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The Best Eco-Friendly Products You Should Start Using ASAP!

According to the UN, the world hasn’t made much progress toward its sustainability goals. So, we’ve all got to make some changes if we want to ensure our ongoing survival.

Don’t wait for government legislation forcing you to change your wasteful, polluting ways. There are plenty of things you can do to change the course of history today.

Take a look at some of the best eco-friendly products available right now to help you make a difference in the world.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic

Plastic waste is a major contributor to pollution on land and sea. So, it’s imperative to reduce our use of plastics or at least embrace recycling initiatives.

Reusable shopping bags are the first step toward eco-friendly shopping. You can reuse these cloth bags every time you hit the stores and simply wash them in between uses.

You can also invest in multiple-use bread and produce bags for shopping at farmer’s markets, bakeries, and eco-friendly stores.

These plastic bag alternatives have a massive impact on the amount of litter that ends up in our environment. Use them every time you hit the stores.

When you buy plastic items like sunglasses, picnic ware, or any household item, always choose items made from recycled plastic. If your favorite store doesn’t stock them, put pressure on them to get started.

Best Eco-Friendly Products for Home Use

You’ll find a huge variety of eco-friendly products available to replace everyday items when you make an effort to look for them. Some of the best sustainable products you can use at home include:

  • Compostable cling wrap
  • Carbon-neutral soap
  • Scrubs made from recycled organic materials
  • Re-usable, refillable detergent bottles
  • Washable cotton swabs
  • Bamboo wipes, cloths, dental floss, and crockery
  • Sheep’s wool dryer balls
  • Stainless steel straws

Using environmentally responsible products like these can help you save money while protecting the Earth from human wastefulness.

Choosing Sustainable Materials

Recycled and sustainable materials are the only way forward for our survival. Fortunately, many top brands and manufacturers are on board with these initiatives.

Nowadays, you can buy clothing made from bamboo and hemp, which are both fast-growing sustainable sources of fiber.

Silicon isn’t the most environmentally friendly material available, but it beats plastic hands down. Silicon comes from sand, which is an abundant and sustainable resource.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing process for silicone items does involve carbon emissions. However, silicone is a multi-use material and doesn’t leach chemicals into food or the environment.

When you dispose of silicone correctly, it decomposes much faster than plastic. Plus, silicone is a major material used in the production of solar panels, so it’s instrumental in reducing carbon emissions that way.

Embrace Sustainability in Everything You Do

It’s your responsibility to look for the best eco-friendly products no matter what you’re shopping for. New ways to save energy, prevent waste, and live sustainably crop up every day.

If we all do what we can to embrace environmentally friendly products, we can ensure a better future for all.

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