earn money with display ads to make money online.

To find the best deals in the crowd of the web is quite challenging and time-consuming tasks. But you shouldn’t worry about that because I have already done all the leg work for you.

All internet marketers and individuals who are looking to increase their sales and networking with Twitter should know about these softwares. Managing Twitter with these tools can be fun and interesting.

Must-Have Twitter Tools for Every Power Users


Circleboom is my favourite Twitter management tool on the list. It won’t’ be wrong to call is the swiss army knife of the Twitter management tool. Because it has some pretty cool features that you will need to manage your Twitter profile effectively.

This tool offers features that you need to manage your Twitter followers, find inactive accounts, fake followers, non-followers, etc.

You can even delete previously made tweets, likes and history in a few clicks. The best part you can find and block users who are publishing too many tweets. In fact, most Circleboom review has shown it is a must-have Twitter tool for serious internet marketers.


AgoraPulse is of the fastest growing social media tools that let you manage multiple social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter from a single dashboard.

This single tool can be your go to tool when you don’t want to spend money on multiple tools to manage your Twitter account. Here are some of its features that will help you understand why I am listing this tool in the list.

  • Schedule post and create a social media calendar
  • Can repeat schedule posts (this feature will save you lots of time for post selections)
  • Can track all tweets, likes and mentions from a single dashboard
  • Use a pre-built template to send a reply to tweets
  • The team feature will let you assign tweets to team members
  • With a monitor feature, you can know who mentioned you while sharing your article through their id
  • Manage multiple social media profiles
  • Automatically delete spam tweets and messages
  • Offers Chrome extension

If you are looking for a HootSuite or Buffer alternatives then you should give try to AgoraPluse. They also have a mobile app that makes it easy for you to manage your Twitter profile through your mobile device.


When you looking to grow your Twitter profile then spying on competitors won’t hurt you. In fact, it will give you an idea to shift your social media strategy to get ahead of them. Tweriod is a great tool to track what your followers are posting and what type of content is attracting them.

Getting to know your audience will help you create the content they are looking for on Twitter. You can use data to create and schedule your tweets to get maximum engagement and CTR.


Similar to AgoraPluse it is another social media management application that let you manage multiple social networks from a single screen. HoostSuite is quite a popular social media application among internet marketers who are running a social media campaign or using it personally.

Managing all your social media network effortlessly will be easy with HoostSuite. The best part you can manage multiple Twitter accounts. With this tool, you can retweet on different Twitter profiles automatically.


If you are a fan of simple design then you will love this tool. When you want to grow your Twitter profile then you must get rid of inactive followers and find the one who is most likely be active and have the same interest as you.

Tweepi does this job perfectly for you, it let you know who is not following you back or most likely to be inactive for ages, you can remove them from your list. There is no need to build a list of inactive followers who are not adding any value to your profile.

You can bulk remove non-followers using Tweepi to save your time. It also suggests your Twitter followers who are publishing the same content as you. It won’t be wrong to call it one of the best Twitter unfollow tool present in the market.

Over to You!

Solely using Twitter for social media campaign won’t be effective unless you powered it with additional third-party applications.

The above-mentioned social media tools have great features that don’t save your time but also create some great impact that won’t be possible if you will try to do it manually.

Because it will take you hours or even weeks to find a tweet that you made a few years back, but using a tool like Circleboom you can find it in a few minutes. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say to you.

Now it’s up to you which social media tools you are going to try first to manage your Twitter profile. Trust me if you regularly monitor your account with these tools you will see a boost in followers count as well as audience engagement.

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