Wavlink ac2100 WiFi Extender Setup

This device does exactly as its name suggests, it extends signal quality throughout your home or office. It is used for better coverage and download/upload speeds. If you are having coverage, signal issues, buffering while streaming, low connections at any corner in your house, then Wavlink ac2100 extender could be your solution.

wavlink ac2100 setup

How do you know if you need a WiFi extender?

Are there any dead spots in your house where your WiFi doesn’t reach?
Do you need WiFi ingress outside?
Is your internet speed good when you test it but with respect to the time it gets slower?
If your answer to the above questions is yes then you need a Wavlink AC2100 repeater.

Its features-

  • This wifi system provides 100% internet speed to the edge of your WiFi at home without any signal decay.
  • Total available bandwidth of 2100 Mbps.
  • For maximum coverage, built-in high power amplifiers.
  • USB ports to share files and media.
  • No compromise on the speed 3*10/100/1000 Mbps Auto-negotiation Gigabit ethernet ports, supports upto 1000Mbps internet plan from your service provider.

How to setup Wavlink ac2100 extender

Here is the proper details of Wavlink ac2100 setup.

Setup via Web Browser/

To setup, you just need to follow these simple steps-

  • Plugin the wavlink extender to a socket an make sure switch to be on.
  • For the connection, you have two options either you can do it wirelessly or through a cable.
  • Now for a wireless connection, you just have to switch on the wifi and search the SSID of the product on your device that can be your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. After connecting the device to it the default Wavlink network name is ‘Wireless-N’ or ‘Wireless-AC’.
  • For cable connection, connect the Ethernet cable to the laptop or computer and LAN port of the AC2100 extender, now you’ll be able to configure the device.
  • Now open the web browser of your computer, tablet or phone, and type or “192.168. 10.1” and press Enter.
  • A login page will open next. Use “Admin” as your default password.
  • A Wavlink setup wizard page will open, select Repeater mode, and select your host network and enter the password and click on ‘Connect’.
  • It will take a minute to reconfigure the process and when the light turns stable and solid. It indicates a successful connection and wavlink setup is made.

Wavlink repeater Setup via WPS

  • Press and hold the router’s WPS button for few seconds as the duration of pressing button differs for a different router. If there you face a problem regarding pairing you can refer to the ISP or router manufacturer.
  • Push and hold the WPS button of the ac2100 repeater for about 6 seconds till blue LED blinks. Once the LED light stables, this shows that the pairing is done and connection has been established.

Configure wavlink wifi extender ac2100 as an Access Pont or AP setup


  • Connect an ethernet cable between Wavlink AC2100 extender to the LAN port on your existing router to make a proper connection.
  • Now connect any of your devices like computer/phone/tablet to the wifi named “Wireless-N” or “Wireless AC” showing in your wifi list.
  • Open an updated and desired browser on the same device and type “” or “” in the URL and proceed further.
  • A Wavlink setup wizard will open, select setting -> Wizard.
  • Select mode as “access point” from there and hit next.
  • Build an SSID, new password, security type for an access point.
  • Now just follow the instructions given and complete the further setup.
  • After all the process of rebooting your extender is now ready to act as an Access Point.


Q)How many devices can you have on the router?
A) You can easily run between 6-10 depending on need.

Q)Will a wireless extender work at my house?
A)Yes, the extender kit will work just about anywhere with existing internet service.

Q)What is the coverage range of wireless extenders?
A)Range basically varies from home to home. It basically depends on the thickness of your walls and floors and the type of material used.

Q)Can I move the wireless extender from one room to another?
A)Yes, the access point device can be moved from room to room without affecting the connection.

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