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WordPress Vs Blogger Vs Static server less Site

Most often, newbies came across a question, What is a better platform for blogging? Their intention to ask this question is to get views of professionals, how they experienced these platforms. If you are one, who has the same question. In this article, we are going to discuss the detailed comparison on; WordPress Vs Blogger Vs Static Server Less Site. You may be unaware of the serverless static sites, but believe me, it is essential to add this in this article. We (The Post City & ThemesJar) believe to provide authentic knowledge as content.

So let’s dive into the topic;

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing One:

Before choosing one, we have listed some things, that you should keep in mind for better results.

i) SEO Friendly Environment:

Before choosing any platform, make a deep search on the SEO environment of that platform. Most probably, you may have chosen a platform, made a blog, and then you realized that this is not gonna work. So first thing is to keep in mind while choosing CMS or Blogging Platform is this.

For this purpose, you may take a look that whether this platform is supporting plugins or extra widgets for SEO. Have you multiple options in themes and templates.  How friendly can content can be displayed on site by using this one.

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ii) Pricing:

No matter, if you don’t have a very big budget. You can negotiate any of the blogging platforms. But you should have a little budget to start with your project.  This is an art to get better things by remaining within your budget.

The things you can see in pricing are the price of themes, plugins, and hosting. A good hosting may charge a handsome amount.

iii) Online Support and Community:

If you have stepped into a city, where no one guides you the right way. You are going to lose your destination. The same thing is here. You should prefer a platform, which has a huge online community, and a huge of online knowledge. If you choose a great online community, you will get solutions to every coming problem.

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Blogger VS WordPress VS Static Server Less Website;

I hope, now you are clear with the above points. It’s time to get started with a comparison on the basis of those points.

Blogger -Google Blogging Platform;

Google Blogspot Blogger is a blogging platform, offered for general blogging in 1999. It is rich in SEO optimization. However, the thing that may hurt you, that you have to all of the optimizations manually. Similarly, if you have a well-designed template, still you will face restrictions and limitations.

But when it comes to pricing and online support. You will get shocked that this platform is offering a very low pricing deal. You can start for free in a sub-domain of Blogspot. However, you can buy a custom one for only 10$.

WordPress -A GPL CMS;

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. It comprises about 8 Million websites on the internet. It is not a little number.  You are provided with a very SEO-friendly environment. There are external plugins like Yoast SEO Premium, All in One SEO, and Rank Math Pro, which are present for better optimization of content.

Pricing for a WordPress theme depends on the configuration and demands you want. If you want to dominate the internet, it is very costly. The hosting, plugins, and themes are very costly to build a professional site.

At the same time, there is a huge online community of WordPress to help you. If you are facing any kind of problem, regarding configuration and customization. You can check out the solution on Youtube, Online Forums, and Facebook Groups.

Static Server Less Website:

Many of the static serverless website platforms are going in trend. The websites build with react.js, node.js, next.js are going in trend served as a static website.

They fit best if you are a programmer. A little pricing with a lot of customization and SEO options. Even these sites are doing greater than WordPress websites.

There is enough support for these platforms like Jekyll and others, but to understand the terms, you should be a programmer.

Moreover, they are offering the best and fast loading speed of websites. This could be a ranking factor regarding SEO.

End Point:

It’s time to end the topic “Blogger Vs WordPress Vs Static Server Less Website”. I am sure, i made all of the conversation and discussion in general wording. However, if you are confused about any of the professional terms, you may ask us in the comment section.  We are always happy to answer your comments.

Similarly, we keep on providing content relating to all the general topics including technology. Get connected to us via email subscription.

If you get any helpful information. Share this with your friends and other geeks. Thanks.



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