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Initiate Your Corporate Carpooling Business Services With A Uber Clone App

The increased awareness of climate change and fuel prices have made all of us think of an alternative mode of transportation. As individuals, we do not have any control over the increasing fuel price or changing climatic conditions, but we can try out ways to minimize them. In the following sections, we will talk about car pooling and how to create such an app.

Carpooling is the best way to control the movement of vehicles. Ridesharing or carpooling is a practice where people share their rides with others. This will largely help in minimizing fuel consumption. In urban centers and big cities, this has become more prominent among people to commute from one place to another. 

On the other hand, we also have corporate carpooling, which is also gaining wide recognition from business professionals. As an initiative towards Corporate Social Responsibility, many companies have made it a guideline to follow the norm of corporate carpooling. This has invoked a great demand for corporate carpooling apps for professionals to travel. 

What is corporate carpooling, and why will it be the best idea for your digital business?

Carpooling or ride-sharing is an idea where more than one person can travel in a car to reach a destination. It is one of the best means to avoid fuel usage, traffic congestion, toll fee, etc. Ride-sharing is considered one of the best ways to commute as you can save a lot through these rides. 

The concept of corporate carpooling arises when companies feel that they need to spend a lot of money for their parking lots. Imagine a small startup where nearly 100 employees are employed. Out of 100, 50 people are using their cars to reach the office. How much area can a company allot for parking lots? The best way to avoid this is by encouraging them to share their rides with other fellow employees. 

Corporate carpooling is a means by which the employees from the organization can share their rides. In the US, several companies also encourage their employees to share their rides with their co-workers. They are also motivating them by providing rewards and incentives for the same. 

Corporate carpooling is an emerging concept adopted by several organizations. Although there are key players in the market, yet you can still shine in the industry with a robust application. In the present scenario, digital businesses are a great option for entrepreneurs to flourish. As an entrepreneur, a carpooling business will help you secure a great name in the market. 

Key factors to win customers for a corporate ride-hailing

People nowadays give too much interest to on-demand applications. When it comes to ride-hailing, people always try to give a warm welcome. However, it is based on a variety of things the ride-hailing apps need to succeed.

The best way to align your customers with your interest is to understand their needs. And to do that initially you need to know what your customers want with your app or what are the things/activities they want to do with your app. Once you come up with these unique traits you can go over and add them in your app. This will improve user satisfaction in availing of your services.

Then you need to make sure that the people trust your app when it comes to difficult situations/scenarios. In the post-COVID pandemic, people still want to make use of safety features. It is in the best interest of your customers you can come up with features like contactless payments, mask checking of drivers and displaying information about your drivers’ vaccination details, etc.

Steps to starting your corporate carpooling business with an Uber clone

Starting a ride-sharing app is as easy as having your cup of coffee provided that you plan well. Half of the success of a business lies in the proper planning stages. Here is a view of the aspects you have to consider before commencing your business. 

Be specific about what you need

Your business idea should be strong enough to stand by you at all times. You can select your niche market and focus on that particular aspect of your business. For example, when we term corporates, there are several industries and companies that come under that. So, you can select any particular industry to market your app. This helps you to develop a customized solution for your app. 

Conduct our market and requirement analysis 

Here, when you conduct your research, focus on two aspects- the market and the target audience. As I told you, there are few key players, and you will have to compete with them. So, conduct market research to understand their demands and trends. On the other hand, your target audience also matters. 

Get to know their travel preferences and requirements before launching your taxi app. You can straightaway approach organizations to know their take on the same. This will also give you a clear-cut image of their demands. 

Figure out the important features and functionalities you have to include in the app

When your ideas are ready to set into action, you can proceed with finalizing the app features. Both features and functionalities go hand in hand. The features you select for your app will take forward for its functionalities. However, you can refer to other leading applications and figure out your app features. 

Remarkable features that account for the successful functioning of your Uber Clone app 

Taxi booking apps are the reason why our commutations were all this easy these days. Credits to the features that make it easy for us to operate the app. Have a look at the features to include in your app. 

An easy-to-go registration 

The app users will first get to see your registration page in the app. The registration process should not make them frustrated. So, ensure to have simple steps for registration like asking for details of their email address, phone number, etc. 

Real-time tracking 

In transportation apps, it is one of the must-have features for the users. The users can track the vehicles in real-time through this feature. This will help them track the location of the vehicles and communicate with their drivers. 

The smart way of matching the cars

The algorithm embedded in the app should match the cars along with the business employees working hours and start times. This will be one of the proper ways of planning the routes, or otherwise, routing their destinations will become a risky task. 

Calendar and schedule planner 

Not all the employees will work on the same time shifts; it differs from one persona to another. The best to note is through making a schedule of the days and dates. The employees can inform their working hours and ride details to the other carpoolers. 

Payment options 

When the employees share their rides among themselves, they can plan their payment schedules accordingly. They can either pay on a daily basis or monthly basis. The app should have a payment gateway to support more than one payment method.

Ride history 

The data and history about the passengers should be transparent enough for them to access that. Every user profile should have their ride and transaction history. The history should display the number of trips, places traveled and canceled trips. So, whenever they visit their profile, they should get this information. 

Wrapping up

Over the growing impact of ecological disturbances, many of them have started towards sustainable living. Carpooling will be a great idea to boost people who take up ride-sharing with their co-workers. This will also increase the relationship bonds that they carry with each other. Develop a robust Uber clone app for setting up your corporate carpooling business.

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