Buying Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses? 4 Irresistible Necklines to Check out, at first

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Everyone must have told you to pick burgundy because it suits your skin complexion. And keeping up with the elegance of burgundy, you have started thinking of the accessories by now. But what is the ideal neckline?

Just as silhouettes and accessories are important, the neckline is also vital to a burgundy bridesmaid dress. Take a look at the specially chosen list of necklines that pair well with the sexy burgundy dresses.

Halter Neckline: Simple & Sexy

The latest burgundy bridesmaid dresses and lacy halter necks simply go hand in hand. Drawing a little attention to the shoulders, such a neckline is the right weapon to maintain an overall balance. Typically, the style works for every body type but it looks gorgeous on a fuller bust. Nevertheless, if you have an hourglass body type or wide shoulders, you are cut to sport burgundy dresses featuring halter necks.

As the neck will be covered with lacework, no necklace is necessary. When everyone is going to wear the same gown, you can draw individuality by choosing a pair of drop earrings. Remember, burgundy is already subtle and elegant and the halter neck adds a bit of drama.

V-Neck: Classic and Timeless

Irrespective of your height, complexion, or any other factor, everyone looks glamorous in V-necks. It creates a balanced look when you are worried about whether the silhouette is long and tall enough. V-neck has a fascinating feature that elongates your body. The versatility of this style in a burgundy dress is also something to swoon over!

For short necks, thick torsos, or broad shoulders, a burgundy column dress featuring V-neck is irresistible. As it flatters petite, plus-size, or skinny body shape, the neckline is quite a good pick for everyone. If you are ready to add oomph-factor, get ready to flaunt a plunging neckline. Remember, a pair of good lingerie is a staple for sporting this fabulous neckline.

Scoop Neck: Simple & Safe

Unlike the V-neck, it does not cut deeper and adds the right amount of ‘wow’. A satin dress in burgundy is the perfect choice for anyone willing to play safe. Doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large bust, petite or athletic shape; scoop-necks will always accentuate the collarbone and lengthen the neck.

The wide neckline draws attention downward and the simple dress is also an affordable choice to make. Since you are going to pick a simple burgundy dress without going OTT with lacework, the line of scoop fixes the accessories. Keeping a balanced look, you can put on a light necklace.

Sweetheart Neck: All-time Favorite

Without one iota of doubt, burgundy bridesmaid dresses featuring sweetheart-necklines are sexy, romantic, and all those feelings weddings are made of. Two curves symbolizing a heart shape can accentuate your cleavage. Typically, the sweetheart-necks are off-shoulders but you can choose a gown with spaghetti straps or one-shoulders.

The bare shoulders give you enough room to accessorize; hence, you can happily pick a pendant or chunky necklace. This flirty style is quite suitable for angular face shapes and petite women with narrow shoulders. It is not exactly a deep V but the soft shape elongates your face while keeping up a proportional balance over the whole silhouette. Look for a burgundy number with detailed embroidery or light embellishments in the bust area.

In the end, if you are worried about the price factor, we should stop you right there. Thanks to the latest collection, the cheap bridesmaid dresses featuring V-neck are available at $139! Can you believe what you just read? So, everyone has a special neckline designed just for her face and body type, order the one which will turn you into a glam queen.

Author bio: Angela Robinson is a fashion blogger who spends most of her time writing about the tricks to find cheap bridesmaid dresses. Here, she talks about the popular necklines to remember before checking out burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

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