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Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Visible in Search Engine

Who needs a beautiful website without traffic? No one!

Who wants to be on the search engine’s first page? Everyone!

You must have invested the energy and time to build the appealing website, don’t want the efforts to get rewarded?

You must know the fact that the initial step to be into Google’s pole position is to be into Google. However, many websites do make it so. 


Because the algorithms of Google and other search engines do not care about embellishments. It is more reasonable to bet on the selection of keys, the formation of the link mass, and the preparation of content – that is, on SEO services for WordPress site. To make your WordPress site visible on the search engines, follow the below simple guidelines. 

Tips & Tricks to get your site on the top of Google

1. Use analytics


Analytics is the main tool for measuring the performance of your website. Modern web analytics tools help to assess progress in optimizing a WordPress site. With the help of the plugin, Google Analytics, you can get relevant data on the dynamics of website traffic on WordPress, 404 errors, user actions, the average duration of a user’s stay on the site, as well as traffic sources. Studying this data allows you to draw appropriate conclusions and, if necessary, refine your SEO strategy.

2. Optimizing headlines


You need to take care of the headlines of the articles, they are one of the most important criteria for promotion in search engines. The title allows search engines and users to determine what the article is about before visiting it. Therefore, it is important to compose a heading that will immediately speak about the content of the article, and at the same time will contain a key request.

But, in addition to a well-written title, it should display correctly on the site and in search results. The All in One SEO Pack plugin will help you with this, too, which allows you to customize the titles for all articles, posts, categories, and so on.

3. Speed ​​up indexing with a sitemap.xml file


Slow page indexing prevents sites from reaching the top SERPs – this is especially true for news resources. Speed ​​up indexing using a sitemap.xml file, for the generation of which it is recommended to install a special plugin (for example, Google XML Sitemaps).

4. Make effective use of media settings


By using the default media settings, WordPress site owners are depriving themselves of some hidden SEO benefits. Try to adjust all available image options, including thumbnails, mid-size, and full-size options for images. This ensures that the photos uploaded to the site will fit on most screens. This approach also speeds up page loading. Moreover, smartphone users can save traffic without downloading large size images. 

5. Setting up permalinks

setting up permalink

The default WordPress settings do not allow for an efficient permalink structure from an SEO standpoint. In order to get the most out of your website, activate the CNC (human-readable URLs) option in your admin panel, which is an important part of search engine optimization. The ideal URL would be /% postname% /. However, some webmasters prefer to include categories (/% category% /% postname% /). This approach is not without common sense but can lead to various problems in the absence of category optimization.

While setting up the permalink, you must consider the below things:

  • Keep URL short
  • Put focus keyword in URL
  • Avoid using stop words
  • Never use numeric or alpha-numeric characters
  • Url indicate the title of your post

6. Use bread crumbs


This is another little thing that many website owners overlook. In turn, “Breadcrumbs” create convenience for readers and contain internal links to site pages that help search robots determine the relevance of an article for search queries. And also breadcrumbs give search robots the structure of your site, which also speeds up indexing. Many modern templates have built-in breadcrumbs display functionality. If your WordPress theme does not have such an option, then it can be easily implemented using plugins. One such plugin is Breadcrumb NavXT. 

7. Create a sitemap and robots.txt for search engines


The presence of a sitemap and a robots.txt file, as well as adding them to the webmaster’s offices of search engines, significantly speeds up the indexing of the site. Keeping the sitemap URL in the robots.txt file is the common SEO practice. This allows search engines to get the structure of your site’s pages and up-to-date information about new articles or changes in old ones. You can create a sitemap using plugins. It can be a separate plugin or the same All in One SEO Pack, which allows you to generate dynamic sitemaps and create robots.txt. Once you created a sitemap, keep it inside the robots.txt file as it is common SEO practice.

8. Avoid duplicate content


Search engines don’t like duplicate pages. And WordPress has such a nasty surprise. So make sure your site must have SEO-friendly content that is the main criteria for ranking a post. For this, you can configure the All in One SEO Pack plugin, which points to the true page and helps you get rid of duplicates if any.

You also need to close links to comment authors and set up a redirect that will help prevent duplicates and exclude existing ones from search results. In addition to the sitemap, these measures will help to avoid duplicates and get rid of the existing ones, if any are present in the search.

9. Optimizing article descriptions


Many owners of sites and blogs on WordPress do not care about the correct description of articles, leaving it at the mercy of automation. Even installing an AOS plugin and hoping to automatically generate a description is a big mistake. If you want to get search traffic, you must fill in these fields yourself using keywords. A relevant description will help visitors and search engines to make a preliminary assessment of the content of the article. You must add your main keyword in the description. But, try to avoid don’t spam with keywords in the description. Remember, the description is aimed at people and is displayed in the snippet.

10. Optimize website images

optimize website images

It is very important to optimize all images uploaded to the site. Since images also play a role in search engine promotion. Image search is widely used and is one of the traffic sources. The names of the images should carry a semantic load at least partially. But, at the same time, the names should not be too long. Use a dash to separate words, don’t put them all together.

It is also critical to give proper dimension to all images and if your website includes big-sized images then use an image optimizer plugin that will automatically compress the size of images without sacrificing the quality of the image.


Any webmaster and optimizer feel great satisfaction when the promoted site shows an increase in traffic. This growth can be achieved without spending a lot of valuable time and effort. You just need to follow the above steps to get your site visible in search engines and experience the great taste of success! However, the assistance can also be taken from the WordPress website development company if you are just starting out or new to WordPress. 

Let us know your opinions related to the article. If there is any query, ask us in the comments section below. We are here to help! Thanks for reading!

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