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Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS: A Quick Guide

Although one can set up their Wavlink range extender using the WPS method easily, some users find it difficult. That is why they look for the guide to do Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS. There’s also another reason lying behind this search. Some users don’t have access to a WPS-supported router due to which they have to perform Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS. Have you also registered yourself in any one of these categories? If yes, then you can set up your Wavlink range extender using the manual method.

So now, it is time to know the steps to do Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS. But, before that, let us help you with the prerequisites to do Wavlink WiFi extender setup.

Requirements: Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS

  • A router whose installation process is completed

  • An Ethernet cable that is not supposed to be damaged from any end

  • A computer or a laptop that is running on an updated software version

  • The default password of your Wavlink range extender

  • Two power sockets to power up your Wavlink extender and the host router

  • The default web URL of the Wavlink extender

Once all these things are available, you can proceed to do Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS.

Steps: Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS

  1. Power Up the Extender and Router

If you are a newbie, then let’s start with the basics. The first and foremost step to do Wavlink extender setup is to power up the host router and extender. You need to make sure that your WiFi devices are not getting an inadequate power supply.

For this, check whether the wall sockets that have been used for the purpose of powering up your WiFi devices are working all well. If not, then consider using another wall socket or getting the previous ones repaired.

  1. Connect Your WiFi Devices

Time to bring the Ethernet cable to work! So, get hold of it. Before that, ensure that the lights on your WiFi devices are glowing. Now, insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the port of your Wavlink extender and another to the host router.

Make sure that the connection your devices share is finger-tight. Don’t want to use an Ethernet source? You also have an option for a wireless one. But, remember one thing. Your WiFi devices are supposed to be placed at a safe distance in this case.

  1. Open a Web Browser

Successfully connected your WiFi devices? Good job! Now, get access to your computer and switch it on. It should not have any pending software updates. If it has, update its drivers first. Once done, load your favorite internet browser.

Yes, we understand that you are comfortable using your favorite web browser, but it doesn’t mean that you can use its outdated version. So, update it. Also, check if it is accumulated with junk, cache, cookies, and search history. If it is, then waste no more time deleting them.

  1. Visit or ap.setup

Go to the address bar of the internet browser. Are you there? Alright! Now, enter the Wavlink extender’s default web address into it and hit Enter. Take notes that no typos are allowed in the web address entrée.

If a typing error is committed during the web address entrée, then you have to waste time doing Wavlink extender troubleshooting. Do you want that? Well, not. So, never use the search bar of the web browser to access the extender default web URL.

  1. Log in to Your Extender

Pressing the Enter key will take you to the Wavlink extender login window. Here, enter the default password of your Wavlink extender. In case you don’t know the password, take help from the Wavlink user manual. Thereafter, click Login and reach the Wavlink extender setup window.

Here, you will see prompts appearing on the screen. These instructions are nothing but Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS guidelines. So, read and follow those instructions carefully. Your extender will get configured.

In this manner, you can perform Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS. After you do that, feel free to binge-watch a series or play Minecraft without worrying about internet dead zones.

Take Away

Let’s wrap up this guide with the hope that you will be able to perform Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS with the help of the guidelines shared above. However, the next step is about tweaking the settings of the Wavlink extender.

For that, you need to Wavlink login again, change the admin password, change the SSID, and update the firmware of your range extender. If the post has helped you in doing Wavlink WiFi extender setup without WPS, do share your feedback in the comment section.

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