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The Benefits of Listing Your Products on Google Shopping

Online purchases are a modern consumer requirement. Considering the enormous potential for newcomers in the same online eCommerce market. Additionally, a growing number of new firms are establishing their operations in the sector due to its enormous potential. You must be familiar with Google Shopping if you currently sell goods online. Google is without a doubt the most well-known brand in online history. On a daily basis, Google receives billions of searches.

We’ll outline the top 7 reasons your online store needs to be included on Google Shopping in this article. Let’s take a short look at Google Shopping before we get started!

Google Shopping Feed Integration Module

Google Shopping: What is it?

A platform for online sales connected to Google Merchant Center is Google Shopping. Online vendors who own their own websites can list their goods on Google. The products will show up whenever users input the relevant keywords into Google.

The users will also be taken to the admin’s website when they click on the merchandise.

Why You Should Use Google Shopping?

In general, one of the most reliable sources is Google. Online users can search, compare, and assess products using Google Shopping based on their needs. Without a doubt, businesses benefit from Google Shopping just by advertising their goods on Google Merchants Centre.

Here are a few justifications for why Google Shopping is a platform that must be listed.


Free Listing:

Customers from all around the world can get a free listing through the Google Merchant Center. According to Google’s most recent reports, businesses from all over the world are welcome to offer their goods on the platform for free.

Additionally, Google SERP can be of help to merchants who want to advertise their goods on Google Shopping. Additionally, by paying a little bit more to the Google SERP center, the products will rise to the top of the search results list.

High Conversion Rate:

According to reports, Google searches account for more than 78% of all online sales. In order to find the ideal goods for them, customers also conduct product searches on Google.

Furthermore, it is good to have products listed on Google Shopping for visitors. Listing increases a product’s visibility but also significantly increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Brand Visibility:

Because Google is the most popular website in the world, including products in Google search results, improves brand visibility in addition to the possibility of receiving orders.

Thus, in this competitive eCommerce market, Google Shopping is one of the finest strategies to build a brand.

100% of your store:

Vendors cannot access their stores entirely while selling on other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. The marketplace itself stands out as the true owner, despite the fact that the shop’s administrator still holds that position.

But with Google Shopping, things are different. When a consumer clicks on a product on Google Shopping, he is taken to the actual online store. It clarifies ownership for the sellers.

Google Ads Help:

In addition to free selling, Google also provides online retailers with Google Ads. On the Google search page, online retailers can display their adverts.

Following this strategy also enables businesses to increase website visitor traffic.

There are some of the most compelling reasons for utilizing Google Shopping. The majority of you likely have plans to sell on Google Shopping. Why not, then? Who would want to pass up the chance to list their business for free on such a large platform?

Additionally, while selling on Google Shopping, it is usually a good idea to place some items at the top of the list. These elements boost brand recognition while also increasing customer traffic.

High-Quality Pictures:

The product photos are what initially draw visitors. However, it’s always a good idea to upload the most recent and detailed product images to Google Merchant Center.

This element not only draws customers but also gives them a clear notion of what they want to buy.

PinPoint product description:

Google enables the vendors to include a brief product description in addition to photographs. It is usually good to give a crystal clear product description along with the products. The purpose of this is to give more information about the products than the brands.

Select the appropriate customer base:

The most crucial aspect of running an eCommerce business is choosing the appropriate consumer target. The Google Shopping platform is the same way. Online retailers can create shipping templates for different nations using the Google Merchant Center.

Additionally, before listing, it is generally wise to conduct some market research. because selecting the appropriate consumer base for a company’s products costs a lot more.

SEO-focused keywords:

Everyone is aware that Google search results are based on keywords. As a result, it is essential to employ focused keywords for the products displayed on Google Merchant Center.

The appearance of the goods to the most relevant audience is ensured by selected keywords. The brand’s reach is always increased by applying the researched keywords for product listings.

Google Ads, on occasion:

When it comes to selling advertising on Google, it sometimes sounds artificial. Visitors favor the unsponsored results over those that are pushed.

For businesses, running Google ads is necessary for a variety of purposes. We suggest this because consumers frequently express a greater interest in online shopping at events like festivals. For the same reason, sporadically employing Google Ads raises brand familiarity.

How Can I Sell on Google Shopping?

Consequently, there are two ways to sell on Google Shopping. The first is going to the Google Merchant Center and putting items there. When it concerns internet merchants who conduct business through their websites, the second one becomes apparent. For instance, a number of eCommerce platforms, like PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento 2, let online merchants create their own eCommerce stores without the need for technical knowledge.

The Knowband IT team created Knowband Google Shopping Connectors specifically for these retailers. Additionally, by utilizing Knowband Google Shopping Connectors, retailers won’t need to go to the Google Merchant Center in order to advertise their goods. Additionally, they can control every necessary Google Shopping feature from the back end of their store.

PrestaShop Google Shopping Connector:

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration (1)Designed specifically for PrestaShop retailers, the Knowband PrestaShop Google Shopping Connector Addon. Online retailers can use the Google Shopping Connector Module’s back end to construct their PrestaShop product feed.

In addition, the vendor can construct several shipping templates by including currencies and countries for them in addition to creating feeds.

The Knowband PrestaShop Google Shopping plugin offers retailers the delight of real-time inventory synchronization in addition to all the attractive features. It implies that a product will be immediately removed from the Google Shopping Center whenever it runs out of stock.

OpenCart’s Google Shopping Feed Integration Extension

OpenCart Feed Marketplace Integration Extension

OpenCart’s Google Shopping Connector Extension enables online retailers to list their products on Google just like PrestaShop. The Knowband OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension, an OpenCart-based eCommerce store, and a hint of perfection are all that is required. By making sure that the right customers see pertinent product adverts, Google Shopping improves the performance of your OpenCart business. Online merchants can display product images and prices at the very top of search results by using the Google Shopping Integration plugin. Using the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension by Knowband, you can quickly connect to and publish the product data from your Opencart store to Google Shopping Feeds. The mapping of product properties for the shopping feeds data is straightforward. After a product is saved, the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module instantly refreshes a feed.

WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module:


Knowband WooCommerce now has Google Shopping connectors available as well. Vendors using WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform can create and list their feeds on the merchant center with ease. Every product in your online store is synced with Google Shopping with the WooCommerce to Google Shopping Integration, along with the necessary Google Merchant Center Account settings. On Google’s SERP, store owners may easily generate shopping ads for a variety of products. The quickest and simplest way to advertise products and boost website traffic is with the Google Shopping Integrator. By adding their product feeds to Google Shopping, owners of WooCommerce stores may quickly improve the exposure of their customers.

Additionally, online stores utilizing WooCommerce may rest easy thanks to the outstanding features offered by Knowband’s WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Integration Extension.

Google Shopping Integration Module for Magento 2:

MAgento 2 Integration (2)

Last but not least, Google Shopping is a platform that Magento 2 store owners can use to list their stock. Only a Google merchant ID, merchant secret, and redirect URL are needed for the Knowband Google Shopping API Connector. By inputting the code in the Magento 2 Google Shopping Connector‘s general settings tab, admins can rapidly link their store to Google. The extension makes it simple to link Magento 2 store categories to Google Shopping Feed categories.

Last Words

Undoubtedly, the eCommerce sector is currently at its peak. Without a doubt, the odds of growth in the following years are higher. Similarly, now would be a good time to benefit from Google’s free listing policy if you want to list on Google Shopping.

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