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Why you should start using Natural Condoms?

It’s 2020 and we know the significance of using condoms at this point. They protect you from STIs, HIV, and pregnancy with the highest success rate when used appropriately.

Condoms always seemed to be a perfect method of contraception. You don’t put weird hormones in your body, unlike pills, so as long as you know what you’re doing, you’re good to go. However, if you better understand what you put in your body while using condoms, you may get surprised.

We all care about natural skincare and natural diet plans, but what about something you’re putting inside your body? Many of us have never given a thought about what could be in the condoms we use and there is an alternative termed natural condoms.

When visiting a drug store to buy condoms, it’s fair to assume that most people want to get in and get out real quick. They probably do not check the ingredients or even the box since, let’s be honest, rubbers are rubbers, right?

Well, that’s not the case.

An unprecedented number of condoms carry carcinogen nitrosamines. These are formed in the condom when the latex is heated and changes its state from liquid to solid. This is not a piece of new information as studies have identified nitrosamines in condoms in the past.

Risky lubricants and artificial flavours are common in traditional condoms, and as you can assume, it isn’t really vagina-friendly. These ingredients are not going to trigger cancer or have an immediate impact on your health but, they are something to keep a check on.

Parabens, artificial flavours, and petrochemicals aren’t good for us, particularly when used in a condom. What you should know is that there are safer alternatives available. Bleu is just one such example.

Let’s be realistic, female mechanism down there is pretty sensitive. Its ecosystem and natural balance need to be taken care of. Natural condoms can help you maintain your wellbeing, while the additives used by most condom brands can cause grave risk to the natural balance.

Ingredients You Need to Filter Out:


Nitrosamine is a chemical element that is found in cured meats, nonfat dry milk and rubber products such as latex condoms. Research has shown that it can encourage tumour growth and complications leading to it. The World Health Organization (WHO) even advised condom brands to withdraw it from their ingredient list since it does not have a positive justification.

Adhering to the guidelines, Bleu offers the safest condoms that are free of nitrosamine and harsh chemicals. It safeguards you from any potential vaginal infections or allergies.


Glycerin is a water-based lubricant that is used by most of the condom brands. It’s not toxic until it’s left in the vagina for a longer period of time. If so, it can transform into sugar that can affect the pH balance of the vagina or inflict yeast infections. It’s never wise to put something in your sensitive areas that could raise your odds of having such infections.

What’s more bothering is that condom brands don’t have to put this on the packaging, as per the laws.


Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) is the major spermicide used to safeguard against STIs and destroy sperms. Studies in the past have indicated that N-9 can damage the cells of the vaginal walls, eventually raising the possibility of STIs or urinary infection. Quite a few brands like Bleu have come up with condoms free of spermicides.

The next time you’re out to buy condoms, make sure to check the box!


Parabens are chemical preservatives that are frequently used in beauty and hygiene products. They are used in widely available moisturizers, shampoos, creams and lotions to condoms. Almost all sanitation and hygiene products available in the market contain parabens. Its key function is to restrict the growth of bacteria.

Studies have identified that parabens are easily absorbed by your skin and remain in the body tissues. It may also make the skin more sensitive, ultimately causing allergic reactions.

Artificial Flavors

Switching from fancy condoms to natural ones indeed protects your vagina from adverse effects of such chemicals. None of them needs to be put in the vagina and should be avoided. They can cause discomfort, allergic reactions, alter pH, and even lead to yeast infections.

It is recommended for women with latex sensitivity to try non-toxic condoms like Bleu since no harsh chemicals and additives are used in production.

The Benefits of Natural Condoms:

If you want to avoid any of the potentially harmful ingredients and side effects listed above, you can always switch to brands making natural condoms with non-toxic ingredients, including Bleu.

Looking for sustainably grown natural rubber can help with allergic reactions and the ecosystem. The latex used in natural condoms such as Bleu comes from a plantation that aims to protect and retain the natural resources. It is extracted precisely, without using pesticides, and takes care of the environment as well.

Condoms which offer special powers like ‘night-long pleasure’ are telling you they’re full of chemicals. Avoid these and switch to natural condoms such as Bleu that has one aim, to protect your wellbeing. To get the exclusive range of natural condoms by Bleu, you may check this page here.

The best part is, Bleu seeks to be honest with its customers and clearly demonstrates the ingredients they use on their packaging and website. They constantly work to offer quality products and, most importantly, to inform customers so that they know what’s in their condoms.


We rely heavily on condoms to be a healthy, affordable, and consistent method of birth control in our sex lives. We should never have to worry about the toxic chemicals creating a disruption into most delicate parts of our bodies.

Access to safe reproductive and sexual health products is indeed crucial towards equality. Every adult, whether man or woman, deserves to have access to contraception that is non-toxic, non-allergic and complies with their health and beliefs.

Sex is a gift. Look out for the collective interests of your own and your partner’s in terms of sexual health when making important decisions about your sex life.

About condoms, if it promises you things beyond actual human capacity, be wise and choose smartly. If you’re healthy, your body is surely producing all the chemicals you’ll need for great sex.

Are you ready to kickstart your natural journey?

Start it with Bleu’s exclusive range of natural condoms!

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