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Tips to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House

Finding the best house to buy can be tricky. There are several challenges that you need to face before making a decision to buy a particular property. Firstly, you need to sort out the best property that comes under your budget or suits your purpose. Second, you need to take out time from your busy schedule to visit the property and see the flaws in the property. 

Why you should investigate a house before buying?

No matter how time-consuming a house visit gets, it is an essential activity when buying a house. The time spends on investigating the house condition does not go in vain. After all finding, the best property can be the dream come true moment for you, and do not forget the property is an asset. Many like to buy a house just for the sake of making an investment.

So, take your time while investigating a house. The first thing to check is the plumbing system. You wonder why we emphasize more on investigating the plumbing system of the new property. Here is the reason for that-

  • Fixing Plumbing issues can cost a lot of money
  • Repairing a severe plumbing problem can leave your house in a mess.
  • The plumbing repairs are a time consuming and major pain for the house owner
  • Plumbing problems can lower the price of your asset
  • You might trouble to find tenants for your property or even have to charge a low rent

So, saving yourself from making a bad investment decision is very important. Besides, plumbing you can later go on to other stuff like the water heating system, air condition system, etc.  However, heating repair in San Diego is not as costly as plumbing repairs. Moreover, the plumbing system is a crucial component of a functioning house. 

Do you need a professional to investigate the plumbing system?

However, you might not know how to check the plumbing system. Therefore, you might feel cornered while visiting a house. You do not have to worry, as you still get few cards up your sleeves. 

You can hire a plumbing inspection team. Hiring professionals for checking the plumbing system give you a lot of leverage. The professional has keen eyes, and they can give you a full report including minor problems with the plumbing system.

Can you DIY the Plumbing Inspection?

Another trick up your sleeve is to do is DIY the investigation process. We get it, most people know nothing about the plumbing system. But, you can always learn new skills, all you need is a little push and guidance, and you are good to go.

Things you can do to check the Plumbing System

Start with checking Faucets, Sinks, and Toilets

Even if you are amateur, checking faucet, sinks and toilet are not that big of a deal. When you enter the bathroom, kitchen, or garden, check the water pressure in the faucet, sinks, and toilets. 

Here is how you can conduct a proper investigation:

  • Turn all the faucet of the house
  • See the rate of water drain in each sink
  • Check for leaks, in faucet taps, and even below the sink
  • Check the water chamber of the toilets and see for the blockages
  • See for the leaks in the toilets

If you come across such issues in the new property, you can either ask sellers to lower their asking price or avoid buying the house, simply. Such repairs cost a lot of money than a simple ac repair in San Diego. Therefore, the seller will be more considerate or even obliged to your terms and conditions. 

Main Sewer Drain

Sewer drain blockages can cause a lot of trouble in the house. In the old house, such problems are quite common. For a proper investigation is better you switch to camera investigation, and for that, you need to hire a licensed plumber.

Spending money before buying a house might bother you. Think how relieved you will be after getting insight about the drain condition. Fixing a faulty drainage system is the costliest among all the home repairs. Unlike, heat repairs San Diego or ac repair, drain repair is not only expensive, but time-consuming, and quite chaotic for the house.

Water Heater

As a beginner, you can easily investigate the water heater’s condition. Replacing a water heater with a new one yet another costly endeavor that you would like to avoid while buying a new property. Here are things you can check to understand the water heater condition.

  • Check the age of the water heater (Usually, they last up to 12-15 years)
  • See for any leaks in inlet and outlet valves while the heater is own
  • See if the hot water faucet is giving about sandy or muddy water
  • Check the sound of the heater when it is on
  • Check for corrosion in the pipe or other components of the water heater.

Water Meter and Supply

Maintenance bills like electricity, gas, water are the hidden costs that you need to consider when buying a property. If there are leaks in the plumbing system, you will end up paying a hefty amount for the water bill. So, to check the condition of the plumbing system, and avoid getting into such a situation, you need to do the following things:

  • Turn off the taps and other water supply of the new house
  • You can even shut down the main water supply of the house
  • Start noting water meter reading

If the water meter still working and the reading is gradually or sharply increasing that is a sign of a faulty drainage system. 

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Michael is a marketing manager at EZ Heat and Air USA. She loves to write about duct cleaning san Diego, air duct cleaning in San Diego ca, HVAC contractors, san Diego, heater tune-up.

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